Michael Buonauro

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Michael Buonauro
BornMichael Buonauro
(1979-05-27)May 27, 1979
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Died May 28, 2004(2004-05-28) (aged 25)
Nationality American
Known for Webcomics
Notable workMarvelous Bob

Michael A. Buonauro (May 27, 1979 – May 28, 2004), born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was an American webcomic artist, and author. Best known for his webcomic Marvelous Bob, Buonauro had co-created various other webcomics in collaboration with Jeff Lofvers. Buonauro committed suicide in 2004. His parents established the Michael Buonauro Foundation in response, a charity organization which seeks to fund a suicide awareness program.

Florida State of the United States of America

Florida is the southernmost contiguous state in the United States. The state is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the northwest by Alabama, to the north by Georgia, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the Straits of Florida. Florida is the 22nd-most extensive, the 3rd-most populous, and the 8th-most densely populated of the U.S. states. Jacksonville is the most populous municipality in the state and the largest city by area in the contiguous United States. The Miami metropolitan area is Florida's most populous urban area. Tallahassee is the state's capital.

Webcomics are comics published on a website or mobile app. While many are published exclusively on the web, others are also published in magazines, newspapers or in comic books.

Suicide intentional act of causing ones own death

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. Mental disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and substance abuse—including alcoholism and the use of benzodiazepines—are risk factors. Some suicides are impulsive acts due to stress, such as from financial difficulties, troubles with relationships, or bullying. Those who have previously attempted suicide are at a higher risk for future attempts. Effective suicide prevention efforts include limiting access to methods of suicide—such as firearms, drugs, and poisons; treating mental disorders and substance misuse; proper media reporting of suicide; and improving economic conditions. Even though crisis hotlines are common, there is little evidence for their effectiveness.



Buonauro's best known work was Marvelous Bob, a web-published story based on the conventions of comic book superheroes, but in a distinctively realist, postmodern style. The title character is an individual with the powers of a superhero, but is an antihero in many ways: for instance, unlike most "heroes", he has no scruples about killing when necessary.

Superhero Type of stock character

A superhero is a type of heroic stock character, usually possessing supernatural or superhuman powers, who is dedicated to fighting the evil of their universe, protecting the public, and usually battling supervillains. A female superhero is sometimes called a superheroine, although the word superhero is also commonly used for females. Superhero fiction is the genre of fiction that is centered on such characters, especially in American comic book and films since the 1930s.

Antihero leading character in a film, book or play, which is devoid of heroic qualities

An antihero or antiheroine is a main character in a story who lacks conventional heroic qualities and attributes such as idealism, courage and morality. Although antiheroes may sometimes perform actions that are morally correct, it is not always for the right reasons, often acting primarily out of self-interest or in ways that defy conventional ethical codes.

Buonauro was also co-creator of the webcomics Dr. Lobster, Gamer Hotties, and Wrench Farm, all of which were joint projects with his friend Jeff Lofvers. [1]

Death and legacy

He committed suicide the day after his 25th birthday. His parents have established the Michael Buonauro Foundation which has funded the Signs Of Suicide program (SOS). The SOS program was presented to more than 55,000 students in all the high schools in Orange County, Florida. The SOS program seeks to promote suicide awareness and prevention through education. [1] [2]

Orange County, Florida County in Florida, United States

Orange County is a county in the state of Florida, in the United States. As of the 2010 census, the population was 1,145,956, making it Florida's fifth-most populous county. The county seat is Orlando.

Marvelous Bob is in production now, and Buonauro's father and mother are very hopeful that this project will be completed as Buonauro would have wanted. All of its profits go to the Michael Buonauro Foundation.

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<i>Bully</i> (2011 film) 2011 documentary film directed by Lee Hirsch

Bully is a 2011–12 American documentary drama film directed and co-produced by Lee Hirsch and co-produced and written by Cynthia Lowen along with producers Cindy Waitt and Sarah Foudy. The film follows the lives of five students who face bullying on a daily basis in U.S. schools and premiered at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. It was also screened at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and the LA Film Festival.

The history of webcomics follows the advances of technology, art, and business of comics on the Internet. The first comics were shared through the Internet in the mid-1980s. Some early webcomics were derivatives from print comics, but when the World Wide Web became widely popular in the mid-1990s, more people started creating comics exclusively for this medium. By the year 2000, various webcomic creators were financially successful and webcomics became more artistically recognized.

The business of webcomics involves webcomic creators earning a living professionally through various revenue channels. Webcomic artists may sell merchandise based on their work, such as T-shirts and toys, or they may sell print versions or compilations of their webcomic. Many webcomic creators make use of online advertisement on their websites, and some have undergone product placement deals with larger companies. Crowdfunding through Kickstarter and Patreon is also a source of income for webcartoonists.

JL8 is a webcomic by Yale Stewart based on the characters of DC Comics' Justice League. Having started in 2011 under the title Little League, the webcomic presents the members of the Justice League as 8-year-old children. Stewart has used JL8 to raise funds for charities, and the webcomic has been positively received by critics.