Montenegrin First League

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Montenegrin First League
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Official logo
Founded 2006
CountryFlag of Montenegro.svg  Montenegro
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams10
Level on pyramid1
Relegation to Montenegrin Second League
Domestic cup(s) Montenegrin Cup
International cup(s) UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa Conference League
Current champions Budućnost (5th title)
Most championships Budućnost
(5 titles)
Most appearances Miroje Jovanović (420)
Top goalscorer Admir Adrović (104 goals)
TV partners RTCG, Arena Sport
Current: 2021–22 Montenegrin First League

The First League of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Prva crnogorska fudbalska ligaPrva CFL1. CFL; pronounced  [pr̂ːvaː t͡srnǒɡorskaː fûdbaːlskaː lǐːɡa] ) is the top football league in Montenegro. Founded in 2006, competition is headed by the Football Association of Montenegro. 10 teams participate in this league. The winner of the Montenegrin First League starts the qualifications for the UEFA Champions League from the second round. The second and third placed team and Montenegrin Cup winner play in the qualifying rounds of the UEFA Europa League. The last placed team is directly relegated to the Montenegrin Second League, and the two others are playing in Montenegrin First League playoffs.



Before independence

As a part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Montenegrin clubs played in Montenegrin Football Championship which was formed in 1922. [1] [2] [3] Despite the presence of the nationwide Yugoslav Football Championship, Montenegrin teams did not partake in it. Montenegrin Football Championship played until the beginning of World War II.
Most successful teams at that period were SK Crnogorac Cetinje (10 titles), GSK Balšić Podgorica (7), FK Lovćen Cetinje (5), FK Budućnost Podgorica (4) and FK Arsenal Tivat (1). While SK Crnogorac and GSK Balšić played all the seasons, work of FK Budućnost and FK Lovćen was forbidden in 1935, as they were recognized as workers’ clubs by Kingdom of Yugoslavia government and forbidden.
After World War II and the formation of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the top league became the Yugoslav First League. Montenegrin teams were allowed to partake in the nationwide league structure, with a Montenegrin Republic League acting as a lower-tier division with promotion and relegation between the Yugoslav league system. The most prominent clubs from Montenegro in this period were FK Budućnost and FK Sutjeska.
FK Budućnost was among the founders of Yugoslav First League and a member of its inaugural season. During the most of SFRY era, FK Budućnost played in First League, while another team from Montenegro in top-tier waa FK Sutjeska. Other teams played in Yugoslav Second League or lower ranks. Among them, most successful was FK Lovćen, who played twice in First League qualifiers, but without success at the end of campaigns.
Below is the list of performances of Montenegrin teams in Yugoslav First League from 1946 to 1992, with final placements on every single season.

Club 47 49 50 56 57 58 59 60 63 65 67 72 73 76 77
Budućnost 106101191091114----159
Sutjeska ---------15151618--
Club 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92
Budućnost 1161168141415147914101712
Sutjeska -------9101017---13

When SFR Yugloslavia dissolved, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was formed in 1992 and the Serbian and Montenegrin teams played in this league, although it was still named Yugoslav First League. In 2003, FR Yugoslavia became Serbia and Montenegro and the football league followed suit. Montenegrin clubs played in the First League with Serbian clubs from 1992 to 2006. In that period, representatives of Montenegro in the Yugoslav/Serbia and Montenegro First League were FK Budućnost, FK Sutjeska, FK Rudar, FK Mogren, FK Zeta, FK Kom and FK Jedinstvo.
Below is the list of performances of Montenegrin teams in FR Yugoslavia First League from 1992 to 2006, with final placements on every single season.

Club 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06
Budućnost 1061114108141215---614
Sutjeska 161819-2021-57114815-
Mogren 1320----1519--16---
Rudar -1320--20---717---
Zeta --------13581135
Kom -----------16--
Jedinstvo -------------16

For 2004–05, restructuring of the Serbo-Montenegrin football league system saw the dissolution of the national second league, instead being replaced by two regional divisions for both republics of the union with promotion to the still-united First League.

Montenegrin teams which played in European competitions during Yugoslav era were FK Budućnost, FK Sutjeska and FK Zeta.

After independence

In 2006, after the Independence referendum, Montenegro split from Serbia. Following that, Montenegrin First League is founded as top-tier national competition. On inaugural season, members of League became three teams from former First League of Serbia and Montenegro, seven from Second League, and two from Montenegrin Republic League.
In period 2006-2017, league consisted on 12 clubs, which played 33 matches during the season. From 2017-18 season number of participants in the Montenegrin First League is reduced to 10, with 36 week-long competition.
By now, 19 clubs had participated in the Montenegrin First League. The most successful were FK Sutjeska with four titles and FK Budućnost three national titles. FK Rudar and FK Mogren won two titles. Other winners were FK Zeta and OFK Titograd with one title.


