Montenegrin Second League

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Montenegrin Second League
CountryFlag of Montenegro.svg  Montenegro
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams10
Level on pyramid2
Promotion to Montenegrin First League
Relegation to Montenegrin Third League
Domestic cup(s) Montenegrin Cup
Current champions Mornar
Most championships Bokelj, Dečić, Mornar (2 titles)
TV partners RTCG, MNE Sport TV
Current: 2020–21 season

The Montenegrin Second League (Montenegrin: Druga crnogorska fudbalska ligaDruga CFL2. CFL) is the second-top football league in Montenegro. It is headed by the Football Association of Montenegro. Second Montenegrin League consists of 10 participants. The top team qualifies for the First League of Montenegro, the second and third one contest in a playoff match against the 8th and 9th team from the First League, while the bottom-placed two teams are relegated to any of the three third-tier leagues, to be replaced by the two winners of a three-way promotion playoffs, contested by the winners of the three Third League divisions.



Before independence

During the existence of SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro, from 1947 to 2006, Montenegrin clubs played in federal leagues. Among them, as a second-tier competitions, were Yugoslav Second League (1947-1992), Second League of FR Yugoslavia (1992-2001) and Second League of Serbia and Montenegro (2001-2006).
Overall, 25 different Montenegrin teams played in Yugoslav Second League from 1947 to 2006. Most seasons in second-tier spent FK Sutjeska (30), followed by FK Lovćen (27) and OFK Titograd (24).

After independence

Following Montenegrin independence referendum (2006), Football Association of Montenegro established their own competitions - First League, Second League and Third League.


On inaugural season 2006-07, members of Second League became three teams from Serbia and Montenegro Second League previous season and nine from third-tier competition (Montenegrin Republic League).
Winner of the first season was Lovćen who won the title after the hard struggle with Ibar and Bokelj. Notable game from the season, Ibar - Lovćen (0:1), played in front od 4,000 spectators, finished with crowd disturbances. At the end of the season, Lovćen gained directly promotion to Prva CFL, while Bokelj won the playoff games against Jedinstvo. Ibar didn't succeed to gain promotion to Prva CFL.
Next year, the title and directly promotion to highest rank surprisingly gained FK Jezero, with four points more than Čelik. In the First League playoffs, Čelik didn't succeed against their city rivals from Sutjeska in two games which watched 17,000 spectators overall (0:0, 0:1). But, third-placed FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje made success in playoff games against Bokelj (1:0, 0:0) and made a comeback to First League.
Second League winner for season 2008–09 was Berane, while in the playoffs participated OFK Titograd and Mornar. OFK Titograd lost against FK Dečić, but Mornar made historical success with their first-ever promotion to Prva CFL after the games against Jezero (2:1, 0:0). During the season 2008-09, Otrant scored 12 goals on the match against Ribnica (12:2), which is the all-time record in Montenegrin Second League.
Title for 2009-10 season won OFK Titograd, who made comeback to First League after two seasons. Second-placed OFK Bar made a surprisingly success in playoffs against Berane after the penalties and made their first and last promotion to Prva CFL. Third-placed Bratstvo from Podgorica outskirts lost in playoffs against another team from Bar - Mornar (0:1, 1:2).
Bokelj dominated on season 2010-11, finishing first with 24 points more than second-placed team. After the playoff games, promotion to First League gained Berane, too, while Jedinstvo, which won the second-place, remained in Second League after unsuccessful playoff performances against Sutjeska.
Next year, Second League title won Čelik from Nikšić, with score of 80 points. Except first-ever promotion to the First League in their history, Čelik made notable success in 2011–12 Montenegrin Cup during the same season. They became the first member of Second League which played in the finals and won the national Cup. In final game, played in Podgorica City Stadium, Čelik defeated First-League side Rudar - 2:1. Except that, for the first and so far last time in the history, both representatives of Second League won their games in First League payoffs. Second-placed Mornar eliminated Berane (2:1, 3:0), while third-placed Jedinstvo won against Dečić (0:0, 1:0). So, after the season 2011-12, three teams from Second League moved to First League.
Former elite-member Dečić won the title on season 2012-13 and made a comeback to Prva CFL. Second and third placed Bokelj and Zabjelo lost their games in the playoffs, so only Dečić made a promotion to highest rank. At the beginning of the season, OFK Bar withdraw due to financial difficulties, so the championship had 11 members.
After the edition 2013-14, Bokelj and Berane became a members of Prva CFL - Bokelj as title winner and Berane after the playoff games. During that season, on game Zabjelo - Zora (5-0), player Bojan Kopitović scored five goals, which is the all-time record in Montenegrin Second League.
On season 2014-15, title race between Iskra and Dečić lasted until the end of championship. With two points more than their main opponents, Iskra finished first and made their first-ever promotion to the highest-level competition. But, Dečić gained promotion to Prva CFL too, after the playoff games against former national champions Mogren (2-1; 5-0).
Next year, Jedinstvo became a champion. They won the title race with biggest surprise of championship - Cetinje, while the third finished Bratstvo. But, only Jedinstvo gained promotion. Performances of Cetinje and Bratstvo in playoffs were unsuccessful. That season had 11 members, because Mogren withdraw due to financial troubles before the start of competition.


