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Μοσφιλωτή (Greek), Mosfiloti (Turkish)
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Location in Cyprus
Coordinates: 34°57′7″N33°25′29″E / 34.95194°N 33.42472°E / 34.95194; 33.42472 Coordinates: 34°57′7″N33°25′29″E / 34.95194°N 33.42472°E / 34.95194; 33.42472
CountryFlag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus
District Larnaca District
820 ft (250 m)
 (2001) [1]
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
  Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)

Mosfiloti (Greek : Μοσφιλωτή, Turkish : Mosfiloti) is a village located in the Larnaca District of Cyprus. The village is named after the Mosfilo, a variety of White Hawthorn making a delicious jelly, which grows abundantly in the region.

It is essentially a large rural community with pine-covered hills on either side of a valley at an altitude of about 250 m. The population is about 1500 (2009) because of an influx of both Cypriot and foreign residents over the past few years. Communications are easy with motorway connections to Nicosia (25 minutes) and Limassol (40 minutes) and an ordinary road to Larnaca and Larnaca airport (20 minutes).

Historically, the earliest references are to the Ayia Thekla monastery, currently under the Archbishopric and run by an order of nuns. It has a source reputed for curing skin diseases. It was reputedly founded by Saint Helena. The old Ayia Marina church is probably 16th century, with a new one dedicated to the same saint. There is also a chapel commemorating the victims of the Helios air crash in Greece, two of whom were respected inhabitants of the village, owning a supermarket.

For a village of its size, it is richly dotted with a wide variety of retail commerces, public establishments and a restaurant noted for traditional food at reasonable prices.

Mosfiloti also houses a unique museum: "The temple of Michel Platini", dedicated to the famous french football player. Held by Philippos Stavrou "Platini", former footballer himself, the museum currently holds 2 Guinness records for biggest number of sport artefacts and biggest number of artefacts regarding football.

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Because Cyprus has no working railway system, various other methods of transport are needed to ensure the proper delivery of any cargo, be it human or freight. Since the last railway was dismantled in 1952, the only remaining modes of transport are by road, by sea, and by air.

Nicosia Capital of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus (de facto)

Nicosia is the largest city, capital, and seat of government of Cyprus. It is located near the centre of the Mesaoria plain, on the banks of the River Pedieos.

Larnaca Place in Larnaca District, Cyprus

Larnaca is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus and the capital of the eponymous district. It is the third-largest city in the country, after Nicosia and Limassol, with a metro population of 144,200 in 2015.

Lapithos Place in Kyrenia District, Cyprus

Lapithos or Lapethos is a town in Cyprus. De facto, it is under the control of Northern Cyprus.

Ayia Napa Place in Famagusta District, Cyprus

Ayia Napa, officially romanised Agia Napa, is a tourist resort at the far eastern end of the southern coast of Cyprus.

Cyprus Football Association

The Cyprus Football Association is the governing body of football in Cyprus and is based in Nicosia. It organizes the football championships, whose top league is the Cypriot First Division. It also organizes the Cypriot Cup, the Cypriot Super Cup and the Cypriot national football team. Cyprus Football Association is also responsible for organizing all the futsal competitions, like the Cypriot Futsal league, the Cypriot Futsal Cup and the Cypriot Futsal Super Cup.

Paralimni Place in Famagusta District, Cyprus

Paralimni is a town within the Famagusta District of Cyprus, situated on the island's east coast. Since the Turkish invasion in 1974, it has increased in size and status, primarily due to the migration of refugees fleeing from the north. Many workers in the tourist sectors of Protaras and Ayia Napa live in Paralimni, which is now the temporary administrative centre of the Famagusta District and the biggest municipality of the district under the control of the internationally-recognised government of Cyprus.

Xylotymbou Place in Larnaca District, Cyprus

Xylotymbou is a small town in Larnaca District in south-eastern Cyprus. It is one of the four enclaves surrounded by the Eastern Sovereign Base Area of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, a British Overseas Territory, administered as a Sovereign Base Area. The others are the village of Ormidhia and Dhekelia Power Station. It is administered by the internationally recognized government of Cyprus, the Republic of Cyprus.

A3 motorway (Cyprus)

The A3 motorway is a modern motorway linking Larnaca International Airport, the largest airport in Cyprus, and Ayia Napa, a popular seaside destination. It is 55 km long. The road was built in five phases and took about 10 years to be completed. The first part of the road until Dhekelia is locally referred as "Larnaca Beltway" and the second part till the end of the motorway as "Dhekelia - Famagusta Motorway". Its routing takes it past Aradippou, Oroklini, Xylotymvou, Ormidia, and Xylofagou. The Larnaca beltway section, until the final phase was completed, used to culminate in an acute bend which was a major accident blackspot.

Marios Constantinou is a former international Cypriot football midfielder and current manager. He is a holder of the UEFA Pro Licence. In the past he was footballer of Pezoporikos and AEK Larnaca under the instructions of the first coach of AEK Larnaca Andreas Mouskallis. He also played for Ethnikos Achna and Omonia Aradippou having just one appearance with Cyprus national football team. From April 2016 he is working for Cyprus Football Association Technical Department and in Coaching Education.

Anafotia village in Larnaca District, Cyprus

Anafotia is a village located in the Larnaca District of Cyprus, west of Larnaca. In 1994, the official name of the village became Anafotida (Aναφωτίδα), following a decision by the then-government of Cyprus to make the names of villages on the island more Greek. However, locally the village is still referred to as Anafotia.

Pyrga, Larnaca village in Larnaca District, Cyprus

Pyrga is a village in the Larnaca District of Cyprus, located on 4 km east of Kornos.

Zacharias Theodorou is a Cypriot football central midfielder for PO Xylotymbou.

Adamos Andreou is a Cypriot football midfielder who currently plays for Ayia Napa FC.

The 2013–14 Cypriot Cup was the 72nd edition of the Cypriot Cup. A total of 30 clubs entered the competition. It began on 23 October 2013 with the first round and concluded on 21 May 2014 with the final which was held at GSP Stadium. APOEL won their 20th Cypriot Cup trophy after beating Ermis Aradippou 2–0 in the final.

The 2014–15 Cypriot First Division was the 76th season of the Cypriot top-level football league. It began on 23 August 2014 and ended on 24 May 2015. APOEL were the defending champions.

The 2014–15 Cypriot Cup was the 73rd edition of the Cypriot Cup. A total of 26 clubs entered the competition. It began on 29 October 2014 with the first round and concluded on 20 May 2015 with the final which was held at GSZ Stadium. APOEL clinched their 21st Cypriot Cup trophy and their second in successive seasons with a convincing 4–2 victory over AEL Limassol.

The 2015–16 Cypriot Cup was the 74th edition of the Cypriot Cup. A total of 28 clubs entered the competition. It began on 28 October 2015 with the first round and concluded on 18 May 2016 with the final which was held at Tsirion Stadium. Apollon clinched their 8th Cypriot Cup trophy after a 2–1 victory over Omonia.

Christianity in Cyprus

Christianity in Cyprus is the largest religion making up 78% of the island's population. The largest branch is the Greek Orthodox Church, while the rest are the smaller religious groups of the Anglicans, Roman and Latin Christians, Maronites, Armenian Apostolics, Greek Evangelics.

The 2018–19 Cypriot Cup was the 77th edition of the Cypriot Cup. A total of 24 clubs were accepted to enter the competition. It began on 5 December 2018 with the first round and concluded on 22 May 2019 with the final held at GSP Stadium. The winner of the Cup was AEL Limassol for seventh time and qualified for the 2019–20 Europa League second qualifying round.


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