Montenegrin Third League

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Montenegrin Third League
CountryFlag of Montenegro.svg  Montenegro
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams30
(3 regional leagues)
Level on pyramid3
Promotion to Montenegrin Second League
Domestic cup(s) Montenegrin Regional Cups, Montenegrin Cup
Current champions Petnjica, Mladost DG, Cetinje
Most championships Pljevlja, Cetinje (4 titles)

The Third League of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Treća Crnogorska Liga / Трећа црногорска лига) is the third and lowest-tier football league in Montenegro. It is headed by the regional unions of the Football Association of Montenegro (Union of the clubs - North, [1] Union of the clubs - Center, [2] Union of the clubs - South [3] ), under the Football Association of Montenegro. In the 2020-21 season, 30 teams participated, divided into three regions. The top team from each region qualifies for the playoff from which the top team qualify for the Second League of Montenegro.



Regional leagues as a lowest-tier competition in Montenegro, were founded in 1968. The format and system of competition has not changed. From 1968 to 2006, it was the fourth or fifth level of competition in SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro. Following Montenegrin independence (2006), regional leagues became the third tier in the organisation of domestic football competitions.
From 1968 until now, the league is divided on three regions - North (clubs from territories of Berane, Bijelo Polje, Gusinje, Mojkovac, Petnjica, Plav, Pljevlja, Rožaje and Žabljak) Center (Podgorica with Golubovci and Tuzi, Danilovgrad, Kolašin, Nikšić, Plužine and Šavnik) and South (Bar, Budva, Cetinje, Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat and Ulcinj).
At period 1961–2006, winners of three regional leagues were promoted to Montenegrin Republic League (3rd tier) or played Montenegrin football playoffs.

Champions (2006-)

After independence of Montenegro, regional leagues, with the same format and divisions, became Third League, and also a lowest tier of competition.
At the end of season, champions of each region qualifies for the playoff. Every season, two top teams from playoff are qualified for the Second League.
Below is the list of Montenegrin Third League champions.


Promoted to Druga CFL via playoffs
2006/07 Tekstilac Iskra Otrant
2007/08 Polimlje Ribnica Mornar
2008/09 Gusinje Zora OFK Bar
2009/10 Pljevlja Iskra Cetinje
2010/11 Petnjica Blue Star Igalo
2011/12 Pljevlja Zora Arsenal
2012/13 Pljevlja Kom Cetinje
2013/14 Radnički Iskra Federal
2014/15 Brskovo Grafičar Sloga Radovići
2015/16 Polimlje Čelik Otrant
2016/17 Pljevlja Podgorica Arsenal
2017/18 Brskovo Bratstvo Arsenal
2018/19 Ibar Drezga Cetinje
2019/20 Berane Mladost DG Igalo
2020/21 Petnjica Mladost DG Cetinje

Full list of champions of regional leagues before 2006, is available on the page Montenegrin clubs in Yugoslav football competitions (1946-2006).

Complete team list

From 2006, 56 different teams played in Montenegrin Third League. This is the complete list of the clubs that took part in 15 seasons played from 2006-07 to 2020-21, ranked by champion titles won in the Third League.

