Mika Ninagawa

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Mika Ninagawa
蜷川 実花
Mika Ninagawa in July 2012
Born (1972-10-18) October 18, 1972 (age 47)
Tokyo, Japan
OccupationPhotographer, film director
Website ninamika.com

Mika Ninagawa (蜷川 実花, Ninagawa Mika, born October 18, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese photographer and director, known for her brightly colored photographs of flowers, goldfish, and landscapes.



Daughter of acclaimed theatre director Yukio Ninagawa, she first came to prominence in the late 1990s as part of Japan's 'Girly Photo' movement (in which amateurs took photos of daily objects). Her work was first exhibited outside Japan in 1997 at the Parisian concept store Colette (boutique), and in 2001 she received the 26th Kimura Ihei Award (Japan's most prestigious photography award). [1]

In 2014, she was appointed as an executive board member of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2020. [2]


Ninagawa has enjoyed significant commercial success in fashion and advertising.
She made her debut as a full-length film director in 2007 with Sakuran .
In September 2010, her music video for the AKB48 song "Heavy Rotation" was released.
She directed the live action film adaptation of the manga Helter Skelter in 2012.
In 2020, her (web) series directorial debut was with Netflix's Followers [3]




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TV and Web TV Series

Music videos

YearMusic videoArtistNotes
2007"Ashita Tenki ni Naare" (明日天気になぁれ) [17] Yuzu
2010"Heavy Rotation" [18] AKB48 Also produced CD jacket.
2011"Yobisute Fantasy" (呼び捨てファンタジー) [19] AKB48 Team BFound on the "Ue kara Mariko" single.
2012"Hanabi" (花火)Sandaime J Soul BrothersAlso produced CD jacket.
"Sugar Rush" [20] [21] AKB48Soundtrack for the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph .
"Powder Snow (Eien ni Owaranai Fuyu)" (Powder Snow ~永遠に終わらない冬~)Sandaime J Soul BrothersAlso produced CD jacket.
2013"Girl on Fire" [22] Alicia Keys Special video produced for Japan.
"Pink Spider" [23] Kumi Koda Also produced associated UULA short drama.
"Sayonara Crawl" [24] AKB48
"Issen Ichibyō" (一千一秒) [25] Exile Takahiro
"Ame nochi Harelujah" (雨のち晴レルヤ) [26] Yuzu
2015"Kaguya" [27] News
2016"Kimi wa Melody" [28] AKB48
2017"Flame of Love" Taemin


Other projects

Ninagawa was involved in the interior design of the Bar & Cafè on the Bund cafe and bar in Shanghai, China. [31]

Ninagawa was involved in designing the external livery of a new Genbi Shinkansen excursion train scheduled to be operated in Japan by JR East from spring 2016. [32]

She appears alongside fellow Movie director Yūichi Fukuda, in a scene as a couple, in TV Tokyo's 2019 special 2-day drama starring Shun Oguri and Tsuyoshi Muro, "Futatsu no Sokoku" (Two homelands). [33]

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