Official logo 2007-2018 T-com Prva CFL.gif
Official logo 2007-2018

The first game in Prva CFL was played on 11 August 2006 in Pljevlja. In front of 5,000 spectators, a game between the home side FK Rudar and FK Budućnost, finished with a victory of the away team (0-2). In the fifth minute of that match, Ivan Čarapić (Budućnost) scored the first goal in the history of Prva CFL.
The first champion of the top-tier CFL was Zeta, who won the trophy on the championship's final weekend, after a hard struggle with neighbouring Budućnost. Game between FK Berane and FK Budućnost was not even finished, after the crowd disturbances during the second half. [4] A third derby between Budućnost and Zeta in Podgorica was attended by 10,000 spectators, which is a record-high attendance in the history of CFL. During the season, many games were disrupted by crowd disturbances [5] and a match between Zeta and Budućnost in Golubovci was not played, after the decision was made by the home team not to open their stadium following discussion with Football Association of Montenegro. [6]
Next season started with incidents during the Montenegrin Derby in Nikšić. Budućnost won the title, with the same number of points as Zeta and Mogren. But, Budućnost had the best score against two opponents from the top of the table. This marked the first trophy for the team from Podgorica. [7] Their manager at that time Branko Babić became the first foreign coach to win the Prva CFL title. With an average attendance of 4,250 for their home games, Budućnost made a Montenegrin First League all-time record.
The title winners for season 2008–09 became Mogren, [8] the first-ever club from the coastal Montenegro to win the title. The race for the champions' trophy lasted until the final week, when Mogren won an away game against Jedinstvo (2-1). At the end of season, they had four points more than second-placed Budućnost and 11 more than the third-place team - Sutjeska.

A year later Rudar [9] won the first title in their club's history. They won the trophy after dramatic struggle with Budućnost, and only two points decided the championship race. During that year, Ivan Bošković from Grbalj scored 28 goals, which is the all-time record for one single season. During the last week of season, his team made another record, with the highest victory ever in Montenegrin First League, against Kom (11-0). [10] During that game, Bošković scored four goals - which is another Prva CFL record, shared with FK Zeta’s player Miljan Vlaisavljević and OFK Titograd’s player Zoran Petrović.
Mogren became first club to win a second champion trophy in Prva CFL. The team from Budva won the title on season 2010-11, but with equal number of points as second-placed Budućnost: (73). [11] In the end, head-to-head scores compared, Mogren were victorious over Budućnost (2-1; 2-0; 1-2).
Budućnost won their second trophy in season 2011-12, [12] whilst also setting records for highest number of points in CFL by single season (80) and highest number of scored goals by season (83). But, the team from Podgorica didn't win the trophy easily - they were followed by Rudar, who trailed by three points at the end of season. Additionally, Budućnost failed to beat Rudar during the season (0-2; 2-2; 1-1)

Sutjeska became the first club to win two consecutive titles of CFL champion - both times with Dragan Radojičić as head coach. The team from Nikšić won the title for seasons 2012-13 and 2013-14. Sutjeska headed to their first title with five points more than Budućnost, but secured the trophy on last week of the season. [13] During that season, Sutjeska for the first time in the First League played city derbies against Čelik (1-0; 0-3; 0-1), who placed third at the end of competition. Second trophy, Sutjeska won after the dramatic spring half-season and struggle with Lovćen. The title winner was decided a week before the end of season, after a draw between Sutjeska and Lovćen (1-1). [14] That was the first season on which Budućnost didn't finish in first or second position.
At the end of season 2014-15, Rudar [15] won the second title in the club's history. The team from Pljevlja won the race against title holders Sutjeska, who finished second. The team at the bottom of the table - Berane at the end of season had only 13 points with 78 goals conceded, which were negative records of Prva CFL at that time. After the relegation playoffs, Mogren were relegated to the Second League. This was the first time in history of Prva CFL that former champions were relegated.
The tenth edition of Prva CFL finished with a shock, as OFK Titograd from Podgorica won their first-ever national title. [16] During this era, OFK Titograd played under the name Mladost Podgorica. They won the champions' race against city rivals from Budućnost and during the season, OFK Titograd won all three games against them (3-1; 1-0; 2-0). After the last week, OFK Titograd had four points more than the second-placed team.
In the period from 2006 to 2016, FK Budućnost, FK Sutjeska, FK Rudar and FK Mogren won two champion titles, and FK Zeta and OFK Titograd one. During that time, 19 clubs participated in Prva CFL.


