Mirko Wolter

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Mirko Wolter
Born (1976-09-06) 6 September 1976 (age 41)
Güstrow, Germany
NationalityFlag of Germany.svg  Germany
Current club information
German league Brokstedt
Career history
1995- Brokstedt (GER)
1996-1997 Sheffield Tigers
2003 Trelawny Tigers
Individual honours
1999, 2002, 2004 German Champion
1992, 1993 German Under-21 Champion

Mirko Wolter (born 6 September 1976 in Güstrow, Germany) [1] is a speedway rider who first rode in the United Kingdom, riding with the Sheffield Tigers in the Premier League. After a six-year absence he was signed by the Trelawny Tigers in 2003.

Güstrow Place in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Güstrow is a town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. It is capital of the Rostock district.

Germany Federal parliamentary republic in central-western Europe

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country in Central and Western Europe, lying between the Baltic and North Seas to the north, and the Alps, Lake Constance and the High Rhine to the south. It borders Denmark to the north, Poland and the Czech Republic to the east, Austria and Switzerland to the south, France to the southwest, and Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands to the west.

Motorcycle speedway motorcycle sport

Motorcycle speedway, usually referred to as speedway, is a motorcycle sport involving four and sometimes up to six riders competing over four anti-clockwise laps of an oval circuit. The motorcycles are specialist machines which use only one gear and have no brakes; racing takes place on a flat oval track usually consisting of dirt, loosely packed shale, or crushed rock. Competitors use this surface to slide their machines sideways, powersliding or broadsiding into the bends. On the straight sections of the track the motorcycles reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour (110 km/h).


He appeared as a wildcard in 2001 German Speedway Grand Prix.

The 2001 Speedway Grand Prix of Germany was the first race of the 2001 Speedway Grand Prix season. It took place on 5 May in the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark in Berlin, Germany

Speedway Grand Prix results

 permanent speedway rider
  wild card, track reserve or qualified reserve
 rider not classified (track reserve who did not start)

Career details

World Championships

Speedway Grand Prix are a series of stand-alone motorcycle speedway events over the course of a season used to determine the Speedway World Champion.

The Speedway World Team Cup was an annual speedway event held each year in different countries. The competition started in 1960 and was replaced with the Speedway World Cup in 2001.

The Speedway World Cup was an annual speedway event held each year in different countries. The first edition of the competition in the current format was held in 2001 and replaced the old World Team Cup competition which was amalgamated with the World Pairs Championship. The last edition was in 2017. Since 2018, the World Cup has been replaced by the new Speedway of Nations, which effectively brings back the pairs format.

European Championships

The European Pairs Speedway Championship is an annual speedway event held in different countries organized by the European Motorcycle Union (UEM) since 2004.

The 2004 European Pairs Speedway Championship.

Debrecen City with county rights in Northern Great Plain, Hungary

Debrecen is Hungary's second largest city after Budapest. It is the regional center of the Northern Great Plain region and the seat of Hajdú-Bihar county. It was the largest Hungarian city in the 18th century and it is one of the Hungarian people's most important cultural centres. Debrecen was also the capital city of Hungary during the revolution in 1848–1849. During the revolution, the dethronement of the Habsburg dynasty was declared in the Reformed Great Church. The city also served as the capital of Hungary by the end of the World War II in 1944–1945. It is home of the University of Debrecen.

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