Mbarek Bekkay

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Mbarek Bekkay
Mbarek Bekkay at an official reception ceremony in Tetouan, December 1956.
1st Prime Minister of Morocco
In office
7 December 1955 15 April 1958
Monarch Mohammed V
Preceded by Muhammad al-Muqri as Grand Vizier of the Sherifan Empire
Succeeded by Ahmed Balafrej
Personal details
Born(1907-04-18)18 April 1907
Berkane, Morocco
Died12 April 1961(1961-04-12) (aged 53)
Rabat, Morocco
Political partyNone

Mbarek Bekkay (Arabic: مبارك البكاي; April 18, 1907 [1] in Berkane, Morocco April 12, 1961) [2] [3] was the Prime Minister of Morocco between December 7, 1955 and April 15, 1958. [4] Bekkay held the rank of colonel in the French army. [5]



Mbarek Bekkay was born to the Berber Béni-Snassen tribe in 1907. He attended the Military School of Dar El Beida, the present military academy of Meknes, from which he went out to lieutenant and joined the French army. He served excellently in World War II and rose to lieutenant colonel rank. [6]

He had the honor to sign the act of independence of Morocco on March 2, 1956 with Christian Pineau representing France, and April 7 with Martin Artajo representing Spain.

He resigned as Prime Minister during the May 1958 crisis, which was created by the refusal to allow the People's Movement Party.

Confronted with "recurrent health problems", he died in Rabat on April 12, 1961 - 45 days after King Mohammed V - and was buried in his hometown.

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Preceded by
Prime Minister of Morocco
1955 - 1958
Succeeded by
Ahmed Balafrej