Muriel Aked

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Muriel Aked
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Aked in 1938
Born(1883-11-09)9 November 1883
Died21 March 1955(1955-03-21) (aged 71)
Settle, West Riding of Yorkshire, England [1]
Years active1922–1953

Muriel Aked (9 November 1883 – 21 March 1955) was an English film actress. [1]


Early life, family and education

Aked was born in Bingley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England [1] to George Henry Aked and his wife Emma (née Bairstow). [2]

She was a student at Liverpool Repertory Theatre for six months but due to World War I left to perform war work.


Aked made her screen debut in 1920 in A Sister to Assist 'Er. She also appeared in Can You Hear Me, Mother?, Public Nuisance No.1, Autumn Crocus (1934), Royal Eagle, Fame and Don't Rush Me .



1922 A Sister to Assist 'Er Mrs. Crawley
1926Bindle's CocktailLady Knobb-KerrickShort
1930 A Sister to Assist 'Er Mrs. Crawley
1930 The Middle Watch Charlotte Hopkinson
1930 Bed and Breakfast Mrs. Boase
1932 Goodnight, Vienna Marya
1932 The Indiscretions of Eve Mother
1932 The Mayor's Nest Mrs. Ashcroft
1932 Rome Express Spinster
1932 Her First Affaire Agatha Brent
1933Yes, MadamMrs. Peabody
1933 The Good Companions Vicar's Wife
1933 No Funny Business Mrs. Fothergill
1933 Trouble Miss May
1933 Friday the Thirteenth Miss Twigg
1934 Autumn Crocus Miss Mayne
1934Runaway QueenMarie Soubrekoff
1934 Mr Stringfellow Says No Mrs. Piper
1934 Evensong Tremlowe
1934 Josser on the Farm Mrs. Savage
1935 The Night of the Party Princess Maria Amelia
1935Can You Hear Me, Mother?Mother
1936 Mother, Don't Rush Me Amy Andrews
1936 Public Nuisance No. 1 Miss Trumps
1936 Fame Mrs. Bertwhistle
1936 Royal Eagle Miss Mimm
1939Continental ExpressMme. Duvivier
1939 A Girl Must Live Mme. Dupont
1940 The Girl Who Forgot Mrs. Badger
1941 Cottage to Let Miss FerneryU.S. title, 'Bombsight Stolen'.
1943 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp Aunt Margaret
1943 The Demi-Paradise Mrs. Tisdall-Stanton
1944 Two Thousand Women Claire Meredith
1944Men of RochdaleAnnieShort
1945 The Wicked Lady Mrs. Munce
1946 They Knew Mr. Knight Lady Gilling
1946 The Years Between Mrs. MayUncredited
1948 So Evil My Love Miss Shoebridge
1948 Just William's Luck Emily
1948 A Sister to Assist 'Er Daisy Crawley
1948 It's Hard to Be Good Ellen Beckett
1948 Another Shore Little Old Lady
1948 William Comes to Town Emily
1950 The Blue Lamp Beryl WaterboumeUncredited
1950 The Happiest Days of Your Life Miss Jezzard
1951 The Wonder Kid Miss Frisbie
1951 Flesh and Blood Mrs. Walker
1953 The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan Queen Victoria (final film role)


1939Murder on the Second FloorMiss SnellTV movie
1947The Cradle SongThe VicaressTV movie
1947Goodness, How Sad!Mrs. PriskinTV movie
1948Chain MaleAunt LouieTV movie
1952 Sunday Night Theatre Episode: "The Truth About the Truth"

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Mother, Don't Rush Me is a 1936 British comedy film directed by Norman Lee and starring Robb Wilton, Muriel Aked and Peter Haddon. It was made at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. It is based on a sketch by the celebrated music hall performer Fred Karno, who produced the film.


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