Maurizio Arena

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Maurizio Arena
Maurizio Arena.jpg
Maurizio Di Lorenzo

(1933-12-26)26 December 1933
Rome, Italy
Died21 November 1979(1979-11-21) (aged 45)
Rome, Italy
Years active1952–1978

Maurizio Arena (26 December 1933 21 November 1979) was an Italian film actor. He appeared in more than 70 films between 1952 and 1978.


Life and career

Born in Rome as Maurizio Di Lorenzo, Arena made his film debut at nineteen years old, with a small role in Bellezze in moto-scooter . [1] His breakout role came in 1956 with the role of Romolo in the successful Dino Risi's romance-comedy film Poveri ma belli . [1] Until the early 1960s Arena was one of the most popular actors in the Italian cinema, and was a regular feature of gossip columns for his tumultuous personal life. [1]

In later years his celebrity declined, and Arena found roles as a character actor in smaller films, and occasionally worked as a singer. [1] He became an alternative medicine healer with some local following. [1]

He died at age 45 following a heart attack, a complication from a long-standing renal condition. [2]

In 2008 a park was named after him in his native district Garbatella. [3]

Selected filmography

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