Miquette (1934 film)

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Miquette (1934 film).jpg
Directed by
Written by
Produced by
Cinematography Maurice Desfassiaux
Edited by William Barache
Music by Jean Lenoir
Films Diamant
Distributed by Pathé Consortium Cinéma
Release date
23 March 1934
Running time
75 minutes
Language French

Miquette (French: Miquette et sa mère) is a 1934 French comedy film directed by Henri Diamant-Berger and André Gillois and Henri Rollan. It stars Blanche Montel, Michel Simon and Roland Toutain. [1] It is based on the 1906 play of the same name by Gaston Arman de Caillavet and Robert de Flers. Further adaptations were made in 1940 and 1950. The film's sets were designed by the art director Guy de Gastyne.



Miquette, a young woman with theatrical ambitions, is tired of working in her mother's tobacconist in the provinces. She leaves for Paris to try and realise her dreams of stardom.


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