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Margaret Withers 1939 Spotlight photo

Margaret Withers (6 July 1893 – 26 October 1977) was a British actress mainly on the stage. [1] [2] [3]



1935 Car of Dreams Mrs. Hart
1943 The Demi-Paradise Mrs. EllistonUncredited
1944 Don't Take It to Heart Mrs. Smith
1945 Great Day Miss Jane Tyndale
1945 The Seventh Veil Uncredited
1947 Dual Alibi Blackpool LandladyUncredited
1947 The Upturned Glass Party Guest
1948 Blanche Fury Mrs. Hawkes
1948 Daybreak Mrs. Bigley
1948 The Winslow Boy Mrs. JordanUncredited
1948 Esther Waters Grover
1948 Quartet Gushing Woman(segment "The Colonel's Lady")
1949 That Dangerous Age May Drummond
1949 It's Not Cricket Mrs. Falcon
1950 The Astonished Heart Talkative Woman at PartyUncredited
1951 Encore Mrs. Bateman(segment "The Ant and the Grasshopper")
1952 Home at Seven Mrs. Watson
1952 It Started in Paradise Miss Madge
1954 The Million Pound Note Minor RoleUncredited
1954 Conflict of Wings Mrs. Tilney
1954 Beau Brummell Countess Marie DuvarreUncredited
1957 That Woman Opposite Lady Helena Lawes
1957 The Flying Scot Middle-Aged lady
1959 The 39 Steps Teacher at St. CatherinesUncredited
1959 Ferry to Hong Kong Miss Carter
1960 Beyond the Curtain Elderly British LadyUncredited
1965 How to Undress in Public Without Undue Embarrassment
1991 TV Maigret MM.Serre, elderly murderer.

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William Harrison Withers Jr. was an American singer-songwriter and musician. He had several hits over a career spanning 18 years, including "Ain't No Sunshine" (1971), "Grandma's Hands" (1971), "Use Me" (1972), "Lean on Me" (1972), "Lovely Day" (1977) and "Just the Two of Us" (1981). Withers won three Grammy Awards and was nominated for six more. His life was the subject of the 2009 documentary film Still Bill. Withers was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005 and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015. Two of his songs were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

<i>Miranda</i> (1948 film) 1948 British film

Miranda is a 1948 black and white British comedy film, directed by Ken Annakin and written by Peter Blackmore, who also wrote the play of the same name from which the film was adapted. The film stars Glynis Johns, Googie Withers, Griffith Jones, Margaret Rutherford, John McCallum and David Tomlinson. Denis Waldock provided additional dialogue. Music for the film was played by the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Muir Mathieson. The sound director was B. C. Sewell.

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Georgette Lizette Withers, CBE, AO, known professionally as Googie Withers, was an English entertainer who was a dancer and actress with a lengthy career spanning some nine decades in theatre, film, and television. She was a well-known actress and star of British films during the Second World War and postwar years.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ain't No Sunshine</span> 1971 single by Bill Withers

"Ain't No Sunshine" is a song by Bill Withers from his 1971 album Just As I Am, produced by Booker T. Jones. The record featured musicians Donald "Duck" Dunn on bass guitar, Al Jackson Jr. on drums and Stephen Stills on guitar. String arrangements were done by Booker T. Jones. The song was recorded in Los Angeles, with overdubs in Memphis by engineer Terry Manning.

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Sir William Withers of Fulham, Middlesex, was an English linen draper and Tory politician who sat in the English and British House of Commons between 1701 and 1715. He was Lord Mayor of London from 1707 to 1708.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Just the Two of Us (Grover Washington Jr. song)</span> 1981 R&B song

"Just the Two of Us" is a song written by Bill Withers, William Salter, and Ralph MacDonald, and recorded by Grover Washington Jr. with Withers on vocals. It was released in February 1981 through Elektra Records.

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King of Hearts is a 1936 British romance film directed by Oswald Mitchell and Walter Tennyson and starring Will Fyffe, Richard Dolman and Googie Withers. It was produced by Butcher's Film Service, and made at Cricklewood Studios in London.

<i>The Girl in the Crowd</i> 1935 British film

The Girl in the Crowd is a 1935 British comedy film directed by Michael Powell starring Barry Clifton, Patricia Hilliard, and Googie Withers.

<i>Once Upon a Dream</i> (1949 film) 1949 British film

Once Upon a Dream is a 1949 British comedy romance film directed by Ralph Thomas in his debut and starring Googie Withers, Griffith Jones, and Guy Middleton. It was a J. Arthur Rank presentation and a Sydney Box production, and was released through General Film Distributors Ltd. The film was made at the Lime Grove Studios with sets designed by the art director Cedric Dawe.

<i>Keep Your Seats, Please</i> 1936 British film

Keep Your Seats, Please is a 1936 British comedy film directed by Monty Banks and starring George Formby, Florence Desmond and Alastair Sim. It marked the film debut of the child star Binkie Stuart. The film was made by Associated Talking Pictures.

Important People is a 1934 British comedy film directed by Adrian Brunel and starring Stewart Rome, Dorothy Boyd and Jack Raine. In the film, a bickering couple stand against each other as candidates in a local council election.

<i>That Dangerous Age</i> 1949 film by Gregory Ratoff

That Dangerous Age is a 1949 British romance film directed by Gregory Ratoff and starring Myrna Loy, Roger Livesey and Peggy Cummins. It was adapted from the play Autumn by Margaret Kennedy and Ilya Surguchev. The film was released under the alternative title of If This Be Sin in the United States. It was shot at Shepperton Studios and on location in London and Capri. The film's sets were designed by the art director Andrej Andrejew.

<i>Youre the Doctor</i> 1938 British film

You're the Doctor is a 1938 British comedy film directed by Roy Lockwood and starring Barry K. Barnes, Googie Withers and Norma Varden. The screenplay concerns a young woman who pretends to be ill to avoid going on a cruise with her parents, which leads to a series of confusions.

Brother Richard Scott Withers is an American diocesan hermit. In 1974, Withers converted to Catholicism and was baptized; shortly after, he started to live a religious life. In 1989, Withers and Sister Margaret McKenna moved to inner city Philadelphia and founded New Jerusalem Laura, a drug treatment center. Withers petitioned the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to become a diocesan hermit several times but was rejected. In 2001, Withers made his vows as a hermit by Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, the Archbishop of Philadelphia. He was the first diocesan hermit in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Withers lives in a hermitage, a converted rowhouse, in the city of Philadelphia where he spends most of his time in prayer.

<i>Dancing Sweeties</i> 1930 film

Dancing Sweeties (1930) is an American Pre-Code romantic comedy film with music directed by Ray Enright, released by Warner Bros., and starring Grant Withers and Sue Carol. The film is based on the story Three Flights Up by Harry Fried. Carol, then under contract to Fox Film, was loaned out to Warner Bros. for the making of this film.

Margaret Withers is an American painter, sculptor and poet.

<i>The Secrets of Wu Sin</i> 1932 film

The Secrets of Wu Sin is a 1932 American Pre-Code mystery film directed by Richard Thorpe and starring Lois Wilson, Grant Withers and Dorothy Revier. It was made by the Poverty Row studio Chesterfield Pictures.


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