Montenegrin Republic League

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Montenegrin Republic League
Coat of Arms of the Socialist Republic of Montenegro.svg
Founded1946;74 years ago (1946)
Country SR Montenegro, SFR Yugoslavia
Confederation UEFA
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to Yugoslav Second League
Domestic cup(s) Montenegrin Republic Cup Yugoslav Cup
Last champions Berane
Most championships OFK Titograd (12 titles)

Montenegrin Republic League (Montenegrin: Crnogorska republička liga / Црногорска републичка лига) was the third tier football league of SFR Yugoslavia. The top clubs were promoted to Yugoslav Second League.



Founded in spring 1946, Montenegrin Republic League was the oldest football competition in Montenegro after WWII. [1] It existed 60 years, and most of the time it was the third tier of competition (after First League and Second League). In inaugural season (1946) in Montenegrin Republic League played only four clubs - FK Budućnost, FK Lovćen, FK Sutjeska and FK Arsenal. [2]
During its existence, Montenegrin Republic League was organised by Football Association of Montenegro.
Number of participants was different - from four (1946) to 18 during the nineties.
Except that, another competition on republic level, which existed from 1946 to 2006 was Montenegrin Republic Cup.

Levels on pyramid

While existed, Montenegrin Republic League was not always been third level of competition. It started as a Montenegrin qualifiers for inaugural season of Yugoslav First League. During three seasons (1946-47, 1952 and 1953) it was the second-tier competition in SFR Yugoslavia football system, and during the five years the competition have role of fourth level on pyramid.

1946 I 1950 IV 1953-1988III
1946-1947 II 1951 III1988-1992IV
1947-1949 III 1952-1953 II1992-2006III

Winners and seasons


During the six decades, 18 different clubs won the champions title in Montenegrin Republic League.
Most titles won OFK Titograd (12), FK Lovćen (9) and FK Bokelj (8). Except them, eight other teams won more than one champions’ title.
Below is a list of champions of Montenegrin Republic League, by number of titles.

ClubCityChampionsRunners-upWinning years
Titograd Podgorica
1958/59, 1960/61, 1961/62, 1963/64, 1966/67, 1967/68, 1974/75, 1978/79, 1983/84, 1986/87, 1990/91, 1998/99
Lovćen Cetinje
1959/60, 1962/63, 1964/65, 1973/74, 1979/80, 1981/82, 1984/85, 1989/90, 1992/93
Bokelj Kotor
1947/48, 1950, 1953/54, 1955/56, 1956/57, 1970/71, 1985/86, 1987/88
Iskra Danilovgrad
1969/70, 1972/73, 1993/94, 1999/00
Sutjeska Nikšić
1946/47, 1948/49, 1954/55, 1976/77
Berane Berane
1951, 1982/83, 1996/97, 2005/06
Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje
1971/72, 1975/76, 1977/78
Mornar Bar
1988/89, 1994/95, 2000/01
Budućnost Podgorica
1946, 1952, 1953
Rudar Pljevlja
1957/58, 1965/66
Kom Podgorica
1991/92, 2001/02
Zeta Golubovci
Zora Spuž
Igalo Igalo
Dečić Tuzi
Zabjelo Podgorica
Mogren Budva
Grbalj Radanovići


From 1946 to 2006, there was 61 seasons of Montenegrin Republic League. Below is the list of winners, runners-up and third-placed teams by every single season. In the number of clubs on higher level are counted all Montenegrin teams which played in Yugoslav First League, Yugoslav Second League or Yugoslav Third League at the time.