Pljevlja Pljevlja North142006–072020–21451
Cetinje Cetinje South102006–072020–21421
Arsenal Tivat South62009–102017–18330
Iskra Danilovgrad Center52006–072013–14301
Brskovo Mojkovac North142006–072020–21243
Polimlje Murino North152006–072020–21213
Zora Spuž Center72007–082014–15221
Igalo Igalo South62006–072019–20203
Otrant Ulcinj South52006–072020–21210
Petnjica Petnjica North142006–072020–21223
Mladost DG Podgorica Center22019–202020–21200
Ribnica Podgorica Center142006–072020–21104
Drezga Piperi Center112006–072018–19130
Sloga Radovići South122009–102020–21114
Gusinje Gusinje North122008–092020–21101
Grafičar Podgorica Center92006–072014–15100
Tekstilac Bijelo Polje North72006–072013–14102
Blue Star Podgorica Center62006–072011–12121
Bratstvo Cijevna Center42017–182020–21100
Bar Bar South32006–072008–09110
Čelik Nikšić Center32014–152018–19110
Podgorica Podgorica Center22015–162016–17100
Radnički Berane North22013–142017–18100
Mornar Bar South12007–082007–08100
Ibar Rožaje North12018–192018–19100
Kom Podgorica Center12012–132012–13100
Berane Berane North12019–202019–20100
Federal Ulcinj South12013–142013–14100
Gorštak Kolašin Center132006–072018–19011
Komovi Andrijevica North152006–072020–21001
Sloga Bar South152006–072020–21001
Napredak Berane North122006–072018–19000
Crvena Stijena Podgorica Center112010–112020–21032
Hajduk Bar South112010–112020–21034
Polet Nikšić Center82009–102020–21021
Prvijenac Bijelo Polje North82006–072013–14000
Fair Play Bijelo Polje North62013–142018–19000
Borac Bijelo Polje North52016–172020–21031
Orjen Zelenika South52008–092020–21012
E-Roma Bijelo Polje North42009–102012–13000
Titeks Podgorica Center42007–082010–11000
Zabjelo Podgorica Center52015–162020–21010
Nikšić Nikšić Center32010–112020–21010
Karioke Podgorica Center42016–172020–21000
Bijela Bijela South32006–072008–09001
Adria Podgorica Center32018–192020–21001
Mogren Budva South22015–162016–17000
Durmitor Žabljak North22009–102010–11000
Gornja Zeta Zeta Center22009–102010–11000
Obilić Sutorina South32012–132020–21020
Ilarion Zeta Center22019–202020–21000
Sjeverna Zvijezda Bijelo Polje North12015–162015–16000
Lovćen Cetinje South12020–212020–21001
Budva Budva South12020–212020–21001
Spuž Spuž Center12020–212020–21000
Olympico Golubovci Center12020–212020–21000
  • Note: As of the end of 2020–21 season
League or status for 2021-22 season
2021–22 Montenegrin First League
2021–22 Montenegrin Second League
2021–22 Montenegrin Third League
No longer exists

Ssn = Number of seasons; First = First season in Third League; Last = Last season in Third League; 1st = finishing as a champion of region; 2nd = finishing as a runner-up; 3rd = finishing as a third-placed team

Final placement by season


Since its establishing, in Montenegrin Third League - North participated overall 17 different teams. Most successful participants are FK Pljevlja, who won four titles. Except that, FK Pljevlja made the biggest win in some Montenegrin official men football competition - on season 2012-13, they defeated FK E-Roma 26-1 (14-0). [4] During the same game, FK Pljevlja player Alen Pajević scored seven goals, which is an all-time record in Montenegrin Third League.
Among the other title winners in Third League - North are FK Brskovo (2), FK Polimlje (2), FK Petnjica (2), FK Berane (1), FK Ibar (1), FK Gusinje (1), FK Tekstilac (1) and FK Radnički (1).
Two teams, FK Komovi and FK Polimlje, participated in all the seasons of Third League - North.

Berane -------------1-
Borac ----------32422
Brskovo 736822231-21346
Durmitor ---76----------
E-Roma ---1010910--------
Fair Play -------11889810--
Gusinje --1-34497457885
Ibar ------------1--
Komovi 665998744543657
Napredak 8586578857899--
Petnjica 54721-553365231
Pljevlja 3221-1122214574
Polimlje 214343976176763
Prvijenac 479575610-------
Radnički -------1---10---
Sjeverna Zvijezda ---------6-----
Tekstilac 1-348636-------

07 = season 2006/07


Overall 23 different clubs played in Montenegrin Third League - Central region since its establishing (2006–07). Most trophies won FK Iskra with three titles. Except them, among the champions were FK Zora (2), OFK Mladost DG (2) FK Kom (1), FK Ribnica (1), FK Podgorica (1), FK Grafičar (1), FK Bratstvo (1), FK Drezga (1) and FK Blue Star (1).
Owner of the biggest wins in the history of Montenegrin Third League - Center is FK Zabjelo, who defeated FK Ribnica away with result 20-0 (season 2019-20). [5]