FK Budućnost won their third champions' title on season 2016-17, but with equal number of points as Zeta and OFK Titograd. During the season, six points were deducted from FK Zeta because of irregularities, [17] so they weren't able to win the trophy. Week before the end of season, on Budućnost - OFK Titograd match, ultras of home team burned a part of north stand at Podgorica City Stadium, and the game was interrupted and registered with result 0-3. [18] But, that epilog did not have influence on final placement, as Budućnost finished on the top of the table, with better head-to-head score against OFK Titograd and Zeta.
Next season, FK Sutjeska won their third title. [19] Team from Nikšić dominated from the very beginning of championship and secured the trophy after 30 weeks. Except that, Sutjeska made a new league record with 11 games without conceded goal. They finished season with 22 points more than second-placed Budućnost.

Season 2018-19 started with the poorest performances of Montenegrin clubs in European competitions since independence. Four teams played 10 games in Champions league and Europa League qualifiers, but without any single win. During the season, FK Sutjeska and FK Budućnost have battle for champions’ title and 100th Montenegrin Derby in Nikšić was followed by huge incidents after the game, with numerous wounded ultras and policemen. [20] [21] [22] [23] Week before the end, FK Sutjeska won the title - fourth in team's history. At the same time, Nikola Rakojević became the first manager to win three titles. That was the second time in Prva CFL that one club retained the title - both times it did Sutjeska. During the same season, Mornar finished with 12 points and only one victory from 36 games, which is the all-time negative record in Prva CFL.
Season 2019-20 started with the title race between FK Budućnost and FK Sutjeska, but the championship was interrupted in March 2020, after 23 weeks, due to the coronavirus pandemic. At that time, FK Budućnost was a leader, with 11 points more than FK Sutjeska. Two months after that, Football Association of Montenegro decided that Prva CFL will be continued on 30th May and that the season will last until 28th July. [24] But, at the beginning of July, due to COVID-19 case among FK Budućnost players, Football Association of Montenegro decided to stop every official competition. Because of that, placement after 31 week was the final one. [25] Therefore, FK Budućnost became a new champion. The team from Podgorica secured the title before the final interruption, as they have 18 points more than second-placed squad. Except that, FK Sutjeska, FK Iskra and FK Zeta qualified for European competitions, too. Last-placed OFK Grbalj was directly relegated to Druga CFL and FK Kom after the playoff games against FK Jezero. [26]

Changes in league structure


FK Buducnost supporters at Montenegrin Derby game Varvari-radza.jpg
FK Budućnost supporters at Montenegrin Derby game

Main rivalry in the Montenegrin First League is between Budućnost and Sutjeska, often called as Montenegrin Derby. First edition of derby in official competitions was played at 1932, [27] and until today two clubs played derbies in the highest-tier competitions of SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia and, at the new era, in Montenegrin First League.

Other traditional rivalry is between FK Budućnost and FK Lovćen Cetinje, because two clubs are playing important games since the 1920s. That rivalry is further fuelled by the fact that Budućnost is the major club from the capital Podgorica, while Lovćen is the main club from the former royal capital, Cetinje.

During the first two seasons of Montenegrin First League, there was a strong rivalry between Budućnost and Zeta. Two clubs from the territory of the Capital Podgorica were main candidates for title at 2006-07 and 2007–08, and their match from the spring 2007 attended more than 10,000 spectators at Podgorica City Stadium. That is the highest attendance in the history of Montenegrin First League.

At seasons 2012-13 and 2013–14, there was a big local derby in Nikšić, between Sutjeska and Čelik. At that time, their matches were often attended by more than 7,000 supporters.

In the new period, there was a strong title races between Rudar and Budućnost or Sutjeska and Rudar.

Champions and top goalscorers by season


Since its inception in the 2006–07 season, six clubs have won the title. As of the culmination of the 2020–21 season, Budućnost have won 5 titles, followed by Sutjeska with 4, while Rudar and Mogren each won 2. Only Budućnost and Sutjeska managed to retain their title in the following season; furthermore, Sutjeska managed to do so twice.

League champions also won the Montenegrin Cup.
SeasonChampionsRunners upThird place
2006–07 Zeta (1) Budućnost Grbalj
2007–08 Budućnost (1) Zeta Mogren
2008–09 Mogren (1) Budućnost Sutjeska
2009–10 Rudar (1) Budućnost Mogren
2010–11 Mogren (2) Budućnost Rudar
2011–12 Budućnost (2) Rudar Zeta
2012–13 Sutjeska (1) Budućnost Čelik
2013–14 Sutjeska (2) Lovćen Čelik
2014–15 Rudar (2) Sutjeska Budućnost
2015–16 OFK Titograd (1) Budućnost Rudar
2016–17 Budućnost (3) Zeta OFK Titograd
2017–18 Sutjeska (3) Budućnost OFK Titograd
2018–19 Sutjeska (4) Budućnost Zeta
2019–20 Budućnost (4) Sutjeska Iskra
2020–21 Budućnost (5) Sutjeska Dečić

Performance by club

Budućnost has won most titles, five in total; it is the only club which finished as a champion or runner-up more than 10 times. FK Lovćen is the only team which finished as a runner-up but never won any title.

