Minister President of Prussia

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Minister President of Prussia
Otto von Bismarck, the most famous and longest serving officeholder
Residence Berlin, Prussia
Appointer King of Prussia (1848–1918)
Landtag of Prussia (1918–1933)
Formation19 March 1848
First holder Adolf Heinrich von Arnim-Boitzenburg
Final holder Hermann Göring
Abolished23 April 1945
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The office of Minister President (German : Ministerpräsident), or Prime Minister, of Prussia existed from 1848, when it was formed by the King Frederick William IV during the 1848–49 Revolution, until the abolition of Prussia in 1947 by the Allied Control Council.


History of the office

Under the Kingdom of Prussia the Minister President functioned as the chief minister of the King, and presided over the Landtag (the Prussian legislature established in 1848). After the unification of Germany in 1871 and until the collapse in 1918, the office of the Prussian Minister President was usually held ex officio by the Chancellor of the German Empire, beginning with the tenure of Otto von Bismarck.

Under the Free State of Prussia the Minister President was the head of the state government in a more traditional parliamentary role during the Weimar Republic. The office ceased to have any real meaning except as a kind of political patronage title after the takeover by the national government in 1932 ( Preußenschlag ), and after Nazi Germany dismantled Prussia as a state in 1935 ( Reichsstatthaltergesetz ). Eventually, the office was abolished along with Prussia itself by the Allies after World War II.

List of Ministers President of Prussia (1848–1947)

Ministers-President of the Kingdom of Prussia (1848–1918)

Political Party:   Zentrum    None

Term of OfficePolitical Party
Took OfficeLeft OfficeDays
Count Adolf Heinrich von Arnim-Boitzenburg
19 March 184829 March 184810Non-partisan
Gottfried Ludolf Camphausen
29 March 184820 June 184883Non-partisan
Rudolf von Auerswald
25 June 18488 September 184875Non-partisan
Ernst von Pfuel
21 September 18481 November 184841Non-partisan
Count Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg
2 November 18486 November 1850734Non-partisan
Baron Otto Theodor von Manteuffel
9 December 18506 November 18582889Non-partisan
Prince Karl Anton von Hohenzollern
6 November 185812 March 18621222Non-partisan
Prince Adolf zu Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen
17 March 186223 September 1862190Non-partisan
Prince Otto von Bismarck
1st term
23 September 18621 January 18733753Non-partisan
Count Albrecht von Roon
1 January 18739 November 1873312Non-partisan
Prince Otto von Bismarck
2nd term
9 November 187320 March 18905975Non-partisan
Count Leo von Caprivi
20 March 189022 March 1892733Non-partisan
Count Botho zu Eulenburg
22 March 189226 October 1894948Non-partisan
Prince Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst
29 October 189417 October 19002179Non-partisan
Prince Bernhard von Bülow
17 October 190014 July 19093192Non-partisan
Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg
14 July 190913 July 19172921Non-partisan
Georg Michaelis
14 July 19171 November 1917110Non-partisan
Count Georg von Hertling
1 November 191730 September 1918333 Centre
Prince Maximilian of Baden
3 October 19189 November 191837Non-partisan

Ministers-President of the Free State of Prussia (1918–1947)

Political Party:   SPD    Zentrum    NSDAP    None

Term of OfficePolitical Party
Took OfficeLeft OfficeDays
Ministers-President of the Free State of Prussia in the Weimar Republic
Friedrich Ebert
9 November 191811 November 19182 Social Democratic Party of Germany
Paul Hirsch
11 November 191827 March 1920502 Social Democratic Party of Germany
Otto Braun
1st term
27 March 192021 April 1921390 Social Democratic Party of Germany
Adam Stegerwald
21 April 19215 November 1921198 Centre Party
Otto Braun
2nd term
5 November 192118 February 19251201 Social Democratic Party of Germany
Wilhelm Marx
18 February 19256 April 192547 Centre Party
Otto Braun
3rd term
6 April 192520 July 19322662 Social Democratic Party of Germany
Franz von Papen
20 July 19323 December 1932
Kurt von Schleicher
3 December 193228 January 1933
Ministers-President of the Free State of Prussia in Nazi Germany
Franz von Papen
30 January 193310 April 193370Non-partisan
Adolf Hitler
Reichsstatthalter730 National Socialist German Workers' Party
30 January 193330 January 1935
Hermann Göring
Ministerpräsident4396 National Socialist German Workers' Party
10 April 193323 April 1945
30 January 193523 April 1945

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