Molly Lamont

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Molly Lamont
Molly Lamont publ.jpg
Lamont in 1935
Born(1910-05-22)22 May 1910
Died7 July 2001(2001-07-07) (aged 91)
Years active19301951
Edward Bellande
(m. 19381975)
(his death)

Molly Lamont (22 May 1910 7 July 2001) was a South African-British film actress.


Life and career

Molly Lamont in Scared to Death (1947) Molly Lamont in Scared to Death trailer.jpg
Molly Lamont in Scared to Death (1947)

Lamont was born in Boksburg, Transvaal, South Africa. After winning a beauty contest in South Africa she was offered a contract by British International Pictures. [1] She began her career in British films in 1930 and for several years played small, often uncredited roles. Her roles began to improve by the mid-1930s, whilst resident in London, but she later moved to Hollywood where she played roles such as Cary Grant's fiancée in The Awful Truth (1937). Her other appearances include such popular films as The White Cliffs of Dover and Mr. Skeffington (both 1944). Lamont retired from acting in 1951 with more than fifty films to her credit.

She married an airline pilot, Edward Bellande, on April 1, 1937. They remained married until his death in 1976. [1] She died on 7 July 2001 in Brentwood, Los Angeles, aged 91.


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