ClubCityChampionsRunners-upWinning years
FK Budućnost Podgorica
2007–08, 2011–12, 2016–17, 2019–20, 2020–21
FK Sutjeska Nikšić
2012–13, 2013–14, 2017–18, 2018–19
FK Rudar Pljevlja
2009–10, 2014–15
FK Mogren Budva
2008–09, 2010–11
FK Zeta Golubovci
OFK Titograd Podgorica
FK Lovćen Cetinje

Top scorers

Every season, best scorer of Prva CFL is awarded with Radio Montenegro Trophy.
The biggest number of goals during one single season scored Ivan Bošković (28) during the season 2009–10. In two seasons, two players were top-scorers. Žarko Korać and Admir Adrović are the only players who were top-scorers in two seasons. The majority of top scorers during the single seasons were from Budućnost (4), followed by 3 which played for Sutjeska, OFK Titograd and Zeta.

SeasonTop scorer(s)ClubGoals
2006–07 Flag of Montenegro.svg Damir Čakar
Flag of Montenegro.svg Žarko Korać
2007–08 Flag of Montenegro.svg Ivan Jablan Lovćen 13
2008–09 Flag of Montenegro.svg Fatos Bećiraj Budućnost 18
2009–10 Flag of Montenegro.svg Ivan Bošković Grbalj 28
2010–11 Flag of Montenegro.svg Ivan Vuković Budućnost 20
2011–12 Flag of Montenegro.svg Admir Adrović Budućnost 22
2012–13 Flag of Montenegro.svg Admir Adrović
Flag of Montenegro.svg Žarko Korać
2013–14 Flag of Montenegro.svg Stefan Mugoša OFK Titograd 15
2014–15 Flag of Montenegro.svg Goran Vujović Sutjeska 21
2015–16 Flag of Montenegro.svg Marko Šćepanović OFK Titograd 19
2016–17 Flag of Montenegro.svg Zoran Petrović OFK Titograd 14
2017–18 Flag of Montenegro.svg Igor Ivanović Sutjeska 14
2018–19 Flag of Montenegro.svg Nikola Krstović Zeta 17
2019–20 Flag of Montenegro.svg Marko Ćetković Sutjeska 10
2020–21 Flag of Montenegro.svg Božo Marković Sutjeska 16

Players and managers



Miroje Jovanović, with 420 appearances, is the most capped player in the history of the league. Another seven players have more than 300 appearances.

1 Flag of Montenegro.svg Miroje Jovanović OFK Titograd, Kom, Rudar, Iskra 420 2006–07 2020–21
2 Flag of Montenegro.svg Ivan Novović Zeta, OFK Titograd 408 2007–08 2020–21
3 Flag of Montenegro.svg Milan Đurišić Budućnost, OFK Titograd, Lovćen, Iskra 401 2006–07 2020–21
4 Flag of Montenegro.svg Miloš Lakić Kom, Petrovac, OFK Titograd, Lovćen, Iskra 399 2006–07 2020–21
5 Flag of Montenegro.svg Predrag Brnović Kom, Rudar, Čelik, Mornar 366 2006–07 2018–19

As of the end of 2020–21 season.
First = First season in Prva CFL; Last = Last season in Prva CFL
Sources: [28] [29] [30] [10] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38]


Since the foundation of Prva CFL, most goals in competition scored Admir Adrović. Playing for four teams, he scored overall 104 goals. Below is a list of the 5 best all-time goalscorers.

1 Flag of Montenegro.svg Admir Adrović Berane, Sutjeska, Budućnost, OFK Titograd, Dečić 104274 2006–07 2020–21
2 Flag of Montenegro.svg Ivan Vuković Budućnost, OFK Titograd, Grbalj, Iskra 93259 2006–07 2020–21
3 Flag of Montenegro.svg Žarko Korać Zeta, Grbalj 85161 2006–07 2017–18
4 Flag of Montenegro.svg Ivan Jablan Petrovac, Lovćen, Grbalj 76298 2006–07 2018–19
5 Flag of Montenegro.svg Božo Marković Sutjeska, OFK Titograd, Dečić, Mornar 76248 2009–10 2020–21

As of the end of 2020–21 season.
Clubs = Only Prva CFL teams for which every player scored at least one goal; First = Season of player's first goal in Prva CFL; Last = Season of player's last goal in Prva CFL
Sources: [28] [29] [30] [10] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38]


From the first edition of Prva CFL, many goalkeepers made runs without conceded goals during the three or more games. Below is the list of three biggest runs from 2006-07 edition until now, classified by minutes without conceded goal.

