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Mauro Cía

Cía (seated) on the cover of El Gráfico.
Medal record
Men's Boxing
Representing   Argentina
Olympic Games
1948 London Light-heavyweight

Gualberto Mauro Cía Montañero (born 3 July 1919) is a retired boxer and actor from Argentina. He was born in Buenos Aires. At the age of 29, when he was an assistant officer at the Argentine Federal Police, Cía qualified for the 1948 Summer Olympics held in London, United Kingdom in the light heavyweight classification. In a campaign marked by increasing injuries, Cía managed to attain the bronze medal despite the coaching staff not wanting to clear him for the third-place match, as he had two swollen black eyes, cuts in the cheeks and eyebrows, and a right hand so swollen the boxing glove did not fit. Afterwards, Cía had no interest in becoming a professional boxer, retiring to take care of his sick mother while also becoming a sparring partner for Archie Moore. After a brief acting career in the boxing-themed films Su última pelea (1949), Diez segundos (1949) and Nace un campeón (1952), Cía unsuccessfully attempted to qualify for the 1956 Summer Olympics [1] [2]


1948 Olympic Record

Below is the record of of Mauro Cía, an Argentinian light heavyweight boxer who competed at the 1948 London Olympics:


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