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Monty Berman
Nestor Montague Berman

(1913-08-16)16 August 1913
Died14 June 2006(2006-06-14) (aged 92)
Occupation(s) Producer
Camera operator

Nestor Montague "Monty" Berman (16 August 1913 in Whitechapel, London, England [1] – 14 June 2006 in London, England) [2] was a British cinematographer and film and television producer.


Early career

Berman began his film career as a camera assistant at Twickenham Film Studios when he was 17. He became a camera operator in 1934, working for the Associated British Picture Corporation at Teddington Studios, and later for the comedy producers Ealing Studios. [3]

When World War II came, Berman was allowed to continue his craft in an army film unit. There, he met and befriended Robert S. Baker, with whom he would go on to form a lifelong business partnership.

In 1948, they founded Tempean Films, which produced more than 30 B-movies in the 1950s. In 1962, Berman and Baker obtained the television rights to Leslie Charteris's The Saint . [4]

Unable to sell the rights to Associated-Rediffusion, then Britain's largest commercial television company, Berman turned to Lew Grade's ITC. [3] This company was at that time a sister company to ATV, and had access to important export markets. [5] This allowed The Saint to do well in both Britain and in other markets. [6]

Work with Dennis Spooner

Berman created more ITC productions, starting with The Baron , which led to a partnership with Dennis Spooner, one of the show's writers and Ray Austin, writer director. By 1967 they had launched a production company which created The Champions , Department S , its spin-off Jason King , Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) , and The Adventurer . [7] After his work on The Adventurer was complete, Berman retired from production. [8]

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