Key to list of winners
Double-dagger-14-plain.pngWinning team won The Double a
SeasonFirst placeSecond placeThird placeHigher b
1946 FK Budućnost FK Lovćen FK Sutjeska
1946/47 FK Sutjeska FK Bokelj FK Lovćen
1947/48 FK Bokelj FK Lovćen FK Rudar
1948/49 FK Sutjeska FK Lovćen FK Rudar
1950 FK Bokelj FK Arsenal FK Rudar
1951 FK Berane FK Sutjeska FK Jedinstvo
1952 FK Budućnost FK Sutjeska FK Lovćen
1953 FK Budućnost FK Lovćen FK Berane
1953/54 FK Bokelj FK Sutjeska FK Arsenal
1954/55 FK Sutjeska OFK Titograd FK Radnički Nikšić
1955/56 FK Bokelj FK Iskra FK Gorštak
1956/57 FK Bokelj FK Rudar FK Javorak
1957/58 FK Rudar FK Zora FK Gorštak
1958/59 OFK Titograd FK Arsenal FK Rudar
1959/60 FK Lovćen FK Iskra FK Jedinstvo
1960/61 OFK Titograd FK Jedinstvo FK Bokelj
1961/62 OFK Titograd FK Bokelj FK Rudar
1962/63 FK Lovćen FK Jedinstvo FK Rudar
1963/64 OFK Titograd FK Lovćen FK Rudar
1964/65 FK Lovćen OFK Titograd FK Bokelj
1965/66 FK Rudar OFK Titograd FK Jedinstvo
1966/67 OFK Titograd FK Rudar FK Jedinstvo
1967/68 OFK Titograd FK Čelik FK Jedinstvo
1968/69 FK Zabjelo FK Rudar FK Arsenal
1969/70 FK Iskra FK Bokelj FK Mornar
1970/71 FK Bokelj FK Rudar FK Arsenal
1971/72 FK Jedinstvo FK Rudar FK Arsenal
1972/73 FK Iskra OFK Petrovac FK Grafičar
1973/74 FK Lovćen FK Jedinstvo FK Zeta
1974/75 OFK Titograd FK Zeta FK Grafičar
1975/76 FK Jedinstvo FK Zeta FK Mogren
1976/77 FK Sutjeska OFK Titograd OFK Petrovac
1977/78 FK Jedinstvo OFK Petrovac OFK Titograd
1978/79 OFK Titograd FK Iskra FK Lovćen
1979/80 FK Lovćen FK Tekstilac FK Rudar
1980/81 FK Mogren FK Titeks FK Čelik
1981/82 FK Lovćen FK Čelik FK Zeta
1982/83 FK Berane FK Zeta FK Rudar
1983/84 OFK Titograd FK Zeta FK Bokelj
1984/85 FK Lovćen FK Čelik FK Bokelj
1985/86 FK Bokelj OFK Igalo FK Zeta
1986/87 OFK Titograd OFK Igalo FK Jedinstvo
1987/88 FK Bokelj FK Jedinstvo FK Lovćen
1988/89 FK Mornar FK Luka Bar FK Dečić
1989/90 FK Lovćen FK Dečić FK Kom
1990/91 OFK Titograd FK Ribnica FK Kom
1991/92 FK Kom FK Iskra FK Čelik
1992/93 FK Lovćen FK Kom FK Luka Bar
1993/94 FK Iskra FK Mornar OFK Titograd
1994/95 FK Mornar OFK Titograd FK Kom
1995/96 OFK Igalo FK Čelik OFK Titograd
1996/97 FK Berane FK Ibar FK Lovćen
1997/98 FK Zeta FK Lovćen FK Zabjelo
1998/99 OFK Titograd FK Jedinstvo OFK Grbalj
1999/00 FK Iskra FK Zabjelo FK Crvena Stijena
2000/01 FK Mornar OFK Petrovac FK Ribnica
2001/02 FK Kom FK Jezero OFK Grbalj
2002/03 OFK Grbalj FK Zora FK Crvena Stijena
2003/04 FK Dečić FK Lovćen FK Crvena Stijena
2004/05 FK Zora FK Gusinje FK Iskra
2005/06 FK Berane OFK Titograd FK Ibar

^a Double = winner of Montenegrin Republic League and Montenegrin Republic Cup during the same season
^b Number of Montenegrin clubs which played on higher level (Yugoslav First League, Yugoslav Second League, Yugoslav Third League)

Records and statistics

All-time records

Note: Records are counted only for seasons with 10 or more participants
Sources: [3] [4] [5] [6]

Relegation and promotion

Higher tier

During the most time, higher level of competition was Yugoslav Second League or Second League of FR Yugoslavia. Exceptions are three seasons when participants of Montenegrin Republic League gained promotion in Yugoslav First League or in the qualifiers for the top-flight, and five seasons when members of Republic League went to Yugoslav Third League.

Lower tier

Since 1968, Montenegrin regional league system was founded as official competition of fourth-tier. League was structured through three groups - Central (Srednja regija), South (Južna regija) and North (Sjeverna regija). [7] [8] [9] Winners of each group gained promotion to Montenegrin Republic League. From the other side, since 1968, three worst-placed members of Montenegrin Republic League were relegated to regional system, while the group depended from their geographical position.
Same structure is kept in the competition of Montenegrin Third League since 2006.

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The Montenegrin Cup is the national football cup played in Montenegro, established in 2006. The winner of the cup is awarded a spot in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League if they have not already gained a spot in the UEFA Champions League.
Most successful participant until now was FK Rudar with four titles, followed by FK Budućnost and OFK Titograd who won it twice.

FK Polimlje Murino

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Before the independence of Montenegro, football clubs from that country played in different competitions. From 1945 to 2006, Montenegrin club played in the leagues of SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia and the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

The 1950 Montenegrin Republic League was fifth season of Montenegrin Republic League. Following changes of competition calendar from Football Association of Yugoslavia, the season began in March 1950 and ended in October same year.

The 1952 Montenegrin Republic League was seventh season of Montenegrin Republic League. Season began in March 1952 and ended in June same year.

The 1953 Montenegrin Republic League was 8th season of Montenegrin Republic League. Season began in March 1953 and ended in June same year.

The 1955–56 Montenegrin Republic League was 11th season of Montenegrin Republic League. Season began in March 1956 and ended in May same year.

The 1961–62 Montenegrin Republic League was 17th season of Montenegrin Republic League. For the first time after the season 1954–55 competition was unified, without final tournaments and zones as qualifying phase. Season started in August 1961 and finished in May 1962.

The 1968–69 Montenegrin Republic League was 24th season of Montenegrin Republic League. Season started in August 1968 and finished in May 1969.

The 1973–74 Montenegrin Republic League was the 29th season of Montenegrin Republic League. Season started in August 1973 and finished in June 1974.

The 1977–78 Montenegrin Republic League was the 33rd season of Montenegrin Republic League, the third tier of the Yugoslav football league system. The season started in August 1977 and finished in May 1978 with Jedinstvo being champions.

The 1979–80 Montenegrin Republic League was 35th season of Montenegrin Republic League. Season started in August 1979 and finished in May 1980.

The 1980–81 Montenegrin Republic League was 36th season of Montenegrin Republic League. Season started in August 1980 and finished in May 1981.


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