Movie Park Germany

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Movie Park Germany
Previously known as Kirchhellener Märchenwald (1967–1976)
Traumlandpark (1977–1985)
Das Neue Traumland (1986–1991)
Bavaria Filmpark Bottrop (1992–1993)
Warner Bros. Movie World Germany (1996–2004)
Movie Park Germany logo.png
Location Bottrop, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Coordinates 51°37′12″N6°58′21″E / 51.62000°N 6.97250°E / 51.62000; 6.97250 Coordinates: 51°37′12″N6°58′21″E / 51.62000°N 6.97250°E / 51.62000; 6.97250
Opened30 June 1996 (1996-06-30) (as Warner Bros. Movie World Germany)
19 March 2005;17 years ago (2005-03-19) (as Movie Park Germany)
Closed31 October 2004 (2004-10-31) (as Warner Bros. Movie World Germany)
Owner Parques Reunidos
SloganHollywood in Germany
Operating seasonYear-round
Roller coasters7
Water rides4
Website Official website
Bermuda Triangle - Alien Encounter Moviepark bermuda.jpg
Bermuda Triangle - Alien Encounter

Movie Park Germany is a theme park in Bottrop-Kirchhellen in western Germany, 50 kilometres (30 mi) north of Düsseldorf, with an area of 40 hectares (100 acres). It consists of 7 areas based on movies and TV series. Nearby the park are several film studios.



The park originally opened under the name "Kirchhellener Märchenwald" in 1967. Märchenpark was run by the West German family Allekötter. The park featured attractions consisting of huts in the woods where guests could press buttons to listen to different fairy tales. [1]

A couple named Hans and Ida Rosenberg bought the park after the 1976 season. They operated the park under the name "Traumlandpark". This became their second park, the first being the Tuddern safari park in Tüddern, West Germany which they purchased from Mr. Löffelhardt and Mr. Schmidt, who sold the park so they could focus on their newest project, Phantasialand. In 1985, the Rosenbergs ran out of money and had to declare bankruptcy with the debt of €22 million. [1]

Wolf-Dieter Jahn from Essen, West Germany and Alexandre Berthé from France, who had previously worked at the park, bought it in 1986 and reopened it in 1987 under the name "Neue Traumland". In 1989 they decided to sell the park to Bavaria Film, and it closed again on 31 August 1991. [1]

The park opened on 6 June 1992 under the name "Bavaria Filmpark". This park was originally scheduled to open in May 1991. The park closed in 1993 after not becoming very popular. [1]

In May 1994, Warner Bros. purchased the location, and began construction on "Warner Bros. Movie World Germany". The park had a grand opening on 29 June 1996 with 20,000 invited guests including Johannes Rau, Ernst Löchelt, August Everding, Gustava Everding, Michael Douglas, Sophia Loren, Ron Williams, Amanda Lear, David Copperfield, Claudia Schiffer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, Alicia Silverstone, Joel Schumacher, Hans Meiser and Heinz Hoenig as special guests. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] The park opened to the general public on 30 June 1996. [1] Zeitgeist Design and Production's Ryan Harmon served as the Director of Show Development for Warner Bros. International Recreation Enterprises, where he conceived, wrote and managed the design team for Warner Bros. Movie World in Germany's worth of rides, shows and attractions. [7] Botticelli's - Atelier der angewandten Malerei and Sanderson Group were responsible for designing and painting the theming for the park. [8] [9] Alan Griffith Architect and Alder Constructions were also involved in the park's development. [10] [11]

At the end of 1999, Warner Bros. sold the park to Premier Parks (now Six Flags). Premier Parks continued to license the Warner Bros. Movie World name. [12]

In later years, large investments in bigger, faster, more action-packed attractions made Warner Bros. Movie World Germany no longer a crowd puller for families, but rather in the direction of teenagers and the young at heart. Families stayed away from the park, and many thrillseekers visited it. This, along with a decline in visitor numbers, resulted in Warner Bros. Movie World Germany being acquired by StarParks, a subsidiary of Palamon Capital Partners, on 3 April 2004, which led to the park reopening as "Movie Park Germany" on 19 March 2005, and having a grand opening on 24 March 2005, with the Warner Bros. theming removed from the park and replaced by newer themes from 20th Century Fox, MGM, and Nickelodeon. [13] [14] [15]

