Mirai Shida

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Mirai Shida
志田 未来
Born (1993-05-10) May 10, 1993 (age 27)
Years active1999present
Agent Ken-On
Known for The Queen's Classroom
Website http://www.ken-on.co.jp/mirai/index.html

Mirai Shida (志田 未来, Shida Mirai, born May 10, 1993) is a Japanese actress. [1] She became recognized after her breakthrough role as Kazumi Kanda in "Joō no Kyōshitsu" ("The Queen's Classroom") leading her to more prominent roles, such as Miki Ichinose in 14-year-old Mother . [2]



Shida was born in Ayase, Kanagawa.[ citation needed ] She married a non-celebrity in September 2018. [3]









Awards and nominations

200546th Television Drama Academy AwardsBest Newcomer Joō no Kyōshitsu Won [22]
2006Annual TV Life Awards 2006Best Newcomer, Best Actress 14-year-old Mother Won [23]
2006 Galaxy Award (Japan) Suisenshō14-year-old MotherWon [24]
200715th Hashida AwardsRookie of the Year14-year-old MotherWon [25]
200858th Television Drama Academy AwardsBest Actress Seigi no Mikata Won [26]
20102010 Elan d'or Awards Newcomer Award HerselfWon [27]
2010 33rd Japan Academy Film Prize Newcomer AwardDare mo Mamotte KurenaiWon [28]
201063rd Television Drama Academy AwardsBest Actress Shōkōjo Seira Won [29]

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