On season 2016-17, Kom secured a promotion to Prva CFL after seven years spent in lowest-level competitions. Team from Podgorica outskirts won the first place, while Ibar and Otrant finished second and third, but without promotion.
Montenegrin Second League 2017-18 finished with success of Mornar who won the first place and direct place in Prva CFL 2018-19. Third-placed Lovćen gained promotion after the playoffs against First-League side Kom (1-0; 0-0), while the newcomer in Second League FK Podgorica, who finished second, lost their playoff games. During the same season, last-placed Čelik made few negative-records at that time. Team which once won the Montenegrin Cup and played in UEFA Europe League finished season with only 8 points, 2 wins, 28 losses, longest run without win (20 games) and one of highest loses in the history of Second League ( Bokelj - Čelik 10-0).
Next year, four weeks before the end of competition, FK Podgorica secured the title and their first ever promotion to the top flight. At the same time, Kom and Bokelj, as a second and third placed, participated in the playoffs for First League. As a two last placed teams, Igalo and Berane were relegated to Montenegrin Third League.
Season 2019-20 was interrupted after 30 weeks, due to the coronavirus pandemic. [1] Therefore, Dečić, who had 10 points more than second-placed Jezero, gained direct promotion to Prva CFL. As Football Association of Montenegro decided, runner-up and third-placed squad at the moment of disruption (Jezero and Bokelj), participated in the playoffs for Prva CFL. While FK Jezero gained promotion to Prva CFL, FK Bokelj was eliminated after the penalties against OFK Titograd. [2] From the other side, two worst-placed teams (Lovćen and Otrant) were relegated. That was the first time in the history when FK Lovćen, the oldest Montenegrin club, went to the bottom-tier. Except that, team from Cetinje was relegated to Montenegrin Third League only one year after they played in Prva CFL and in the final game of Montenegrin Cup.
Mornar won the title on season 2020-21 and secured comeback to top-tier after two consecutive seasons in Second League. Second and third placed Arsenal and Igalo didn't succeed to gain promotion via playoffs, as they were defeated against Iskra and OFK Petrovac. Two last-placed teams - Ibar and Drezga were relegated to Third League, both after two consecutive seasons spent in second-tier. During the season, Mornar made one of the all-time biggest victories in the history of competition, against Drezga (10-0).

Relegation and promotion

At the end of every season, champion of Second League is directly promoted to First League, while last placed member of First League is moving to second-tier competition. Except that, second and third placed teams from Second League are participating in First League playoffs. Their opponents are 8th and 9th team from the First League.
From the other side, two last placed teams are directly relegated to Montenegrin Third League. At the end of the season, winners of three Third League groups are participating in playoffs for Second League promotion. Two best placed teams from playoffs are gaining promotion to Montenegrin Second League.

Changes in league structure

In period 2006–2018, Montenegrin Second League consisted of 12 participants. From 2018–19 season, the number of participants is reduced to 10, with 36 week-long competition.

Champions and top goalscorers by season


From season 2006-07, 12 different clubs won the title in Montenegrin Second League. FK Bokelj and FK Dečić are the only two clubs which had won the title twice.

