Max Alpert

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Max Alpert
Max Vladimirovich Alpert.jpg
Born18 March 1899
Simferopol, Russian Empire
Died30 November 1980 (aged 81)
Moscow, Russia
Known for Kombat
Spouse(s)Glafira Belits-Geiman
Komsomol members seize "grain hidden by kulaks" 1 November 1930 RIAN archive 79113 Seizing grain from kulaks.jpg
Komsomol members seize "grain hidden by kulaks" 1 November 1930
Kombat, possibly 12 July 1942 RIAN archive 543 A battalion commander.jpg
Kombat , possibly 12 July 1942
Great Patriotic War, 1 April 1944 RIAN archive 61150 Great Patriotic War.jpg
Great Patriotic War, 1 April 1944

Max Vladimirovich Alpert (Russian : Макс Владимирович Альперт; 18 March 1899 – 30 November 1980) was a prominent Soviet photographer, who was mostly known for his frontline work during World War II. [1]


Before World War I, Alpert studied in Odessa, together with his brother Mikhail Alperin, and after the war worked as a photographer for Rabochaya Gazeta (Workers Newspaper) in Moscow. [1] In the 1930s he photographed numerous construction sites of the Soviet Union. During that time Sergei Eisenstein stayed with him at the Fergana Canal and was impressed by his passion to photography. [2] In parallel, Alpert worked for Pravda , where he was known as a prolific portrait photographer. During World War II, he made a number of iconic photographs at the Soviet frontlines, and also documented military events in Prague and Berlin. For his work during the war he was awarded the Order of the Red Star (1943), Order of the Patriotic War (1945) and Order of the Red Banner of Labour. After the war, he worked at RIA Novosti , where he compiled a famous photoalbum of Nikolai Amosov.[ citation needed ] Examples of his images are held in the Sovfoto archive.

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Sovfoto was established in 1932 as the only agency to represent Soviet photojournalism in America. It continues today as a commercial entity Sovfoto/Eastfoto. Collections from its archive are held also at MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Canada which in 2001 was donated 23,116 vintage gelatin silver prints dating from 1936 to 1957, while Amhurst University holds the Tass Sovfoto Photograph Collection, 1919–1963, the majority being from 1943–1963.


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