My Too Perfect Sons

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My Too Perfect Sons
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Also known asThe Sons of Sol Pharmacy House
Genre Family
Written byJo Jung-sun
Directed byLee Jae-sang
Starring Son Hyun-joo
Lee Pil-mo
Han Sang-jin
Ji Chang-wook
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes54
Production locationKorea
Running time60 minutes
Saturdays and Sundays at 19:55 (KST)
Production companiesSamhwa Networks
Hunus Entertainment
Original network Korean Broadcasting System
Original release11 April (2009-04-11) 
11 October 2009 (2009-10-11)
Preceded by My Precious You
Followed by Three Brothers

My Too Perfect Sons (Korean : 솔약국집 아들들; RR : Solyakgukjib Adeuldeul; lit. The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House) is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Son Hyun-joo, Lee Pil-mo, Han Sang-jin, Ji Chang-wook, Park Sun-young, Yoo Sun, Yoo Ha-na, Kang Eun-bi, Byun Hee-bong, Baek Il-seob, Yoon Mi-ra, Kim Yong-gun, Kim Hye-ok, Cho Jin-woong and Choi Ji-na. It aired on KBS2 from April 11 to October 11, 2009 on Saturdays and Sundays at 19:55 for 54 episodes. [1] [2]



The Song family is headed by patriarch Kwang-ho and spunky mother Ok-hee. They have four sons—Jin-poong, Dae-poong, Sun-poong and Mi-poong. Ok-hee has doted on her four sons all their lives, but has interfered with their relationships when deeming the girlfriends "not good enough" for her perfect sons. Now she despairs that they are growing older and will never marry.

Eldest son Jin-poong is nearing his 40th birthday. He's a pharmacist whose store is in the same neighborhood as his home. His personality is shy and awkward around women, although he's a gentle and caring person. He's never quite gotten over his first love Kim Hye-rim, and feels conflicted when she moves back to her childhood home across the street from the pharmacy, along with her husband Brutus and their two children. Then Jin-poong meets Brutus's younger sister Lee Soo-jin, a smart, tough lawyer.

In contrast to his older brother's cautious and responsible personality, second son Dae-poong is a playboy doctor who gets out of scrapes with his boyish charm. He runs a small clinic right above Jin-poong's pharmacy, with one employee, nurse Kim Bok-shil. Bok-shil doesn't have any family and lives by herself in an apartment in the neighborhood, and comes by to the Song household daily to help their mother cook and clean. Dae-poong takes Bok-shil for granted, not knowing that she's a little bit in love with him. [3]

Third son Sun-poong is a vegetarian and animal-lover who works as a news reporter at broadcast station KBC. He's earnest, sweet, honest, and a little dense when it comes to romance. Sun-poong's direct boss, TV station director Oh Young-dal sets him up with his daughter, newcomer actress Eun-ji. Eun-ji has a spoiled princess complex and she doesn't think Sun-poong is her type, but when he doesn't seem interested in her, her ego takes a blow and his obliviousness makes him attractive to her.

The youngest son is 19-year-old Mi-poong, who just graduated from high school and has failed to be accepted to university, so he's in the middle of studying for a retest. He's extremely sensitive, and speaks to everyone in super-formal language. Gifted in sewing and crafts, Mi-poong often gets mocked for being too girly. Mi-poong's best friend Park Yong-chul got a girl, Choi Soo-hee pregnant, and she leaves her five-month-old baby Hana with him. As Yong-chul works multiple jobs to earn money, Mi-poong looks after Hana and grows attached to the baby. When Yong-chul receives his army papers, Mi-poong agrees to take care of Hana until he gets discharged.


Song family

Oh family

Lee family

Extended cast

Awards and nominations

Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards
Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama Yoo Sun Won
Top Excellence Award, Actor Son Hyun-joo Won
Top Excellence Award, Actress Yoon Mi-ra Nominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Lee Pil-mo Nominated
Son Hyun-joo Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama Park Sun-young Nominated
Yoo Sun Won
Best Supporting Actor Cho Jin-woong Nominated
Han Sang-jin Nominated
Yoon Joo-sang Won
Best Supporting Actress Kim Hye-ok Nominated
Best WriterJo Jung-sunWon
Popularity Award, Actor Lee Pil-mo Nominated
Popularity Award, Actress Yoo Sun Nominated
Best Couple Award Lee Pil-mo and Yoo Sun Won
2010Best Soap & TelenovelaMy Too Perfect SonsNominated

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