Michael Trubshawe

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Michael Trubshawe
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in The Avengers : All Done with Mirrors (1968)
Michael Arthur T. Trubshaw

(1905-12-07)7 December 1905
Died21 March 1985(1985-03-21) (aged 79)
Years active1950-1971
Spouse(s)Margaret Louise McDougall (1932–?) (divorced)
Cecilia Tower (1943–?)

Michael Trubshawe (7 December 1905 21 March 1985) [1] was a British actor and former officer in the Highland Light Infantry Regiment of the British Army. Trubshawe was very close friends with fellow British actor David Niven, serving with him at Malta and Dover. He was best man for both of Niven's weddings, and is constantly referred to in Niven's memoirs The Moon's a Balloon . Niven refers to finding out he would be working with him in The Guns of Navarone as 'A lovely bonus for me.'


Niven claims he lost touch with his army friend following Michael's marriage to Christian Scientist Margaret L McDougall, the daughter of flour magnate James Gladstone McDougall whose company joined Rank flours. Rank's owners had a Methodist background and the company formed Rank pictures to counter the loose morality of movie culture. Trubshawe was the son of architect Vyvian Trubshawe (1853–1924).

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