Adria ------------357
Blue Star 422314---------
Bratstvo -----------1778
Crvena Stijena ----53522752463
Čelik --------21--10--
Drezga 23452264--641--
Gornja Zeta ---78----------
Gorštak 5766974553259--
Grafičar 667878761------
Ilarion -------------85
Iskra 1431---1-------
Karioke ----------6-6410
Kom ------1--------
Mladost DG -------------11
Podgorica ---------51----
Nikšić ----69--------2
Olympico --------------12
Polet ---910527----236
Ribnica 31-44633-6438911
Spuž --------------9
Titeks -851011----------
Zabjelo ---------43-524
Zora -51231--42-----

07 = season 2006/07


Since establishing, 16 different teams played in Montenegrin Third League - South region. Among them, most successes have FK Cetinje with four titles and FK Arsenal with three. Except them, winners of competition were also FK Otrant (2), FK Igalo (2), FK Mornar (1), OFK Bar (1), OFK Federal (1) and FK Sloga Radovići (1).
Since 2006, biggest win in Montenegrin Third League - South made FK Cetinje, who defeated FK Bijela with score 12-0 on season 2007-08. [6]
FK Sloga Bar is the only team which played every single season of Montenegrin Third League - South Region.

Arsenal ---221---211---
Bar 621------------
Bijela 546------------
Budva --------------3
Cetinje 2521531-----141
Federal -------1-------
Hajduk ----45222343336
Igalo 33431--------1-
Lovćen --------------8
Mogren ---------65----
Mornar -1-------------
Obilić ------2------25
Orjen --3----43----62
Otrant 1----24--1----4
Sloga Bar 465566554534479
Sloga R ---434331443257

07 = season 2006/07

Promotion playoffs

Following the Montenegrin independence, from the season 2006/07, champions of three regional leagues are participating in the playoffs for Montenegrin Second League promotion. Until 2020, every team is played four matches, and at the end, best-placed are promoted to a higher rank. From 2020, every team is playing two games, and if there is no winner after 90 minutes, penalties are deciding about it. Two teams are gaining promotion to the Second League.
Playoffs are playing after the regular season, at the end of May and start of June every year.

Promotions by season

Until now, most promotions to Montenegrin Second League through playoffs gained FK Iskra (2), FK Arsenal (2), FK Otrant (2) and FK Igalo (2).

Promoted to Montenegrin Second League.
2007 FK Otrant FK Tekstilac FK Iskra OTR - TEK 2-1, 1-2; OTR - ISK 6-0, 2-0; TEK - ISK 2-0, 2-0
2008 FK Mornar FK Ribnica FK Polimlje MOR - RIB 1-0, 2-1; MOR - POL 3-2, 2-2; RIB - POL 2-2, 2-0
2009 OFK Bar FK Gusinje FK Zora BAR - GUS 3-0, 3-3; BAR - ZOR 3-2, 4-1; GUS - ZOR 1-0, 2-2
2010 FK Pljevlja FK Iskra FK Cetinje PLJ - ISK 0-0, 0-0; PLJ - CET 0-0, 2-1; ISK - CET 1-1, 0-0
2011 FK Igalo FK Petnjica FK Blue Star IGA - PET 0-0, 1-1; IGA - BLU 3-0, 2-1; PET - BLU 1-0, 1-1
2012 FK Arsenal FK Zora FK Pljevlja ARS - PLJ 3-2, 3-0; ARS - ZOR 1-0, 0-2; ZOR - PLJ 3-0, 0-2
2013 FK Kom FK Cetinje FK Pljevlja KOM - CET 3-0, 1-0; KOM - PLJ 0-1, 1-2; CET - PLJ 3-1, 2-1
2014 FK Radnički FK Iskra OFK Federal RAD - ISK 2-1, 1-2; RAD - FED 2-0, 1-0; ISK - FED 2-0, 0-1
2015 FK Brskovo FK Grafičar FK Sloga R BRS - GRA 2-0, 1-2; BRS - SLO 7-1, 0-0; GRA - SLO 2-0, 0-1
2016 FK Čelik FK Otrant FK Polimlje ČEL - OTR 3-0, 0-1; ČEL - POL 7-0, 2-0; OTR - POL 2-2, 3-2
2017 FK Podgorica FK Arsenal FK Pljevlja POD - ARS 1-2, 2-1; POD - PLJ 4-0, 1-3; ARS - PLJ 1-0, 0-1
2018 FK Arsenal FK Brskovo FK Bratstvo ARS - BRS 1-0, 1-1; ARS - BRA 1-1, 2-0; BRS - BRA 1-0, 3-4
2019 FK Ibar FK Drezga FK Cetinje CET - IBA 1-0, 1-3; DRE - CET 0-0, 0-0; IBA - DRE 2-0, 1-4
2020 FK Igalo FK Berane OFK Mladost DG MLA - BER 0-0 (3-4); IGA - MLA 2-0; BER - IGA 1-2
2021 OFK Mladost DG FK Cetinje FK Petnjica PET - MLA 0-2; MLA - CET 6-0; CET - PET 2-0