Promoted to Prva CFL directly or via playoffs
SeasonChampionsRunners upThird place
2006–07 Lovćen Bokelj Ibar
2007–08 Jezero Čelik Jedinstvo
2008–09 Berane Titograd Mornar
2009–10 Titograd Bar Bratstvo
2010–11 Bokelj Berane Jedinstvo
2011–12 Čelik Mornar Jedinstvo
2012–13 Dečić Bokelj Zabjelo
2013–14 Bokelj Berane Jezero
2014–15 Iskra Dečić Igalo
2015–16 Jedinstvo Cetinje Bratstvo
2016–17 Kom Ibar Otrant
2017–18 Mornar Podgorica Lovćen
2018–19 Podgorica Kom Bokelj
2019–20 Dečić Jezero Bokelj
2020–21 Mornar Arsenal Igalo

Top scorers

During the history, the biggest number of goals during the single season scored FK Podgorica's attacker Elie Matuoke (23), during the season 2017–18. Until now, he is the only foreign player to become a topscorer in any of two highest Montenegrin football leagues.

SeasonTop scorer(s)ClubGoals
2009–10 Flag of Montenegro.svg Darko Nikač Titograd 20
2010–11 Flag of Montenegro.svg Vladan Radović Berane 13
2011–12 Flag of Montenegro.svg Damir Alković Zabjelo 22
2012–13 Flag of Montenegro.svg Vule Vujačić Dečić 18
2013–14 Flag of Montenegro.svg Miloš Rašović Zabjelo 16
2014–15 Flag of Montenegro.svg Sava Gardašević Dečić 19
2015–16 Flag of Montenegro.svg Danin Talović Jezero 12
2016–17 Flag of Montenegro.svg Stefan Milošević Kom 20
2017–18 Flag of Cameroon.svg Elie Matuoke Podgorica 23
2018–19 Flag of Montenegro.svg Dejan Pepić Bokelj 16
2019–20 Flag of Montenegro.svg Siniša Stanisavić Ibar 14
2020–21 Flag of Montenegro.svg Nikola Globarević
Flag of Montenegro.svg Nino Vukmarković

All time tables


Montenegrin Second League is existing as a competition under the national football association of Montenegro from the season 2006–07. Overall, 31 different clubs participated in the Montenegrin Second League. FK Ibar and FK Jezero are the teams which played the biggest number of seasons in Second League.
Below is the list of all matches and seasons by every single slub in Montenegrin Second League from 2006 until now. For the previous period and Montenegrin clubs which participated in the Yugoslav Second League, see Montenegrin clubs in Yugoslav football competitions (1946–2006).

Ibar Rožaje 14 2006–07 2020–21 453167112174500:525613
Bokelj Kotor 10 2006–07 2020–21 3301599675473:248573
Jezero Plav 13 2006–07 2020–21 390153109158439:474568
Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje 11 2007–08 2019–20 36315299112446:339555
Berane Berane 10 2007–08 2020–21 32713669122460:423473
Bratstvo Cijevna 11 2006–07 2016–17 35412684144417:443462
Igalo Igalo 8 2011–12 2020–21 29410582107324:299397
Zabjelo Podgorica 9 2006–07 2014–15 29410279113345:366385
Mornar Bar 7 2006–07 2020–21 2281066557306:192383
Kom Podgorica 8 2010–11 2020–21 2641037190323:281380
Arsenal Tivat 9 2006–07 2020–21 2979881118301:347375
Otrant Ulcinj 8 2007–08 2019–20 2519067104315:332337
Čelik Nikšić 8 2006–07 2017–18 2619647118292:352335
Dečić Tuzi 4 2012–13 2019–20 129712929205:119241
Cetinje Cetinje 5 2013–14 2017–18 159512979160:252182
Iskra Danilovgrad 4 2010–11 2014–15 129482952149:170173
Lovćen Cetinje 3 2006–07 2019–20 96442725136:95159
Crvena Stijena Podgorica 4 2006–07 2009–10 132403557108:147155
Titograd Podgorica 2 2008–09 2009–10 66411411142:60137
Podgorica Podgorica 2 2017–18 2018–19 69381417118:67128
Zora Spuž 3 2006–07 2013–14 9631204592:119113
Radnički Berane 3 2014–15 2016–17 93282342118:141107
Bar Bar 2 2009–10 2011–12 6630152184:64105
Gusinje Gusinje 3 2006–07 2009–10 9922265174:15492
Drezga Piperi 2 2019–20 2020–21 6615143761:12458
Grbalj Radanovići 1 2020–21 2020–21 361261836:4542
Grafičar Podgorica 1 2015–16 2015–16 301041637:4134
Brskovo Mojkovac 1 2015–16 2015–16 305141123:3529
Pljevlja Pljevlja 1 2010–11 2010–11 335101826:5025
Tekstilac Bijelo Polje 1 2007–08 2007–08 33662120:5824
Petnjica Petnjica 1 2011–12 2011–12 33332715:7812
Ribnica Podgorica 1 2008–09 2008–09 33242716:8210
League or status for 2021-22 season
2021–22 Montenegrin First League
2021–22 Montenegrin Second League
2021–22 Montenegrin Third League
No longer exists

