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There are 81 provinces in Turkey (Turkish : il). Among the 81 provinces, thirty are designated metropolitan municipalities [1] (Turkish : büyükşehir belediyeleri). Metropolitan municipalities are subdivided into districts (Turkish : ilçe ), where each district includes a corresponding district municipality, which is a second tier municipality. [2]



The first metropolitan municipalities were established in 1984. [3] These were the three most populous cities in Turkey, namely; İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir. In each metropolitan municipality a number of second level municipalities (ilçe municipality) were established. In 1986, four new metropolitan municipalities were established in Adana, [4] Bursa, [5] Gaziantep [6] and Konya. [7] Two years later the total number was increased to eight with the addition of Kayseri. [8] In 1993, seven new metropolitan municipalities were established in Antalya, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Eskişehir, Mersin, Kocaeli and Samsun. [9] Following the earthquake of 1999, Sakarya was also declared a metropolitan municipality. [10]

Before 2004, only the urban centers with populations of more than 750,000 were declared metropolitan centers. However, in 2004, the concept of metropolitan municipality was redefined in Istanbul and Kocaeli, where thenceforth metropolitan municipality borders would overlap with provincial borders. In 2012, this was extended to other metropolitan municipalities. [11] Thus, all provinces with a population in excess of 750,000 were declared metropolitan municipality and accordingly the number of metropolitan municipalities has sharply increased. The following 13 cities became metropolitan municipalities: [11]

Later, with the addition of Ordu, the total number of the metropolitan municipalities was increased to 30. [12]

List of metropolitan areas

(Dark blue :Those provinces before 2014, light blue those after 2014)

Metropolitan municipalitiesDate of establishmentPopulation (2013) [13] Population (2019) [14] Number of districts
Adana 05.06.19862,149,1602,237,94015
Ankara 23.03.19845,045,0835,639,07625
Antalya 09.09.19932,158,2652,511,70019
Aydın 06.12.20121,020,9571,110,97217
Balıkesir 06.12.20121,162,7611,228,62020
Bursa 18.06.19862,740,9703,056,12017
Denizli 06.12.2012963,4641,037,20819
Diyarbakır 09.09.19931,607,4371,756,32317
Erzurum 09.09.1993766,729762,06220
Eskişehir 09.09.1993799,724887,47514
Gaziantep 20.06.19861,844,4382,069,3649
Hatay 06.12.20121,503,0661,628,89415
Mersin [Note 1] 09.09.19931,705,7741,840,42513
İstanbul 23.03.198414,160,46715,519,26739
İzmir 23.03.19844,061,0744,367,25130
Kayseri 07.12.19881,295,3551,407,40916
Kocaeli [Note 2] 09.09.19931,676,2021,953,03512
Konya 20.06.19862,079,2252,232,37431
Malatya 06.12.2012762,538800,16513
Manisa 06.12.20121,359,4631,440,61117
Kahramanmaraş 06.12.20121,075,0761,154,10211
Mardin 06.12.2012779,738838,77810
Muğla 06.12.2012866,665983,14213
Ordu 14.03.2013731,452 [Note 3] 754,19819
Sakarya [Note 4] 06.03.2000917,3731,029,65016
Samsun 09.09.19931,261,8101,348,54217
Tekirdağ 06.12.2012874,4751,055,41211
Trabzon 06.12.2012758,237808,97418
Şanlıurfa 06.12.20121,801,9802,073,61413
Van 06.12.20121,070,1131,136,75713

Since the total population of Turkey is 83,154,997, the population in the 30 provinces make up 77% of the population of the country.

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  1. Formerly named İçel.
  2. Formerly the center city of Kocaeli Province was İzmit, which is now a district
  3. The population of Ordu Province was more than 750,000 limit in 2013
  4. Formerly the center city of Sakarya Province was Adapazarı, which is now a district

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