Michel Vinaver

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Michel Vinaver
Michel Grinberg

(1927-01-13)13 January 1927
Paris, France
Died1 May 2022(2022-05-01) (aged 95)
Paris, France
Education Wesleyan University
Occupation Writer
Spouse(s)Catherine Le Tellier
Children Anouk Grinberg

Michel Vinaver (born Michel Grinberg; 13 January 1927 – 1 May 2022) [1] was a French writer and dramatist. He was born in Paris to parents who had emigrated from Russia. He was the manager of Gillette. He is the father of actress Anouk Grinberg. [2] In 2006 he was awarded the Grand prix du théâtre de l'Académie française.


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