Moscow Nights (1934 film)

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Moscow Nights
Moscow Nights (1934 film).jpg
Directed by Alexis Granowsky
Written by Henry Koster
Jacques Natanson
Based onMoscow Nights by Pierre Benoît
Starring Annabella
Harry Baur
Pierre Richard-Willm
Cinematography Franz Planer
Edited byJacques Saint-Léonard
Music by Walter Jurmann
Bronislau Kaper
GG Films
Distributed bySEDIF
Release date
21 November 1934
Running time
95 minutes
Language French

Moscow Nights (French: Les nuits moscovites) is a 1934 French war drama film directed by Alexis Granowsky and starring Annabella, Harry Baur and Pierre Richard-Willm. [1]


It is based on a story by Pierre Benoît. The film's sets were designed by the art director Andrej Andrejew. It marked the screen debut of the Corsican singer Tino Rossi who went on to star in a number of films.

The following year a separate British version Moscow Nights was produced by London Films. Directed by Anthony Asquith the only actor to appear in both films was Harry Baur.


In Moscow during the First World War the attractive Natacha Kovrine agrees to marry a wealthy grain merchant under pressure from her mother. However, while working as a nurse in a hospital she meets the wounded Captain Ignatoff and falls in love with him. When he is arrested and false accused of treason, it appears that the only man who might be able to save him is her fiancée.


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