Members of the Western Australian Legislative Council, 2021–2025

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This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Council elected to serve a term between 22 May 2021 and 21 May 2025.

NamePartyRegionTerm in office
Hon Martin Aldridge National Agricultural 2013–present
Hon Klara Andric Labor South Metropolitan 2021–present
Hon Daniel Caddy Labor North Metropolitan 2021–present
Hon Sandra Carr LaborAgricultural2021–present
Hon Ayor Makur Chuot LaborNorth Metropolitan2021–present
Hon Alanna Clohesy Labor East Metropolitan 2013–present
Hon Peter Collier LiberalNorth Metropolitan2005–present
Hon Stephen Dawson Labor Mining and Pastoral 2013–present
Hon Colin de Grussa NationalAgricultural2017–present
Hon Kate Doust LaborSouth Metropolitan2001–present
Hon Sue Ellery LaborSouth Metropolitan2001–present
Hon Donna Faragher LiberalEast Metropolitan2005–present
Hon Peter Foster LaborMining and Pastoral2021–present
Hon Nick Goiran LiberalSouth Metropolitan2009–present
Hon Lorna Harper LaborEast Metropolitan2021–present
Hon James Hayward National South West 2021–present
Hon Jackie Jarvis LaborSouth West2021–present
Hon Alannah MacTiernan LaborSouth West1993–1996, 2017–present
Hon Steve Martin LiberalAgricultural2021–present
Hon Kyle McGinn LaborMining and Pastoral2017–present
Hon Sophia Moermond Legalise Cannabis South West2021–present
Hon Shelley Payne LaborAgricultural2021–present
Hon Brad Pettitt Greens South Metropolitan2021–present
Hon Stephen Pratt LaborSouth Metropolitan2021–present
Hon Martin Pritchard LaborNorth Metropolitan2015–present
Hon Samantha Rowe LaborEast Metropolitan2013–present
Hon Rosetta Sahanna LaborMining and Pastoral2021–present
Hon Tjorn Sibma LiberalNorth Metropolitan2017–present
Hon Matthew Swinbourn LaborEast Metropolitan2017–present
Hon Dr Sally Talbot LaborSouth West2005–present
Hon Dr Steve Thomas LiberalSouth West2017–present
Hon Neil Thomson LiberalMining and Pastoral2021–present
Hon Wilson Tucker Daylight Saving Mining and Pastoral2021–present
Hon Brian Walker Legalise CannabisEast Metropolitan2021–present
Hon Darren West LaborAgricultural2013–present
Hon Pierre Yang LaborNorth Metropolitan2017–present

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