1 Flag of Montenegro.svg Vladan Giljen 2017–18 Sutjeska 1019
2 Flag of Montenegro.svg Mileta Radulović 2012–13 Grbalj 845
3 Flag of Montenegro.svg Mladen Božović 2006–07 Budućnost 795


During the history, nine managers have won the title of Montenegrin First League champions. Among them, Nikola Rakojević won three titles. Dragan Radojičić and Dejan Vukićević did it twice. Rakojević and Radojičić are the managers which won more than one title with the same team (both with FK Sutjeska).

ManagerClub(s)WinsWinning years
Flag of Montenegro.svg Nikola Rakojević OFK Titograd, Sutjeska 3 2015–16, 2017–18, 2018–19
Flag of Montenegro.svg Dragan Radojičić Sutjeska 2 2012–13, 2013–14
Flag of Montenegro.svg Dejan Vukićević Zeta, Mogren 2 2006–07, 2008–09
Flag of Serbia.svg Mladen Milinković Budućnost 2 2019–20, 2020–21
Flag of Serbia.svg Branko Babić Budućnost 1 2007–08
Flag of Montenegro.svg Miodrag Radulović Budućnost 1 2011–12
Flag of Montenegro.svg Miodrag Vukotić Budućnost 1 2016–17
Flag of Serbia.svg Nebojša Vignjević Rudar 1 2009–10
Flag of Montenegro.svg Mirko Marić Rudar 1 2014–15
Flag of Montenegro.svg Branislav Milačić Mogren 1 2010–11


Every year, Football Association of Montenegro is organising awards ceremony for best player and best manager in Montenegrin First League. Best player and manager are chosen by coaches and captains of First League members.

All time tables

Montenegrin clubs in Yugoslav First League (1946–2006)

In period from 1946 to 2006, Montenegrin clubs played in the First league of SFR Yugoslavia (1946–1992), FR Yugoslavia (1992–2001) and Serbia and Montenegro (2001–2006). Below is the list of all matches and seasons by every single club in the First league from 1946 until 2006.

Budućnost Podgorica 37 1946–47 2005–06 11523862665001274:16251424
Sutjeska Nikšić 20 1964–65 2004–05 671217136318776:1029787
Zeta Golubovci 6 2000–01 2005–06 188833471269:250283
Mogren Budva 5 1993–94 2002–03 71443591171:289167
Rudar Pljevlja 6 1994–95 2002–03 140393368129:187150
Kom Podgorica 1 2003–04 2003–04 30422421:6714
Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje 1 2005–06 2005–06 30322518:7211

Prva CFL (2006–present)

Since its inauguration in 2006–07 season, 20 clubs have played in Montenegrin First League. Clubs which played all the seasons are Budućnost, Sutjeska, Rudar, Zeta and Petrovac.

1 Budućnost Podgorica 15 2006–07 2020–21 50229712085836:3921011
2 Sutjeska Nikšić 15 2006–07 2020–21 502224136142651:466808
3 Rudar Pljevlja 15 2006–07 2020–21 502220118164624:495778
4 Zeta Golubovci 15 2006–07 2020–21 502213133156634:521771
5 Grbalj Radanovići 14 2006–07 2019–20 466165134167550:518629
6 Petrovac Petrovac 15 2006–07 2020–21 502149142201492:650589
7 Titograd Podgorica 13 2006–07 2020–21 436148120168488:516564
8 Mogren Budva 9 2006–07 2014–15 2971327393402:335469
9 Lovćen Cetinje 11 2007–08 2018–19 36612291153362:428457
10 Dečić Tuzi 11 2006–07 2020–21 36910196172325:481399
11 Iskra Danilovgrad 6 2015–16 2020–21 205706570208:218275
12 Mornar Bar 7 2009–10 2018–19 2345553126204:371217
13 Kom Podgorica 6 2006–07 2019–20 199505198178:273201
14 Bokelj Kotor 5 2007–08 2016–17 165493977154:202186
15 Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje 4 2006–07 2016–17 132253572106:221110
16 Čelik Nikšić 2 2012–13 2013–14 6630171988:63107
17 Berane Berane 4 2006–07 2014–15 132262284110:229100
18 Podgorica Podgorica 2 2019–20 2020–21 6723232173:6592
19 Jezero Plav 2 2008–09 2020–21 6921153358:9678
20 Bar Bar 1 2010–11 2010–11 337111530:4332
League or status for 2021-22 season
2021–22 Montenegrin First League
2021–22 Montenegrin Second League
2021–22 Montenegrin Third League
No longer exists

