Miquelon Airport

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Miquelon Airport

Aéroport de Miquelon
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Airport typePublic
OperatorDirection de l'équipement
Serves Miquelon-Langlade
Location Miquelon Island
Elevation  AMSL 10 ft / 3 m
Coordinates 47°05′45″N56°23′04″W / 47.09583°N 56.38444°W / 47.09583; -56.38444 Coordinates: 47°05′45″N56°23′04″W / 47.09583°N 56.38444°W / 47.09583; -56.38444
Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon collectivity location map.svg
Airplane silhouette.svg
Location in North America
North Atlantic Ocean laea location map.svg
Airplane silhouette.svg
LFVM (North Atlantic)
Direction LengthSurface
12/301,0003,281 Asphalt
Source: AIP [1]

Miquelon Airport (French : Aéroport de Miquelon) ( IATA : MQC, ICAO : LFVM) is a regional airport on Miquelon Island that the commune (municipality) of Miquelon-Langlade, in the French overseas community ( collectivité d'outre-mer ) of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, off the eastern coast of North America at the edge of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.



The main building contains the check-in counters, control tower and fire fighting station.

Airline and destination

Air Saint-Pierre Saint-Pierre

There are no direct flights from mainland France. Connecting flights (with Air Canada, Air France, Air Transat or Corsair International) to mainland France required a transfer via Saint-Pierre onroute to Montréal–Trudeau airport, or catch a seasonal flight once weekly from Saint-Pierre to Paris.

The airport's runways are capable of handling turboprop or small jet aircraft only.


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Saint Pierre and Miquelon Group of islands in the North Atlantic

Saint Pierre and Miquelon, officially the Territorial Collectivity of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, is a self-governing territorial overseas collectivity of France in the North-western Atlantic Ocean near the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is the only remaining vestige of French sovereignty in North America. Its residents are French citizens; the collectivity is a full member of the National Assembly and participates in senatorial and presidential elections. It covers 242 km2 (93 sq mi) of land and shores and has a population of 6,008 as of the March 2016 census.

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Miquelon-Langlade Commune in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, France

Miquelon-Langlade is the larger and less populated of the two communes (municipalities) making up the French overseas collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, located to the south of Newfoundland in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It consists of three geological islands: Miquelon, Langlade and Le Cap, connected with tombolos. The communal seat is the settlement of Miquelon, on the northern tip, where the entire island's permanent population of 591 is located. Miquelon Airport provides flights to Montreal and to nearby Saint-Pierre.

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Air Saint-Pierre Airline based in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, France

Air Saint-Pierre is a French airline based in Saint-Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, a French overseas collectivity. The airline operates scheduled services between the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon-Langlade and to Canada. Its main base is Saint-Pierre Airport, from which it serves six destinations. In addition to the collectivity's other airport, Miquelon Airport, it serves five airports in Canada. The airline operates a fleet of an ATR 42 for international services and a Reims-Cessna F406 on the inter-island service.

Saint-Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon Commune in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, France

Saint-Pierre is the capital of the French overseas collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, off the coast of the Canadian province of Newfoundland. Saint-Pierre is the more populated of the two communes (municipalities) making up Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

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Saint-Pierre Airport is a regional airport located 1 NM south of Saint-Pierre, in the French overseas collectivity of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, off the east coast of Canada near Newfoundland.

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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Saint Pierre and Miquelon:

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The following is an alphabetical list of topics related to the French territorial collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

Transport in Saint Pierre and Miquelon Transport in Saint Pierre and Miquelon

While Saint Pierre and Miquelon has no railway, it has 114 km (71 mi) of highways plus 45 km (28 mi) of unpaved roads. Its only major harbour is at Saint-Pierre although there is a smaller harbour at Miquelon. The dependency has no merchant marine but has two airports; the runway at Saint-Pierre Airport is 1,800 metres (5,910 ft) long, and at Miquelon Airport, 1,000 metres (3,280 ft).

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Nikolai Airport is a state-owned public-use airport located one nautical mile (1.85 km) northeast of the central business district of Nikolai, a city in the Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area of the U.S. state of Alaska.

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Overseas France consists of all the French-administered territories outside Europe, mostly remains of the French colonial empire. It includes island territories in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, French Guiana on the South American continent, and several peri-Antarctic islands as well as a claim in Antarctica. Excluding the district of Adélie Land, where French sovereignty is effective de jure by French law, but where the French exclusive claim on this part of Antarctica is frozen by the Antarctic Treaty, overseas France covers a land area of 119,396 km2 (46,099 sq mi) and accounts for 18.0% of the French Republic's land territory. Its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of 9,825,538 km2 (3,793,661 sq mi) accounts for 96.7% of the EEZ of the French Republic.

Visa policies of Overseas France Policies on permits required to enter any part of Overseas France

Although the European portion of France is part of the Schengen Area, its overseas departments, collectivities and other territories apply their own visa policies, which have some additional exemptions or restrictions compared to the visa policy of the Schengen Area.

Association football clubs from the French Overseas Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon have represented the archipelago in the Coupe de France beginning with the 2018–19 edition of the tournament. The following is a list of year-by-year results of Saint Pierre and Miquelon's representative.

COVID-19 pandemic in Saint Pierre and Miquelon Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Saint Pierre and Miquelon

The COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed to have reached the French overseas collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon on 5 April 2020. Earlier, ferry service between Newfoundland and Saint Pierre and Miquelon had been suspended. Air and ferry service between the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon have been reduced. The tourism sector is expected to be affected by the pandemic and related measures. The collectivity has been under lockdown since 17 March 2020.