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Brian Dahle
(m. 1999)
Megan Dahle
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Member of the California State Assembly
from the 1st district
Assumed office
November 12, 2019
Residence(s) Bieber, California, U.S.

Megan Elizabeth Dahle ( née Ray; born July 29, 1975) is an American politician serving as a member of the California State Assembly. A Republican, she represents the 1st State Assembly district, which encompasses the northeastern corner of California, including the Redwood Forest and the northern Sierra Nevada region.



Prior to being elected to the State Assembly, she served on the Big Valley Joint Unified School District. Her family owned a wheat farm and she previously owned a plant nursery in Bieber. [1]

California State Assembly

In 2019, her husband, Brian, won a special election for a seat in the California State Senate, leaving his State Assembly seat vacant. Dahle won a special election to fill that vacant Assembly seat, defeating Democratic candidate Elizabeth Betancourt, a farmer. [2] She was re-elected in 2020 and 2022. [3]

Committee Memberships [4]

  • Education - Vice-Chair
  • Water, Parks, and Wildlife - Vice-Chair
  • Appropriations
  • Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials
  • Governmental Organization
  • Select Committee on California-Mexico Bi-National Affairs
  • Select Committee on Coastal Protection and Access to Natural Resources
  • Select Committee on Community and Law Enforcement Relations and Responsibilities
  • Select Committee on Cybersecurity
  • Select Committee on Ensuring Systemic Equity Post-COVID-19
  • Select Committee on Food Systems
  • Select Committee on the Master Plan for Higher Education in California
  • Select Committee on the Nonprofit Sector
  • Select Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Select Committee on Technology and the Future of California’s Agricultural Workforce
  • Special Committee on the Office of the Attorney General
  • Select Committee on the Social Determinants of Health

Personal life

Dahle and her husband have three children. [5]


2019 (special)

California State Assembly District 1 special election, 2019
Primary election
Democratic Elizabeth Betancourt27,78639.1
Republican Megan Dahle25,66936.2
Republican Patrick Henry Jones12,29817.3
Republican Joe Turner3,9435.6
Republican Lane Rickard1,3051.8
Total votes71,001 100.0
General election
Republican Megan Dahle 59,991 57.3
Democratic Elizabeth Betancourt44,61842.7
Total votes104,609 100.0
Republican hold


2020 California State Assembly election
Primary election
Republican Megan Dahle (incumbent)83,87451.0%
Democratic Elizabeth L. Betancourt64,93239.5%
No party preference PK "Paul" Dhanuka15,6299.5%
Total votes164,435 100.0%
General election
Republican Megan Dahle (incumbent)146,90258.9%
Democratic Elizabeth L. Betancourt102,54141.1%
Total votes249,443 100%
Republican hold

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