Ssn = Number of seasons; First = First season; Last = Last season; Pld = Matches played; W = Matches won; D = Matches drawn; L = Matches lost; GF = Goals for; GA = Goals against; GD = Goal difference; Pts = Points

Participants by season

Club 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Bar ----12----------
Berane 12--11-11--12------
Bokelj -10---12--8410----
Budućnost 212221243212211
Čelik ------33-------
Dečić 107119610-12-6510--3
Grbalj 344579475774610-
Iskra ---------1067538
Jedinstvo 11-12---12---12----
Jezero --10-----------5
Kom 79812-------8-9-
Lovćen -67686926911-9--
Mogren 531314101011------
Mornar ---1010-11111012--10--
Petrovac 6868957571199769
Podgorica -------------54
Rudar 455132561385877
Sutjeska 81137118112541122
Titograd 912--576941334810
Zeta 129443889826346

Relegation and promotion

At the end of every season, the last placed team are relegated to the Montenegrin Second League, while the winner of Second League is promoted to highest-rank. Additionally, another two teams from First and Second League every season are participating in the playoffs.

Directly promoted and relegated teams

Below is the list of directly promoted and relegated teams by every single season. Relegated were last-placed teams in First League, while directly promoted teams were the champions of Montenegrin Second League.

Year Arrow-down.gif Directly relegated Arrow-up.gif Directly promoted
2007 FK Berane FK Lovćen
2008 OFK Titograd FK Jezero
2009 FK Jedinstvo FK Berane
2010 FK Kom OFK Titograd
2011 OFK Bar FK Bokelj
2012 FK Bokelj FK Čelik
2013 FK Jedinstvo FK Dečić
2014 FK Dečić FK Bokelj
2015 FK Berane FK Iskra
2016 FK Mornar FK Jedinstvo
2017 FK Jedinstvo FK Kom
2018 FK Dečić FK Mornar
2019 FK Mornar FK Podgorica
2020 OFK Grbalj FK Dečić
2021 OFK Titograd FK Mornar


Montenegrin First League playoffs is a two legs tournament between the teams from Montenegrin First League which above direct relegation, and the teams from Montenegrin Second League which below the direct promotion. Below is the list of playoffs participants by every single season.

Playoffs winners.
SeasonFirst League Participants Second League Participants
2007 FK Dečić FK Jedinstvo FK Bokelj FK Ibar
2008 FK Sutjeska FK Bokelj FK Jedinstvo FK Čelik
2009 FK Dečić FK Jezero FK Mornar OFK Titograd
2010 FK Berane FK Mornar FK Bratstvo OFK Bar
2011 FK Sutjeska FK Mornar FK Berane FK Jedinstvo
2012 FK Dečić FK Berane FK Mornar FK Jedinstvo
2013 FK Mogren FK Mornar FK Bokelj FK Zabjelo
2014 FK Mogren FK Mornar FK Berane FK Jezero
2015 FK Mornar FK Mogren FK Dečić OFK Igalo
2016 FK Iskra OFK Petrovac FK Cetinje FK Bratstvo
2017 OFK Petrovac FK Rudar FK Otrant FK Ibar
2018 FK Kom OFK Petrovac FK Podgorica FK Lovćen
2019 FK Rudar FK Lovćen FK Kom FK Bokelj
2020 OFK Titograd FK Kom FK Jezero FK Bokelj
2021 FK Iskra OFK Petrovac FK Arsenal FK Igalo

Records and statistics


Records by seasons


Single game


Attendance by season

2006–07 1,178229,80019510,000 Budućnost (2,470) Petrovac (477)
2007–08 1,064205,4001939,000 Budućnost (4,250) OFK Titograd (281)
2008–09 1,101216,8501976,000 Budućnost (4,117) Petrovac (364)
2009–10 1,105215,5501958,000 Budućnost (2,623) Kom (297)
2010–11 851167,6001974,000 Budućnost (2,058) Grbalj (335)
2011–12 873169,3501945,000 Budućnost (2,607) Petrovac (276)
2012–13 871165,4001907,000 Sutjeska (2,529) Petrovac (281)
2013–14 746143,3001924,500 Sutjeska (2,230) Grbalj (313)
2014–15 656127,1501944,000 Rudar (1,512) Mogren (256)
2015–16 693137,1501984,000 Budućnost (1,195) Grbalj (288)
2016–17 883171,3001945,000 Budućnost (2,015) Grbalj (354)
2017–18 707123,8001754,000 Rudar (1,233) Grbalj (283)
2018–19 51392,3001803,500 Budućnost (1,067) Mornar (206)
2019–20 58066,7001153,000 Budućnost (1,050) Grbalj (259)
2020–21 Without attendance due to the coronavirus pandemic
2021–22 463 [52] 11,100241,000 Dečić (567) Jezero (150)