In August 2006, the two-lane roller coaster Cop Car Chase (previously Lethal Weapon Pursuit) was shut down and dismantled, as a repair would have been too expensive from an economic point of view. The vacated space was used for the new Santa Monica Pier themed area, which opened in May 2007. The area based on the Californian Santa Monica Pier also uses part of the area of the also partially dismantled, partially redesigned Downtown area (previously Marienhof). The main attraction of the area is Germany's first stationary Disk’O Coaster.

In addition, the Wonderland Studios (kids' area) was expanded with the Nickland by 15,000 m² for the 2007 season. The themed area, built in collaboration with the German television station Nick, deals exclusively with the station's characters and themed worlds. Attractions include a Suspended Family Coaster (Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer) and a water attraction ( Spongebob Splash Bash ). In addition, the 2007 season brought a change of motto, instead of “A day like in the film” it is now “Hurray! I'm in the film” (until 2004 the slogan was “ Hollywood in Germany ”). With the opening of Nickland, old attractions such as Dishwasher were re-themed.

Since 2007 the sidewalks of the park have been paved. The entire Nickland, Main Street and Vine Street are now paved.

For the 2008 season, the kids' area Wonderland Studios was integrated into Nickland. For this purpose, old children's attractions have been relocated or demolished and other attractions have been redesigned. In addition, a wild water course was built on the site of the go-kart track; the latter was demolished. Another new attraction is an carousel of the model Aviator. The new area opened in May 2008. In the Roxy 4D cinema, a film about SpongeBob SquarePants was replaced by Shrek, which again was replaced for the 2012 season by Ice Age. To this end, the Roxy 4D cinema was redesigned and a new preshow was installed.

On 17 May 2010, Parques Reunidos bought the park from Palamon Capital Partners. No changes to the park's name or theming occurred. [16]

For the park's 15th birthday, on June 18, 2011, the combination of roller coaster and dark ride Van Helsing’s Factory was opened in the hall that formerly housed the Gremlins invasion and had only been used for Halloween since 2005. The roller coaster was built by the Gerstlauer company, the theme is based freely on the character of the vampire hunter Van Helsing from the 2004 film of the same name. According to the park, the roller coaster and the show "Shadows of Darkness", which uses the character of Van Helsing, are attractions that do not require a license. In addition to "Shadows of Darkness", which replaced the X-Men Show (ran in 2010 and 2011 in Studio 7), three more shows were revised for 2012.

The novelty for 2017 was announced for the 20th anniversary of the park. It is a new roller coaster from Mack Rides and is called: Star Trek: Operation Enterprise . The track is located in a completely new themed area that is devoted to Star Trek. The themed area takes up the last parts of the former Marienhof, the former film museum and the unused space between the "Alien Encounter" and "The Lost Temple". The 40-meter-high launch coaster is the second tallest structure in the park and replaces the plans for the “Air Driver” roller coaster that were rejected in 2012. The following year it was announced that the Mystery River - one of the most popular and oldest attractions in the park - will be subject to a complete thematic redesign. The main changes are the waiting area, the theming and the effects during the journey. The ride will also receive a new soundtrack from IMAscore. The course of the journey itself remains largely unchanged. In 2019, the theming of Bermuda Triangle - Alien Encounter was slightly changed, the ride was renamed and a new soundtrack from IMAscore was included.

In the building of the former dark ride Ice Age Adventure, a new roller coaster with the name Movie Park Studio Tour was built. On 23rd June 2021, this new attraction had its opening to celebrate the 25th birthday of the park.


