Mathias Sommerhielm

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Mathias Sommerhielm
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Painting of Mathias Sommerhielm
Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm
In office
9 July 1822 15 November 1827
Monarch Charles III John
Preceded by Peder Anker
Succeeded by Severin Løvenskiold
Minister of Justice
In office
15 September 1816 15 May 1817
Prime Minister Peder Anker
Preceded by Christian A. Diriks
Succeeded byChristian A. Diriks
In office
27 November 1814 15 June 1815
Prime MinisterPeder Anker
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byChristian A. Diriks
Personal details
Mathias Otto Leth Sommerhielm

(1764-08-22)22 August 1764
Kolding, Denmark
Died15 November 1827(1827-11-15) (aged 63)
Stockholm, Sweden

Mathias Otto Leth Sommerhielm (22 August 1764  15 November 1827) was a Danish-Norwegian politician who served as the Norwegian prime minister in Stockholm. [1]



Mathias Otto Leth Sommerhielm was born in the seaport of Kolding in southern Denmark. He graduated from the University of Copenhagen with degrees in Latin and Law in 1785. He subsequently moved to Christiania where he was appointed a prosecutor in 1789. In 1801, Sommerhielm became director general of military prosecutions and in 1807 he became member of the Superior Criminal Court. [2]

After Denmark's loss of Norway to Sweden, he attended the Meeting of Notables in Eidsvoll on 16 February 1814. He served as First Minister from 1815 to 1822, a position assigned to the most prominent cabinet minister at the time. In 1822, Sommerhielm was appointed Prime Minister of Norway, following the resignation of Peder Anker due to personal illness. Sommerhielm became Norway's second prime minister, an office located in Stockholm. He held the office until 1827, when the seat was vacated. He died in Stockholm later that year. [3]


Sommerhielm was awarded the Order of the Dannebrog (Dannebrogordenen), Order of the Polar Star (Nordstjerneorden) and Seraphim Medal (Serafimerordenen).

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