Metal for Muthas Tour

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Metal for Muthas Tour
Tour by various NWOBHM era artists
Metal for Muthas London Tour Poster.jpg
Official tour advertisement for The Lyceum, London, 10 February 1980
Location Great Britain
Start date1 February 1980
End date2 March 1980
No. of shows30

The Metal for Muthas Tour was a 1980 concert tour headlined variously by Motörhead, Samson, and Saxon. Supporting the new wave of British heavy metal compilation album Metal for Muthas , the tour featured a large number of bands identified as the founders of the movement. During the tour, the three headlining bands were supported by twenty-two other bands, including a then-unknown Iron Maiden, who performed on the first 11 dates of the tour. [1]


Tour dates

Date [2] [3] CityCountryVenue
1 February 1980 Aberdeen Scotland Aberdeen University
2 February 1980 Glasgow Glasgow University
3 February 1980 Saint Andrews St Andrews University
4 February 1980 Edinburgh Tiffany's
5 February 1980 Grimsby England Central Hall
6 February 1980 Bristol Romeo & Juliet's
7 February 1980 Wakefield Unity Hall
8 February 1980 Huddersfield Huddersfield Polytechnic
9 February 1980 Manchester UMIST
10 February 1980 London Lyceum Ballroom
11 February 1980 Mansfield Civic Theatre
14 February 1980 Swansea Wales Circles
15 February 1980 Hitchin England Hitchin College
16 February 1980 West Runton West Runton Pavilion
17 February 1980 Redcar Coatham Bowl
18 February 1980 Birkenhead Hamilton Club
19 February 1980 Oldham Civic Hall
20 February 1980 Blackburn King George's Hall
21 February 1980 Carlisle Market Hall
22 February 1980 Newcastle upon Tyne Mayfair Ballroom
23 February 1980 Leicester Leicester University
24 February 1980 Sheffield Top Rank
25 February 1980 Plymouth Fiesta
26 February 1980 Cardiff WalesTop Rank
27 February 1980 Portsmouth England Portsmouth Polytechnic
28 February 1980 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Civic Hall
29 February 1980 Hanley Victoria Hall
1 March 1980 Retford The Porterhouse
2 March 1980 Birmingham Top Rank

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The World Wide Blitz Tour was a 1981 concert tour by English heavy metal band Judas Priest where the band toured in Europe and North America from 13 February to 14 December 1981 in support of the album Point of Entry.


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