Ssn = Number of seasons; Pld = Matches played; W = Matches won; D = Matches drawn; L = Matches lost; GD = Goal difference; Pts = Points;

Participants by season

Club 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Arsenal 5911---10512---562
Bar ---2-8---------
Berane -41-3-72-56610-7
Bokelj 2-641-21---4335
Bratstvo 77734541110311----
Brskovo ---------11-----
Cetinje -------772711---
Crvena Stijena 88811-----------
Čelik 10210881----912---
Dečić ------1-2---81-
Drezga -------------810
Grafičar ---------7-----
Grbalj --------------8
Gusinje 611-12-----------
Ibar 355971081098210-59
Igalo -----65939889-3
Iskra ----5911-1------
Jedinstvo -3-623-851-7646
Jezero 91-797638105972-
Kom ----611-6661-2-4
Lovćen 1----------3-9-
Podgorica -----------21--
Mornar 11-3--2----41-71
Otrant -1041011-----35410-
Petnjica -----12---------
Pljevlja ----12----------
Radnički --------4410----
Ribnica --12------------
Tekstilac -12-------------
Titograd --21-----------
Zabjelo 469510431211------
Zora 12-----94-------

Records And Statistics

Records by seasons


Single game

Attendance by season

2006–07 48594,6201954,000 Ibar (1,524) Bratstvo (128)
2007–08 579113,5501963,000 Jezero (1,935) Bratstvo (144)
2008–09 33165,5001982,000 Ibar (765) Bratstvo (128)
2009–10 35670,4501981,500 Jezero (738) Zabjelo (166)
2010–11 50798,9501952,000 Ibar (1,207) Zabjelo (163)
2011–12 36771,6501952,000 Čelik (729) Bratstvo (159)
2012–13 31952,6001651,500 Jezero (647) Iskra (153)
2013–14 35971,1501982,500 Jezero (818) Bratstvo (141)
2014–15 36068,3501902,500 Iskra (912) Cetinje (147)
2015–16 36460,0501652,000 Jezero (733) Bratstvo (83)
2016–17 34756,9501642,000 Ibar (1,050) Bratstvo (75)
2017–18 31259,2001901,500 Jedinstvo (468) Čelik (93)
2018–19 31756,1501771,000 Jedinstvo (406) Igalo (139)
2019–20 35936,5501021,500 Dečić (736) Drezga (164)
2020–21 Without attendance due to the coronavirus pandemic

M = Number of matches (only matches with spectators counted); H = Highest attendance on one match; CH = Club with highest average attendance; CL = Club with lowest average attendance

Current clubs (2021-22)

The 2021–22 Montenegrin Second League is the 16th season of second-tier football competition in Montenegro. The season started in August 2021 and will end in May 2022.
The following 10 clubs complete in Second League 2021-22. [3]

in 2020–21
FK Arsenal Tivat 2nd Stadion u parku (2,000)No
FK Berane Berane 7th Berane City Stadium (6,500)Yes
FK Bokelj Kotor 5th Stadion Pod Vrmcem (1,000)Yes
FK Cetinje Cetinje Sveti Petar Cetinjski (5,192)Yes
OFK Grbalj Radanovići 8th Stadion Donja Sutvara (1,500)No
OFK Igalo Igalo 3rd Stadion Solila (1,600)No
FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje 6th Gradski Stadion (4,000)No
FK Kom Podgorica 4th Stadion Zlatica (1,200)Yes
OFK Mladost DG Podgorica DG Arena (4,300)Yes
OFK Titograd Podgorica 10th in First League Arrow-down.gif Mladost Stadium (1,250)Yes