Promotions by region

During the history, most promotions to Montenegrin Second League gained teams from Central and South region. Representatives of that regions gained promotions via playyofs 10 times. Clubs from North region gained 8 promotions through playoffs.

Third League regionPromotions

Current season (2020-21)

For the 2020-21 season, Third league is divided in three geographical regions. Eight teams compete in the North, thirteen in the Center, and nine in the South.


The Third League - North is organised by Union of the clubs - North (covering municipalities of Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Berane, Rožaje, Plav, Gusinje, Mojkovac, Andrijevica, Žabljak, Šavnik and Plužine).

Brskovo Mojkovac Gradski2,000
Gusinje Gusinje Gradski1,500
Polimlje Murino Gradski300
Komovi Andrijevica Prljanije300
Borac Bijelo Polje Gradski4,000
Petnjica Petnjica Gusare1,000
Pljevlja Pljevlja Pod Golubinjom5,140
Napredak Berane Gradski6,500


The Third League - Center is organised by Union of the clubs - Center (Montenegrin: Udruženje klubova - Centar - FSCG). [7] The Central region covers approximately 70% of Montenegrin territory. The municipalities within Central region include: Podgorica, Nikšić, Danilovgrad, Šavnik, Plužine and Kolašin, and Tuzi.

There are 13 clubs competing in Montenegrin Third League - Center during the season 2020-21.

Adria Podgorica Stari ribnjak1,500
Bratstvo Ljajkovići Stadion Bratstva300
Crvena Stijena Podgorica Tološi1,000
Dečić II Tuzi Stadion Tuško Polje2,000
Ilarion Golubovci Ilarion Field100
Karioke Podgorica Kamp FSCG1,050
Mladost DG Podgorica DG Arena4,300
OFK Nikšić Nikšić Trebjesa300
Olympico Golubovci Trešnjica4,000
Polet Stars Nikšić Sutjeska pitch500
Ribnica Podgorica Kamp FSCG1,050
OFK Spuž Spuž Spuž City Stadium1,700
Zabjelo Podgorica Stadion Zabjela750


The Third League - South is organised by Union of the clubs - South (Montenegrin: Udruženje klubova - Jug - FSCG). The municipalities within Southern region include: Cetinje, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Budva, Bar and Ulcinj.

During the season 2020-21, there are nine clubs competing in the South region.

Cetinje Cetinje Obilića poljana2,000
Hajduk Bar Topolica2,500
Lovćen Cetinje Obilića poljana2,000
Obilić Herceg Novi Sutorina100
Orjen Herceg Novi Zelenika100
Otrant Ulcinj Olympic1,500
Sloga Bar Bar Topolica2,500
Sloga Radovići Radovići Radovići300
Budva Budva Lugovi2,500

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Omladinski fudbalski klub Mladost DG is a football club from the southwestern part of Podgorica, Montenegro. It was founded in 2019, they currently compete in Montenegrin Second League.


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