M = Number of matches (only matches with spectators counted); H = Highest attendance on one match; CH = Club with highest average attendance; CL = Club with lowest average attendance

Current season (2021–22)

The 2021–22 Montenegrin First League is the 16th season of top-tier football in Montenegro. FK Budućnost are the defending champions. The season will begin at 24th July 2021 and will end in May 2022. At the end of season, last-placed team will directly be relegated, and 9th and 8th club from the table will participate in playoffs.
The following 10 clubs compete in First League 2021-22.

in 2020–21
Seasons in
top division
First season in
top division
Budućnost Podgorica 19251st531946–47 Stadion pod Goricom (15,230)Yes
Dečić Tuzi 19263rd122006–07 Stadion Tuško Polje (2,000)Yes
Iskra Danilovgrad 19198th72015–16 Braća Velašević Stadium (2,500)Yes
Jezero Plav 19345th32008–09 Stadion Pod Racinom (2,500)No
Mornar Bar 192382009–10 Stadion Topolica (2,500)Yes
Petrovac Petrovac 19699th162006–07 Stadion pod Malim brdom (1,630)Yes
Podgorica Podgorica 19704th32019–20 DG Arena (4,300)Yes
Rudar Pljevlja 19207th221993–94 Stadion pod Golubinjom (5,140)Yes
Sutjeska Nikšić 19202nd361964–65 Stadion kraj Bistrice (5,214)Yes
Zeta Golubovci 19276th222000–01 Stadion Trešnjica (4,000)Yes

Seasons in top division - including the season 2021-22.

Montenegrin clubs in European football competitions


Montenegrin football clubs have played in three UEFA competitions - the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League (formerly UEFA Cup) and Intertoto Cup.
Champions of Montenegro have never played in the group-phase of UEFA Champions League, and the most successful in the qualifiers was FK Zeta Golubovci in the 2007-08 season and FK Sutjeska Nikšić in 2019-20.
FK Zeta had the best performances in the UEFA Europe League: reaching the playoffs, and OFK Titograd, FK Budućnost and FK Sutjeska which played in Round 3. The most successful in the Intertoto Cup was Budućnost, which was among the winners during the 1981 season.
Below is a table with Montenegrin clubs' scores in UEFA competitions.

FK Budućnost Podgorica
OFK Titograd
FK Zeta Golubovci
FK Mogren Budva
FK Sutjeska Nikšić
FK Rudar Pljevlja
OFK Grbalj Radanovići
OFK Petrovac
FK Čelik Nikšić
FK Iskra Danilovgrad
FK Lovćen Cetinje
FK Bokelj Kotor

As of the end of UEFA competitions 2020–21 season.

Except the official UEFA competitions, teams from Montenegro represented SFR Yugoslavia in the Balkans Cup, former regional football competition (1960-1994). Teams from Montenegro which played in Balkans Cup were FK Budućnost Podgorica and FK Sutjeska Nikšić. Biggest success made FK Budućnost, who played in the final 1991, after eliminated Galatasaray SK.

UEFA Rankings

UEFA Country Ranking for league participation in 2019–20 European football season (Previous year rank in italics)


Podgorica City Stadium (11,264) MontenegrinFans2.jpg
Podgorica City Stadium (11,264)

Prva CFL has been played in 20 stadiums since its first edition. The biggest stadium, used by FK Budućnost, is Podgorica City Stadium. It is the only stadium whose capacity is more than 10,000 seats. There are four other stadiums with a capacity of more than 5,000 seats, while five stadiums meet UEFA criteria - Podgorica City Stadium, Stadium in Nikšić, Sveti Petar Cetinjski, DG Arena and Stadium in Petrovac. Below is the list of stadiums on which members of Prva CFL have played from season 2006-07 until now.

Logo and sponsorships

Official logo and equipment

Since establishment, the Montenegrin First League has had two official logos.
The first logo was presented in 2006. Rebranding of the league came in 2018, together with the new logos of the Montenegrin Cup, Montenegrin Second League and youth leagues. [53]
The official ball of the competition is produced under the Derbystar brand, while the official equipment of referees is a product of Legea.


Name of the competition

Since foundation, the main sponsor of Montenegrin First League has been Montenegrin 'Telekom' which operates under the T-Com / T-Mobile brand.

Broadcasting rights

Since foundation of the competition, official broadcaster of First Montenegrin League matches is national television of Montenegro - RTCG. Matches of 1. CFL are directly broadcasting at RTCG channel 2, with most important matches on satellite programming.
From season 2017-18, broadcaster of matches is regional group Arena Sport. Every weekend, one game is broadcast live on Arena Sport channel. [54]
Since season 2018-19, some games of Prva CFL are broadcast by cable-network channel MNE Sport TV.[ citation needed ]

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FK Budućnost Podgorica Football club

Fudbalski Klub Budućnost Podgorica is a Montenegrin football club from Podgorica, Montenegro. It is competing in the Montenegrin First League. Its colours are blue and white.