The park is divided up into 7 areas each with their own collection of attractions. [17]

The Hollywood Street Set

Streets of New York

(formerly Gotham City)

Former attractions:


(formerly Wonderland Studios (2005-2006), Looney Tunes Land (1996-2004))

- Zuma’s Zoomer - Zamperla Speedway (-2018 Swiper's Sweeper)
- PAW Patrol Adventure Tour - Zamperla Convoy
- Zuma and Rubble theme - Children's Playground
- Skye’s High Flyer - Zamperla Kiddie carpet (replaced Team Umizoomi Number Tumbler (2012 -2019), Teenage Robot Turnabout (2007-2012), Flying Cloud (2005-2006), The Daffy Duck Thundercloud (1996-2004))
- PAW Patrol Meet&Greet

Former attractions:

The Old West

Former attractions:

Santa Monica Pier

Former attractions:

Adventure Lagoon

(formerly part of Looney Tunes Land (1996-2004))

Federation Plaza

(formerly Downtown (2005-2006), Marienhof (1996-2004))


Roller coasters

PictureNameFormer NamesManufacturerTypeOpenedClosedAreaSpeedNotes
Mission To Mars2.JPG Backyardigans: Mission to Mars Coyote's und Roadrunner's Achterbahn (1996-2004)

Rocket Rider Rollercoaster (2005-2007)

Vekoma Junior Coaster 1996Nickland35 km/h (21.7 mph)
MP Bandit.jpg Bandit Wild Wild West (1999-2004) Roller Coaster Corporation of America Wooden roller coaster 1999The Old West80 km/h (49.7 mph)first German wooden coaster
Cop Car Chase roller coaster.jpg Cop Car Chase Lethal Weapon Pursuit (1996-2004) Intamin Dueling Coaster 19962006Marienhof / Downtown

(now: Federation Plaza)

50 km/h (31.1 mph)only dueling coaster in Germany
GhostChasers.JPG Ghost Chasers Tom and Jerry's Mouse in the House (2000-2005)

Mad Manor (2005-2007)

Mack Rides Wild mouse 2000Nickland45 km/h (28.0 mph)
Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer.jpg Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster 2007Nickland
MoviePark Xpress.JPG Lucky Luke – The Ride:
Die Daltons brechen aus
Eraser (2001-2004)

FX (2005)

MP-Xpress (2006-2020)

Baboo Twister Express (2020)

Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster 2001The Old West80 km/h (49.7 mph)in 2011, the roller coaster was part of the

German crime TV film

Marie Brand und die letzte Fahrt

Movie Park Studio Tour Intamin Indoor roller coaster /

Multi Dimension Coaster

2021The Hollywood Studio Set60 km/h (37.3 mph)Contains multimedia 360-degree

rotating platform with friction wheel

launching to the front as well as to the rear

MPG StarTrekOperationEnterprise 1.jpg Star Trek: Operation Enterprise Mack Rides Launched roller coaster 2017Federation Plaza90 km/h (55.9 mph)
Van Helsing's Factory Moviepark Germany 2019.jpg Van Helsing's Factory Gerstlauer Indoor roller coaster 2011Streets of New York36 km/h (22.4 mph)

Water rides

PictureNameFormer NamesTypeOpenedClosedArea
Moviepark bermuda.jpg Area 51 – Top Secret Das Bermuda-Dreieck (1996-2004)

Bermuda Triangle: Alien Encounter (2005-2018)

Shoot the Chute 1996Hollywood Street Set
Dora's Big River Adventure.JPG Dora’s Big River Adventure Log flume 2008Nickland
Station Excalibur.jpg Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest Unendliche Geschichte (1996-2004)

Mystery River (2005-2017)

River rapids ride 1996The Hollywood Studio Set
Ice Age Adventure1.JPG Ice Age Adventure Looney Tunes Adventure (1996-2004) Water Dark Ride 19962016Wonderland Studios / Looney Tunes Land /

Adventure Lagoon

(now: The Hollywood Studio Set)

SpongeBob-SplashBash.jpg SpongeBob Splash Bash Splash Battle 2007Nickland


PictureNameFormer NamesTypeOpenedClosedArea
Avatar Air Glider.jpg Avatar Airglider Giant Sky Chaser 2008Nickland
Barnyard Bumpers2.JPG Back at the Barnyard Bumpers Bumper cars 2008Nickland
Blue's Skidoo.JPG Blue's Skidoo Carousel 20082018Nickland
Brandy Bird's Hat Dance Tweety und Sylvester jr. Chase (1996-2004) Carousel 19962007Looney Tunes Land / Wonderland Studios

