Mont Blanc de Courmayeur

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Mont Blanc de Courmayeur
Monte Bianco di Courmayeur
Mont Blanc de Courmayeur seen from above La Thuile
Highest point
Elevation 4,748 m (15,577 ft) [1]
Prominence 18 m  Col Major [1]
Parent peak Mont Blanc
Isolation 0.6 km  Mont Blanc
Coordinates 45°49′44″N6°52′10″E / 45.82889°N 6.86944°E / 45.82889; 6.86944 Coordinates: 45°49′44″N6°52′10″E / 45.82889°N 6.86944°E / 45.82889; 6.86944
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Mont Blanc de Courmayeur
Parent range Graian Alps
First ascent 18 August 1822 by Frederick Clissold with Joseph-Marie Couttet, David Couttet, Pierre-Marie Favret, Jacques Couttet, Jean-Baptiste Simond and Matthie Bosonney. [2] [3]

Mont Blanc de Courmayeur (French:  [mɔ̃ blɑ̃ də kuʁmajœʁ] ; Italian : Monte Bianco di Courmayeur) is a point (4,748 m (15,577 ft)) on the south-east ridge of Mont Blanc that forms the peak of the massive south-east face of the mountain. It is connected to the main summit via the Col Major (c.4,730 m (15,520 ft)).


Despite its minimal topographic prominence, it appears as the second-highest peak in the Alps on the official list of Alpine four-thousanders of the Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA) for its impressive appearance and its importance for mountaineering. [4]

The peak can be reached from the main summit over the Bosses ridge. The ascents over the south-east / Peuterey and south / Brouillard ridges are very challenging.

The summit of Mont Blanc de Courmayeur is marked as lying entirely within Italy on the Italian Istituto Geografico Militare (IGM) map, [5] while on the French Institut Géographique National (IGN) map the summit lies on the border between France and Italy. [6] A demarcation agreement, signed on 7 March 1861, defines the local border between France and Italy. Currently this act and the attached maps (showing the border on the top of Mont Blanc, 4810 m) are legally valid for both the French and Italian governments. [7]


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