Municipalities of Montenegro

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Opštine / Oпштине
Map of the municipalities of Montenegro
Category Unitary state
Location Montenegro
Number25 municipalities (as of 2018-2021)
Populations1,558 (Šavnik) to
174,116 (Podgorica) [1]
Areas46 km2 (18 sq mi) (Tivat) to
2,065 km2 (797 sq mi) (Nikšić)
  • Local government

The municipalities (Montenegrin: opštine / општине, singular: opština / општина) are the first level administrative subdivisions of Montenegro. The country is divided into 25 municipalities including the Old Royal Capital Cetinje and the Podgorica Capital City. Podgorica is divided into one subdivision called city municipality (Montenegrin: gradska opština / градска општина, plural: gradske opštine / градске општине), forming the most basic level of local government. [2] [3]


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The Union of Municipalities of Montenegro is a national association of local authorities of Montenegro. [4]


#Coat of armsMunicipalityAreaPopulation (2019)DensityEthnic Majority (2011) [ self-published source ]Predominant language [ self-published source ]Predominant religion [ self-published source ]
Andrijevica 283174,5852018Serbian (61.86%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Coat of Arms of Bar.png
Bar 598842,048470Montenegrin (46.50%)MontenegrinEastern Orthodox
Berane 5441031,874752Serbian (42.96%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Bijelo Polje 924442,191350Serbian (35.96%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Budva 1222322,06111157Montenegrin (48.19%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Cetinje Coat-of-Arms.svg
Cetinje 899515,1811319Montenegrin (90.54%)MontenegrinEastern Orthodox
Danilovgrad 5011118,2841237Montenegrin (64.19%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Grb opshtine Gusinje.jpg
Gusinje 157224,0272126Bosniak (42.64%)BosnianSunni Islam
Great Coat of Arms of Herceg Novi.png
Herceg Novi 2352030,5975131Serbian (48.89%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Kolasin coat.gif
Kolašin 89767,228189Montenegrin (57.42%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Coat of Arms of Kotor.png
Kotor 3351522,753967Montenegrin (48.88%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Mojkovac coa.png
Mojkovac 367147,5531723Montenegrin (59.12%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Nikšić 2,065169,203235Montenegrin (63.70%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
14 Petnjica 173215,4821932Bosniak (83.02%)BosnianSunni Islam
Plav 328169,0811628Bosniak (51.90%)BosnianSunni Islam
Pljevlja 1,346327,006623Serbian (57.07%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Pluzine coa.png
Plužine 85472,613234Serbian (65.65%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Podgorica Coat of Arms.png
Podgorica 1,3992201,6311133Montenegrin (57.35%)MontenegrinEastern Orthodox
Rozaje Coat of Arms.svg
Rožaje 4321323,024853Bosniak (83.91%)BosnianSunni Islam
Šavnik 55391,558244Montenegrin (53.82%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
MNE Tivat COA.svg
Tivat 462415,06914305Montenegrin (33.25%)SerbianEastern Orthodox
Coat of arms of Tuzi.svg
Tuzi 2361912,0961567Albanian (68.44%)AlbanianRoman Catholicism
Coat of Arms of Ulcinj.svg
Ulcinj 2551820,1911078Albanian (70.66%)AlbanianSunni Islam
Žabljak 445123,081228Montenegrin (50.43%)SerbianEastern Orthodox


List of current mayors and local governments
   Democratic Party of Socialists (11)    Democratic Front (4)    Socialist People's Party (2)    Democratic Montenegro (2)    Bosniak Party (1)    Social Democrats (1)    Albanian Alternative (1)    Social Democratic Party (1)    United Reform Action (1)    Independent (1)

MunicipalityCurrent MayorPartyLocal governmentElected
Podgorica Ivan Vuković DPS DPS-SD-AA 2018
Nikšić Marko Kovačević DF DF-SNP-DCG-URA 2021
Bijelo Polje Petar Smolović DPS DPS-SD-BS 2018
Bar Dušan Raičević DPS DPS-SD-SDPBS 2018
Herceg Novi Stevan Katić DCG DCG-DF-SNP-NL-URA 2021
Pljevlja Rajko Kovačević DPS DPS-SD-BS 2018
Berane Vuko Todorović DF DF–DCGPBSPCGUCG 2022
Rožaje Rahman Husović BS BS-DPS 2018
Kotor Vladimir Jokić DCG DCG-DF-SNP-URA 2020
Ulcinj Omer Bajraktari URA URA–SDSDPAAPDForca 2022
Budva Marko Carević DF DF 2020
Danilovgrad Zorica Kovačević DPS DPS-SD 2018
Cetinje Nikola Đurašković SDP SDP-SG LSCG 2021
Tivat Željko Komnenović Ind. Independent lists 2020
Tuzi Nik Gjeloshaj AA AA-DS-DUA-DCG-BS 2019
Plav Nihad Canovic SD SD-DPS-BS 2018
Mojkovac Vesko Delić DF DF-DCG-SNP-URA 2021
Kolašin Marta Scepanovic DPS DPS-SD 2018
Petnjica Erol Muratovic DPS DPS-SD-BS 2021
Andrijevica Željko Ćulafić SNP SNP-DF-DCG 2020
Gusinje Anela Čekić DPS DPS-BS-DUA-AA 2020
Žabljak Veselin Vukićević DPS DPS-SD 2018
Plužine Mijuško Bajagić SNP SNP 2018
Šavnik Velimir Perišić DPS DPS-SD 2018
Zeta Tanja Stanković DPS DPS-SD 2018

Local parliaments of Montenegro

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Bijelo Polje Municipality Municipality in Montenegro

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Islam in Montenegro</span>

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Municipality of Podgorica is divided into 57 local communities, bodies in which the citizens participate in making decisions about matters of relevance to the community in which they live.

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Rožaje Municipality is one of the municipalities of Montenegro. The center is Rožaje. It covers an area of 432 km2, and had a population of 22,964 at the 2011 Census. It is located in the geographical region of Sandžak.

Mioče is a village in Bijelo Polje Municipality, in northern Montenegro. According to the 2011 census, the village had a population of 72 people. It is situated below the Lisa mountain. The population belongs to the historical tribes of Vasojevići, Moračani, Rovčani and others.

The City municipality of Vranje is one of two city municipalities which constitute the City of Vranje. According to the 2011 census results, the municipality has a population of 73,944 inhabitants, while the urban area has 55,138 inhabitants.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Petnjica Municipality</span> Municipality of Montenegro

Petnjica Municipality is one of the municipalities of Montenegro. The municipality is located in northeastern region of Montenegro, being part of Bihor and Sandžak regions. The center is Petnjica. Petnjica Municipality was created in 2013, when it was split from Berane Municipality.

Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro. According to 2011 census, the population of Podgorica city proper is 150,799, while Podgorica Capital City has a population of 185,937.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tuzi Municipality</span> Municipality in Montenegro

Tuzi Municipality is one of the 24 Municipalities of Montenegro. The municipal seat is the town of Tuzi. The municipality is located about 10 km south of the capital Podgorica and consists of more than 40 distinct settlements. The municipality roughly encompasses the Montenegrin part of Malesija region.


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