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My Native Land (Chinese :原鄉人; pinyin :Yuánxiāng rén), also called China, My Native Land, [1] is a Mandarin-language film, released in 1980 by Ta Chung Motion Picture Corporation (大眾電影華股份有限公司) in Taiwan. It is a biographical film about the Hakka writer Chung Li-ho.





The songs of the 1980 soundtrack album are sung by Teresa Teng. It was released as yuan xiangren (原鄉人) by Polydor Records and yuan xiangqing nong (原鄉情濃) by Kolin Records (歌林). The songs written by Zhuang Nu (莊奴) and Tony Wong (翁清溪) and "Evening Wind and Flower Scent" (晩風花香) are heard in the film.

The soundtrack was re-released in 1981 by Polydor Records as yuan xiangqing nong. Two tracks are replaced, and another track is added. All releases have film theme songs intact.

All lyrics are written by Zhuang Nu (莊奴); all music is composed by Tony Wong (翁清溪), credited as Tony (湯尼).

yuan xiangren (Polydor)
No.TitleLyricsMusicChinese titleLength
1."The Natives"  原鄉人 yuan xiangren 
2."Invite the Winds After the Clouds"  迎著風跟著雲 ying zhe feng genzhe yun 
3."His Heart, My Heart"Lin Huang-kuen 林煌坤Andy 安蒂君心我心 jun xin wo xin 
4."The Song of Victory"  勝利的歌聲 shengli de gesheng 
5."Autumn Light" Ken-Ichiro Morioka 森岡賢一郎 秋光 qiu guang 
6."Wang Yi Wang"  望一望 
7."Strong Native Pride"  原鄉情濃 yuan xiangqing nong 
8."Evening Winds and Fragrances" (Unknown)晩風花香 wanfeng huaxiang 
9."A River Must Junction with a River"  江水要比河水長 jiangshui yao bi heshui chang 
10."Good Night" Kimiaki Inomata ( 猪俣公章 )良夜 Liang ye 
yuan xiangqing nong (Kolin)
No.TitleLyricsMusicChinese titleLength
1."Strong Native Pride"  原鄉情濃 
2."His Heart, My Heart"Lin Huang-kuenAndy君心我心 
3."Invite the Winds After the Clouds"  迎著風跟著雲 
4."Wang Yi Wang"  望一望 
5."Autumn Light" Ken-Ichiro Morioka秋光 
6."The Natives"  原鄉人 
7."Evening Winds and Fragrances" Unknown晩風花香 
8."River Must Junction with a River"  江水要比河水長 
9."The Song of Victory"  勝利的歌聲 
10."Good Night" Kimiaki Inomata良夜 
yuan xiangqing nong (Polydor)
No.TitleLyricsMusicChinese titleLength
1."Strong Native Pride"  原鄉情濃 
2."White Beach" (or "Empty Beach") Takashi Miki 三木たかし 白沙灘 bai shatan 
3."Wang yi wang"  望一望 
4."The Plum Blossom" (Originally sung by Jenny Tseng for the 1976 film, Victory)Liu Chia-chang Liu Chia-chang 梅花 (meihua) 
5."The Song of Victory"  勝利的歌聲 
6."Evening Winds and Fragrances"  晩風花香 
7."The Natives"  原鄉人 
8."Ripples in My Heart" Takashi Miki 三木たかし心湖裡起漣漪 xin hu li qi lianyi 
9."Invite the Winds After the Clouds"  迎著風跟著雲 
10."His Heart, My Heart"  君心我心 
11."River Must Junction with a River"  江水要比河水長 

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