Masakane Yonekura

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Masakane Yonekura
Born(1934-07-10)July 10, 1934
Fukuoka, Japan
DiedAugust 26, 2014(2014-08-26) (aged 80)
Fukuoka, Japan
Occupation Actor
Years active1957–2014

Masakane Yonekura (Japanese : 米倉 斉加年; c. 1934 – 26 August 2014) was a Japanese stage director, actor, author and illustrator who was one of the central members of the Gekidan Mingei theatre company. [1]



On 26 August 2014, Yonekura died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture. He was 80. [1]



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Mutsuura Domain was a Japanese feudal domain of the Edo period, located in southern Musashi Province in what is now part of Kanagawa Prefecture. Mutsuura was a Fudai domain. It consisted of two separate geographic areas, one in Kuragi District, Musashi, and the other in Osumi District, Sagami, with its headquarters in Musashi in what is now part of Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama.

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Kazuyoshi Saito is a Japanese singer-songwriter. Making his professional debut in 1993, Saito's popularity exploded in 2007 after 15 years in the music industry. He is also one-half of the rock duo Mannish Boys with Tatsuya Nakamura and a member of the supergroup the Curling Sitones. In 2013, Saito became the first Japanese musician to have a signature model acoustic guitar with Gibson. As of 2020, he had six signature models with them and one with Epiphone.


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