Since establishing (season 2006-07), Montenegrin Second League matches has been played in 26 different stadiums. Biggest stadium, used by FK Berane and FK Radnički, is Berane City Stadium. Except that, there was only two stadiums with more than 5,000 seats which hosted Second League games - Sveti Petar Cetinjski and Pljevlja City Stadium. Below is the list of stadiums on which played members of Second League from season 2006-07 until now.

Second League stadiums by seating capacity
1 Berane City Stadium FK Berane, FK Radnički Berane 19816,500
2 Sveti Petar Cetinjski FK Lovćen, FK Cetinje Cetinje 20215,192
3 Pljevlja City Stadium FK Pljevlja Pljevlja 19465,140
4 DG Arena FK Podgorica, OFK Mladost DG Podgorica 20184,300
5 Bijelo Polje City Stadium FK Jedinstvo, FK Tekstilac Bijelo Polje 20054,000
6 Bandžovo Brdo FK Ibar Rožaje 19463,000
7 Topolica FK Mornar, OFK Bar Bar 19802,500
8 Braća Velašević FK Iskra Danilovgrad 19472,500
9 Pod Racinom FK Jezero Plav 19482,500
10 Stadion u Parku FK Arsenal Tivat 19452,000
11 Tuško Polje FK Dečić Tuzi 20062,000
12 Željezara Stadium FK Čelik Nikšić 19572,000
13 Gusinje City Stadium FK Gusinje Gusinje 19962,000
14 Spuž City Stadium FK Zora, FK Drezga Spuž 19551,700
15 Solila FK Igalo Igalo 19951,600
16 Mojkovac City Stadium FK Brskovo Mojkovac 20091,500
17 Stadion Olympic FK Otrant Ulcinj 19751,500
18 Mladost Stadium OFK Titograd Podgorica 20071,250
19 Zlatica FK Kom Podgorica 20061,200
20 Camp FSCG Stadium FK Grafičar Podgorica 20071,050
21 Pod Vrmcem FK Bokelj Kotor 19221,000
22 Tološi Stadium FK Crvena Stijena Podgorica 19641,000
23 Gusare FK Petnjica Petnjica 19771,000
24Konik Stadium/ former FK Ribnica Podgorica 1974750
25 Zabjelo Stadium FK Zabjelo Podgorica 1973750
26 Ljajkovići FK Bratstvo Zeta 2007300

Logo and broadcasting

Official logo and equipment

Logo of Montenegrin Second League was presented in 2018, together with the new logos of Montenegrin First League, Montenegrin Cup and youth leagues. [4]
Official ball of competition is produced under the Derbystar brand, while the official equipment of referees is product of Legea.

Broadcasting rights

Since foundation of the competition, official broadcaster of Second Montenegrin League matches is national television of Montenegro - RTCG.
From season 2018-19, broadcaster of matches is cable-network channel MNE Sport TV. Every weekend, one game is broadcast on their channels. [5]

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The 2016–17 Montenegrin First League was the eleventh season of the top-tier football in Montenegro. Mladost Podgorica are the defending champions. The season began on 6 August 2016 and ended on 27 May 2017; the relegation play-offs will follow.

Before the independence of Montenegro, football clubs from that country played in different competitions. From 1945 to 2006, Montenegrin club played in the leagues of SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia and the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

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The 1967–68 Montenegrin Republic League was 23rd season of Montenegrin Republic League. Season started in August 1967 and finished in May 1968.

The 2019–20 Montenegrin Cup was the 14th year of the knockout football tournament in Montenegro. The cup began on 28 August 2019, but wasn't finished due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 2019–20 Montenegrin Second League was the 14th season since the establishment of the Montenegrin Second League. The season ran from August 2019 to July 2020. That was the second season with 10 participating teams.

The 2008–09 Montenegrin Second League was the third season since its establishment.