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Origin Finland
Genres Melodic rock
melodic metal
progressive metal
Years active2006 – Present
Labels Napalm
Members Mikko Harkin
Markus Niemispelto
Toni Mäki-Leppilampi
Henning Ramseth
Olli Tanttu
Thomas Vikström
Past membersJani Stefanovic, Jarno Rautio

Mehida is a Finnish melodic rock / metal band formed by ex-Sonata Arctica keyboardist Mikko Harkin. [1] Other band members are Markus Niemispelto (drums), Henning Ramseth (guitar), Olli Tanttu (guitar), Toni Mäki-Leppilampi (bass) and Thomas Vikström (Therion, Stormwind, ex-Candlemass) on vocals. Mehida's first album, Blood & Water, was released in Finland on Aug. 22, 2007, in Europe on August 31, 2007 and in the U.S. on September 11, 2007 by Napalm Records.


During the week of August 27, 2007, Blood & Water hit No. 23 on Finland's top 40 charts. [2]


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