Marge Records

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Marge Records
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Founded1975 (1975)
FounderGérard Terronès
Genre Free Jazz, Jazz
Country of originFR
Location Paris, Lyon
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Marge Records or Futura Marge was a jazz record label created in France in 1973 by Gérard Terronès as a continuation of Futura Records. The label changed its name in 2018 to Futura Marge.



Blue Marge

  1. Archie Shepp - Attica Blues (1979)
  2. Roy Haynes - Live at the Riverbop (1979)
  3. Abbey Lincoln - Painted Lady (1980)
  4. François Cahen & Yochk'o Seffer - Ethnic Duo (1980)
  5. Sam Rivers - Crosscurrent (1981)
  6. Roger Raspail - Fanny's Dream (1997)
  7. Raymond Boni - Terronès (2002)


  1. Ted Curson Cattin' Curson
  2. Frank LoweTricks of the Trade
  3. Saheb SarbibLive in Europe Vol. 1
  4. David Murray Let the Music Take You
  5. Willem BreukerÀ Paris: Summer Music
  6. Dave BurrellBlack Spring
  7. John Tchicai & André Goudbeek – Barefoot Dance
  8. Archie Shepp – Live at the Totem Vol : Things Have Got to Change
  9. Billy Harper The Awakening
  10. Raymond Boni & Gérard Marais Concert au Totem
  11. Sunny Murray Aigu–grave
  12. Hervé Bourde Engatsse!
  13. Stu Martin Sunrise
  14. Roy Burrowes Live at the Dréher: Featuring Mal Waldron
  15. Michel Edelin Flûtes Rencontre
  16. Archie Shepp Live at the Totem Vol : 'Round About Midnight
  17. Toninho Ramos Sons do Brasil
  18. Philly Joe Jones Filet de Sole / Philly of Soul
  19. Michel Graillier & Alby Cullaz [UNISSUED]
  20. Sonny Sharrock Dance With Me, Montana
  21. Marion Brown & Michel Graillier [UNISSUED]
  22. Richard Davis Total Package
  23. Abdelhaï Bennani Enfance
  24. Rob Brown Visage
  25. Outland Stentor
  26. Eric Barret & Simon Goubert Linkage
  27. Open Systems Open Systems
  28. Sonny Simmons Mixolydis
  29. Vega Live at Lézards
  30. Rob Brown The Big Picture
  31. Claudine François Lonely Woman
  32. Arnaud Sacase Septentrion
  33. Guérineau / Duboc / Lasserre [TER]
  34. James Spaulding & Pierre Christophe Down With It / Live at the Sunside
  35. Other Dimensions In Music Live at the Sunset
  36. Laurent Geniez / Paco el Lobo / Octave Z Hors Pistes / Flamenco Nouveau
  37. Trio Wha's Nine / Live at the Sunset
  38. FAB trio (Fonda / Altschul / Bang) A Night in Paris / Live at the Sunset
  39. Alexandra Grimal Shape / Live at the Sunset
  40. Sophia Domancich / William Parker / Hamid Drake Washed Away / Live at the Sunside
  41. Trio Passeurs Existences
  42. Tribute to Albert Ayler Live at the Dynamo
  43. Evan Parker / Barry Guy / Paul Lytton Nightwork / Live at the Sunset
  44. Hal Singer featuring David Murray Challenge
  45. Rob Brown Unexplained Phenomena
  46. The Nu Band Relentlessness / Live at the Sunset
  47. Open Loose Explicit / Live at the Sunset
  48. Sophia Domancich / Mark Helias / Andrew Cyrille Courtepointe / Live at the Sunside
  49. Claudine François / Hubert Dupont / Hamid Drake Flying Eagle
  50. Richard Bonnet / Tony Malaby / Antonin Rayon / Tom Rainey Warrior

Futura Marge (Various Artists)

  1. Futura Marge, Vol. 1 (2018)
  2. Futura Marge, Vol. 2 (2019)
  3. Futura Marge, Vol. 3 (2020)

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Futura Records is a French record company and jazz record label founded in 1969 by Gérard Terronès. Marge Records is a notable subsidiary label. The label changed its name in 2018 into Futura Marge.

<i>The Big Picture</i> (Rob Brown album) 2004 studio album by Rob Brown

The Big Picture is an album by American jazz saxophonist Rob Brown recorded in 2003 and released on the French Marge label. It features a quartet with trumpeter Roy Campbell, bassist Willam Parker and drummer Hamid Drake. These four musicians were in Paris to play at the 2003 edition of the Sons d'Hiver festival with two different bands: Campbell's Pyramid Trio and Parker's Raining on the Moon quintet, and producer Gérard Terronès got them into the studio.

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