Mick Connelly

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Norman John Kirk, generally called John Kirk, is a former New Zealand Member of Parliament for Sydenham, in the South Island. He is the son of Norman Kirk who was a popular Labour Party Prime Minister.

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James Gladstone Edwards was a member of parliament for Napier, in the North Island of New Zealand.

Yaldhurst is a former New Zealand parliamentary electorate, near the city of Christchurch. The electorate was to the southwest of Christchurch, and was suburban and semi-rural.

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The Sydenham by-election 1974 was a by-election held in the Sydenham electorate during the term of the 37th New Zealand Parliament on 2 November 1974. Eight candidates stood in total.


Mick Connelly
Mick Connelly MP.jpg
Connelly in 1969
27th Minister of Works
In office
13 March 1975 12 December 1975
Political offices
Preceded by Minister of Customs
Succeeded by
Preceded by Minister of Police
Succeeded by
Preceded by Minister of Statistics
Succeeded by
Preceded by Minister of Works
Succeeded by
New Zealand Parliament
Preceded by Member of Parliament for Riccarton
Succeeded by
New constituency Member of Parliament for Wigram
Constituency abolished, recreated in 1996
Title next held by
Jim Anderton
Member of Parliament for Yaldhurst
Succeeded by