Montenegrin Second League Football league

The Montenegrin Second League is the second-top football league in Montenegro. It is headed by the Football Association of Montenegro. Second Montenegrin League consists of 10 participants. The top team qualifies for the First League of Montenegro, the second and third one contest in a playoff match against the 8th and 9th team from the First League, while the bottom-placed two teams are relegated to any of the three third-tier leagues, to be replaced by the two winners of a three-way promotion playoffs, contested by the winners of the three Third League divisions.

FK Lovćen Football club

Fudbalski klub Lovćen Cetinje is a football club based in Cetinje, Montenegro. It was founded on 20 June 1913. It was named after Mount Lovćen near Cetinje. Lovćen is the oldest football club in Montenegro and one of the oldest in Southeastern Europe. Today, Lovćen is a member of Montenegrin Third League. FK Lovćen is a part of Lovćen Cetinje sports society.

Fudbalski klub Zabjelo is a Montenegrin football club based in Zabjelo, a suburb of Podgorica. They currently compete in the Montenegrin Third League.

The Montenegrin Cup is the national football cup played in Montenegro, established in 2006. The winner of the cup is awarded a spot in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League if they have not already gained a spot in the UEFA Champions League.
Most successful participant until now was FK Rudar with four titles, followed by FK Budućnost with three and OFK Titograd who won it twice.

The 2008–09 Montenegrin First League was the third season of the top-tier football in Montenegro. The season began on 9 August 2008 and ended on 30 May 2009. The defending champions are Budućnost Podgorica.

The 2009–10 Montenegrin First League was the fourth season of the top-tier football in Montenegro. The season began on 7 August 2009 and ended on 29 May 2010. Mogren Budva are the defending champions.

The 2012–13 Montenegrin First League was the seventh season of the top-tier football in Montenegro. The season began on 11 August 2012 and ended on 1 June 2013. The mid-season winter break began on 2 December 2012 and ended on 7 March 2013. FK Budućnost Podgorica are the defending champions.

Igor Ivanović is a Montenegrin professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Montenegrin club Budućnost.

The 2015–16 Montenegrin Cup is the 10 season of the Montenegrin knockout football tournament. The winner of the tournament received a berth in the first qualifying round of the 2016–17 UEFA Europa League. The defending champions are Mladost, who beat Petrovac in the final of the last competition. The competition will feature 30 teams. It started on 16 September 2015 and ended with the final on 2 June 2016.

The 2016–17 Montenegrin First League was the eleventh season of the top-tier football in Montenegro. Mladost Podgorica are the defending champions. The season began on 6 August 2016 and ended on 27 May 2017; the relegation play-offs will follow.

Before the independence of Montenegro, football clubs from that country played in different competitions. From 1945 to 2006, Montenegrin club played in the leagues of SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia and the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

The 2016–17 Montenegrin Cup is the 11 season of the Montenegrin knockout football tournament. The winner of the tournament received a berth in the first qualifying round of the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League. The defending champions are Rudar, who beat Budućnost in the final of the last competition. The competition featured 30 teams. It started on 20 September 2016 and ended with the final on May 2017.

The 2017–18 Montenegrin First League was the 12th season of the top-tier football in Montenegro. The season began on 5 August 2017 and ended on 26 May 2018. Budućnost Podgorica are the defending champions.

The 2017–18 Montenegrin Cup was the 11th season of the knockout football tournament in Montenegro. This competition began on 23 August 2017 and ended on 30 May 2018. The winners of the competition earned a spot in the 2018–19 UEFA Europa League.

The 2018–19 Montenegrin First League was the 13th season of the top-tier association football in Montenegro. The season began on 3 August 2018 and ended on 25 May 2019. Sutjeska Nikšić were the defending champions.

The 2018–19 Montenegrin Cup was the 12th edition of the football tournament in Montenegro. The cup began on 28 August 2018 and ended on 30 May 2019. The winners of this competition earned a place in the UEFA Europa League.

The 2019–20 Montenegrin First League was the 14th season of the top-tier association football in Montenegro. The season began on 3 August 2019 and ended on 30 June 2020. The league winners qualified for a place in the 2020–21 UEFA Champions League.

The 2019–20 Montenegrin Cup was the 14th year of the knockout football tournament in Montenegro. The cup began on 28 August 2019, but wasn't finished due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 2020–21 Montenegrin First League was the 15th season of the top-tier association football in Montenegro. The season began on 14 August 2020 and ended on 25 May 2021. The league winners qualified for a place in the 2021–22 UEFA Champions League.
Budućnost were the defending champions after winning the league in the previous season.


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