(now: Nickland)

Crazy Surfer.JPG Crazy Surfer Disk'O 2007Santa Monica Pier
Diego's Rescue Rider2.JPG Diego's Rescue RiderJump Around20082018Nickland
Dora's Adventure ExpressYosemite Sam Railroad (1996-2004)

Wonderland Studio Tour (2005-2006)

Kids' Railway19962013Looney Tunes Land / Wonderland Studios /


Fairy World Spin2.JPG Fairy World SpinLooney Tunes Tea Cup Ride (1996-2004)

Dishwasher (2005-2006)

Danny Phantom Ghost Zone (2007-2012)

Teacups 1996Nickland
Film Studio TourTram tour19962007Hollywood Street Set
Moviepark museum.JPG Filmmuseum Museum 19962013Marienhof / Downtown

(now: Federation Plaza)

NICK Speed RacersSpeedy Gonzalez Taxi (2003-2004)

Mister Valentinos Go Kart Race (2005-2006)

Kart racing 20032007Looney Tunes Land / Wonderland Studios

(now: Nickland)

Gremlins Invasion Dark ride 19962005Marienhof

(now: Streets of New York)

Josie's Bath House Breakdance 20002007The Old West
Pier Patrol Jet Ski1.JPG Pier Patrol – Jet Ski Carousel 2007Santa Monica Pier
Movie Crew CarouselLooney Tunes Carousel (1996-2004) Carousel 19962007Looney Tunes Land / Wonderland Studios

(now: Nickland)

NYC Transformer ride Moviepark Germany 2019.jpg N.Y.C. Transformer Riddlers Revenge (1999-2004) Top Spin 1999Streets of New York
PAW Patrol Adventure TourConvoy2019Nickland
Pier Side Carousel2.JPG Pier Side CarouselMarienhof Karussell (2000-2006) Wave Swinger 2000Santa Monica Pier
Ram Jam Bumper cars ?2007Wonderland Studios (now: Nickland)
Rescue 112.JPG Rescue 112Fire Brigade2007Santa Monica Pier
Robert's Rat Race Elmer Fudd's Tractor Race (1996-2004) Carousel 19962007Looney Tunes Land / Wonderland Studios

(now: Nickland)

SantaMonicaWheel1.JPG Santa Monica Wheel Ferris wheel 2007Santa Monica Pier
Sea Swing Swing ride 2007Nickland
Side Kick2.JPG Side KickBlazing Saddles (1999-2004) Frisbee 1999The Old West
Skyes High FlyerThe Daffy Duck Thundercloud (1996-2004)

Flying Cloud (2005-2006)

Teenage Robot Roundabout (2007-2012)

Team Umizoomi Number Tumbler (2013-2019)

Crazy Bus1996Nickland
Splat-O-Sphere3.1.JPG Splat-O-SphereAviator2008Nickland
Stormy Cruise Rockin' Tug 2003Santa Monica Pier
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles License to Drive2.JPG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

License to Drive

Driving school2013Nickland
Freefall moviepark.png The High Fall The Wild Bunch (2002-2004) Drop tower 2002The Old West
The Lost Temple 4D simulator 2014Hollywood Street Set
The Walking Dead: Breakout Maze 20162020The Old West
TimeRiders.JPG Time Riders Batman Abenteuer (1996-2004) Simulator ride 1996Streets of New York
Wonder Pets FlyboatKids' Drop tower 20082018Nickland
Swiper's Sweeper.JPG Zooma's Zoomers Swiper's Sweeper (2007-2018)Speedway2007Nickland


Movie Park Germany features many live shows as well as a 4-D movie. [21]

Halloween Horror Fest

The Halloween Horror Fest is an annual event around Halloween time that began in October 1999. It features over 250 scare actors and extra attractions like mazes and scarezones, as well as shows.

Maze :

Former mazes (1999-2021)

St Elmo (16+) (2020 to 2021)

During the HHF the Nickland theme area is a 'Monsterfreie Zone' (engl. 'monster free area') where children can stay at the park without being scared of the scare actors.

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