Miao Tien

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Miao Tien
Miao Yanlin

(1925-12-06)December 6, 1925
DiedFebruary 19, 2005(2005-02-19) (aged 79)
Taipei, Taiwan
OccupationFilm actor
Years active1966–2003
Musical career
Also known asMiao Tian

Miao Tien (Chinese :苗天, 6 December 1925 – 19 February 2005) was a Chinese film actor mostly active in Hong Kong and Taiwan. [1]



Miao graduated at the Teachers College in Xuzhou and was working as an elementary school teacher when the civil war erupted. He joined the National Revolutionary Army and after the Communist victory moved to Taiwan. He continued to work for the army, which assigned him to be an actor in educational films. In 1956 the authorities asked him to join the government-owned Central Motion Picture Corporation (CMPC), where he started a career as a professional actor. Miao was not particularly successful at CMPC and moved to the privately owned Union Film Company. There, he achieved success with martial arts films. By the end of his career, he had starred in more than 100 such films and had become a recognizable name in the field. He died of cancer in 2005. [1]

Selected filmography

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