Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (Botswana)

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The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is the Botswana government ministry which formulates financial and economic policies and oversees effective coordination of Government financial operations. It's minister is Hon. Dr Thapelo Matsheka. [1]


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Finance minister position in the government responsible for economic and financial policies

A finance minister is an executive or cabinet position in charge of one or more of government finances, economic policy and financial regulation.

A ministry of finance is a common type of government department that serves as a finance ministry.

Ministry of Finance of the Peoples Republic of China Chinese government agency managing finance

The Ministry of Financeof the People's Republic of China is the cabinet-level executive department of the State Council which administers macroeconomic policies and the annual budget. It also handles fiscal policy, economic regulations and government expenditure for the state.

Ministry of Finance (Pakistan)

The Ministry of Finance and Revenue or Ministry of Finance is a ministry of the Government of Pakistan tasked to ensure a strong Pakistani economy by developing policies of sound economic management and providing expert advice to the government.

Ministry of the Economy and Finance (France)

The Ministry of the Economy and Finance, informally referred to as Bercy, is one of the most important ministries in the Government of France. Its minister is one of the most prominent cabinet members after the Prime Minister. The name of the ministry has changed over time; it has included the terms "economy", "industry", "finance" and "employment" through history.

Stability and Growth Pact

The Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) is an agreement, among the 27 member states of the European Union, to facilitate and maintain the stability of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Based primarily on Articles 121 and 126 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, it consists of fiscal monitoring of members by the European Commission and the Council of Ministers, and the issuing of a yearly recommendation for policy actions to ensure a full compliance with the SGP also in the medium-term. If a Member State breaches the SGP's outlined maximum limit for government deficit and debt, the surveillance and request for corrective action will intensify through the declaration of an Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP); and if these corrective actions continue to remain absent after multiple warnings, the Member State can ultimately be issued economic sanctions. The pact was outlined by a resolution and two council regulations in July 1997. The first regulation "on the strengthening of the surveillance of budgetary positions and the surveillance and coordination of economic policies", known as the "preventive arm", entered into force 1 July 1998. The second regulation "on speeding up and clarifying the implementation of the excessive deficit procedure", known as the "dissuasive arm", entered into force 1 January 1999.

The Finance Secretary or वित्त सचिव is the administrative head of the Ministry of Finance. This post is held by senior IAS officer of the rank of Secretary to Government of India. Senior IAS officer Debasish Panda appointed new finance secretary.

Ministry of Economy and Finance (South Korea)

The Ministry of Economy and Finance oversees the financial policies of the South Korean government. It publishes a monthly report on the national economy, known as the "Green Book." The current minister is Hong Nam-ki. The headquarters is in the Sejong Government Complex in Sejong City.

Ministry of Finance (Netherlands)

The Ministry of Finance is the Dutch Ministry responsible for economic policy, monetary policy, fiscal policy, tax policy, incomes policy, financial regulation, the government budget and the financial market. The Ministry was created in 1798 as the Department of Finance of the Batavian Republic. It became the Ministry of Finance in 1876. The Minister of Finance is the head of the Ministry and a member of the Cabinet of the Netherlands. The current Minister is Wopke Hoekstra.

The Ministry of Finance is a Swedish government ministry responsible for matters relating to economic policy, the central government budget, taxes, banking, security and insurance, international economic work, central, regional and local government.

Ministry of Finance (India)

The Ministry of Finance is a ministry within the Government of India concerned with the economy of India, serving as the Indian Treasury Department. In particular, it concerns itself with taxation, financial legislation, financial institutions, capital markets, centre and state finances, and the Union Budget.

Ministry of Finance (Norway)

The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Finance is a Norwegian ministry established in 1814. The ministry is responsible for state finance, including the state budget, taxation and economic policy in Norway. It is led by Siv Jensen. The department must report to the Parliament of Norway.

Ministry of Finance (Soviet Union) Soviet Union government department

The Ministry of Finance of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), formed on 15 March 1946, was one of the most important government offices in the Soviet Union. Until 1946 it was known as the People's Commissariat for Finance. Narkomfin, at the all-Union level, was established on 6 July 1923 after the signing of the Treaty on the Creation of the USSR, and was based upon the People's Commissariat for Finance of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) formed in 1917. The Ministry was led by the Minister of Finance, prior to 1946 a Commissar, who was nominated by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers and then confirmed by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. The minister was a member of the Council of Ministers.

Ministry of Finance and Planning (Tanzania)

The Ministry of Finance and Planning is a government ministry of Tanzania.

Ministry of Economy and Finance (Cambodia)

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) accounts for the administration of financial and economic policy and affair in the Kingdom of Cambodia. In accordance to the official website, the ministry was commissioned by the Royal Government of Cambodia to perform missions of guidances and administrations in economic and financial affairs. The current Minister responsible for the Ministry of Economic and Finance is Aun Porn Moniroth, as of 2013. The main ministerial office is located in Phnom Penh, while the provincial branches are located across the main capitals of each province.

Bangladesh Planning Commission is the economic public policy institution of the Government of Bangladesh. The Planning Commission undertakes research studies and policy development initiatives for the growth of national economy and the expansion of the public infrastructure of the country, in tandem under the Ministry of Planning and alongside the Ministry of Finance.

Ministry of Finance (Malaysia) National ministry of finance

The Ministry of Finance, abbreviated MOF, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia that is charged with the responsibility for government expenditure and revenue raising. The ministry's role is to develop economic policy and prepare the Malaysian federal budget. The Ministry of Finance also oversees financial legislation and regulation. Each year in October, the Minister of Finance presents the Malaysian federal budget to the Parliament.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) is a government ministry of Botswana.

Ministry of Finance (Indonesia)

The Ministry of Finance is an Indonesian government ministry responsible for the nation's finance and state assets. The Finance Minister is responsible to the President. The ministry's motto is Nagara Dana Rakça, which means "guardian of state finance".

Ministry of Finance & National Economy (Bahrain)

The Ministry of Finance & National Economy (MOFNE) is responsible for formulating and implementing the financial policies of the Kingdom of Bahrain within the overall vision of the Bahrain Government. The Ministry prepares the state general budget in coordination with other ministries and public entities in a way that reflects the financial and economic objectives of the Kingdom, particularly regarding improving living standards and increasing levels of economic growth.


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