Mike Slamer

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Mike Slamer
Also known asChet Wynd
Origin United Kingdom
Labels Atlantic
Associated acts City Boy
Seventh Key
Steelhouse Lane
Devil's Hand

Michael Chetwynd Slamer is a British guitarist.


Slamer started his career playing in the UK prog-rock band City Boy. Since then, he has worked as a staff composer for various movies and TV series, has been a session guitarist for numerous recording artists, and played in several bands. He provided the guitar solos on Warrant's first two albums, Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich and Cherry Pie. [2] He also contributed a solo on a Kix record.


He at different times cooperated with two members of the progressive rock band Kansas. With Steve Walsh he formed Streets, [3] and with Billy Greer he created the band Seventh Key. Streets released two albums on the Atlantic label, 1st (1983) and Crimes in Mind (1985). A live Streets album was released on the BMG label in 1997 and features a concert for the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio show from 1983. Slamer was also credited as a co-writer for the Kansas song "Refugee" from The Prelude Implicit (2016).

Slamer has also released two albums with the group Steelhouse Lane, plus a solo album entitled Nowhere Land, with former Strangeways member Terry Brock on vocals (2006).

Slamer released an album entitled Devil's Hand with Last in Line vocalist Andrew Freeman (December 2018).


with City Boy

with Streets

with Steelhouse Lane

Chris Thompson and Mike Slamer

with Seventh Key

with Devil's Hand

Album credits

Angry Anderson
Steve Walsh
Terry Brock

As solo artist (Slamer)

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