Myauk Pyinthe (Kunhsaw)

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Myauk Pyinthe
Queen of the Northern Palace of Pagan
Successor Saw Mon Hla
Chief Queen Consort of Pagan
Tenurec. 1014–1021
Predecessor Taung Pyinthe
Bornc. 990
Pagan (Bagan)
Spouse Saw Rahan II
Kunhsaw Kyaunghpyu
Issue Anawrahta
House Pagan
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Myauk Pyinthe (Burmese : မြောက်ပြင်သည်, pronounced  [mjauʔ pjìɴ ðɛ̀] or [mjauʔ bjìɴ ðɛ̀] ; lit. "Queen of the Northern Palace") was a queen consort of three kings of Pagan, Saw Rahan II, Kunhsaw Kyaunghpyu and Sokkate, and the mother of King Anawrahta, the founder of the Pagan Empire. [1]



According to the royal chronicles, she was of royal descent and the youngest of three sisters. She and her two elder sisters were married off to King Saw Rahan (c. 1000). Her two elder sisters became known as Taung Pyinthe ("Queen of the Southern Palace") and Ale Pyinthe ("Queen of the Central Palace") while she received the title, Myauk Pyinthe ("Queen of the Northern Palace"). [1] [2] In 1001, they became queens consort of Kunhsaw who seized the throne by assassinating Saw Rahan. On 11 May 1014, Myauk Pyinthe gave birth to a child, Min Saw (later known as Anawrahta). [3] She later became Queen of the Southern Palace, or the chief queen. [1]

In 1021, Kunhsaw was overthrown and forced to become a monk by his adopted sons Kyiso and Sokkate. [2] Myauk Pyinthe and Min Saw also moved next to the monastery where the deposed king lived on as a monk. The arrangement last until 1044 when Sokkate, who had become king since 1044, forcibly raised Myauk Pyinthe, his maternal aunt, as his queen. [4] It angered Min Saw, who promptly revolted against his cousin. Min Saw slayed Sokkate on 11 August 1044 in single combat on horseback, and seized the throne. [note 1] Chronicles say that the queen dedicated two temples named Pottalin and Yin-Wut-Kyut, after hearing the news of her son's victory over Sokkate. [5] [6]


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Anawrahta Minsaw was the founder of the Pagan Empire. Considered the father of the Burmese nation, Anawrahta turned a small principality in the dry zone of Upper Burma into the first Burmese Empire that formed the basis of modern-day Burma (Myanmar). Historically verifiable Burmese history begins with his accession to the Pagan throne in 1044.

Saw Lu was king of Pagan dynasty of Burma (Myanmar) from 1077 to 1084. He inherited from his father Anawrahta the Pagan Empire, the first ever unified kingdom of Burma (Myanmar) but proved an inexperienced ruler. In 1082, he faced a rebellion in Lower Burma, and was captured c. April 1083. He was later killed in captivity about a year later.

Naratheinkha was king of Pagan dynasty of Burma (Myanmar) from 1171 to 1174. He appointed his brother Narapati Sithu heir apparent and commander-in-chief. It was the first recorded instance in the history of the dynasty that the king had given up the command of the army. The king was assassinated by Aungzwa, one of Sithu's servants, after the king had raised one of Sithu's wives to queen.

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Kyiso was king of Pagan dynasty from 1021 to 1038. According to the Burmese chronicles, Kyiso was a son of King Nyaung-u Sawrahan but raised by King Kunhsaw Kyaunghpyu. Kunhsaw married Nyuang-u's three chief queens, two of whom were pregnant and subsequently gave birth to Kyiso and Sokkate. Sokkate and Kyiso were raised by Kunhsaw as his own sons. When the two sons reached manhood, they forced Kunhsaw to abdicate the throne and become a monk.

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Uzana I of Pinya was king of Pinya from 1325 to 1340. Of Pagan royalty, Uzana inherited a disunited kingdom, which fell apart right after his predecessor Thihathu's death. Not only could he not retake the northern Sagaing Kingdom but he also had little control over his southern vassals. Even in his core power base in present-day central Myanmar (Burma), Uzana faced a serious rival in his half-brother Kyawswa. He ultimately lost the power struggle, and abdicated the throne in 1340 to a regent. He lived out his last years as a monk in Mekkhaya.

Thiri Thihathura Shwetaungtet was king of Sagaing from 1335/36 to 1339. He came to power by deposing his father Tarabya. He was assassinated three years later by the loyalists of his father.

Nawrahta Minye was king of Sagaing for seven months in 1349. He reversed his predecessor Kyaswa's policy of peace with Sagaing's cross-river rival Pinya although no war broke out. He was succeeded by his younger brother Tarabya II.

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Soe Min Kodawgyi was the chief queen consort of Sagaing from 1352 to 1364. The eldest daughter of the founder of Sagaing Saw Yun was a powerful figure who twice led diplomatic missions to forge a closer alliance with Pinya in the 1350s. She was the mother of Thado Minbya, the founder of the Kingdom of Ava (Inwa).

Taung Pyinthe was the Chief queen consort of kings Saw Rahan II and Kunhsaw Kyaunghpyu of the Pagan Dynasty of Myanmar. She was also the mother of King Kyiso.

Ale Pyinthe was a queen consort of kings Saw Rahan II and Kunhsaw Kyaunghpyu of the Pagan Dynasty of Myanmar. She was also the mother of King Sokkate.

Myauk Pyinthe was a queen consort of King Narathu of the Pagan Dynasty of Myanmar (Burma).

Min Aung Myat was the chief queen consort of King Naratheinkha, and the Queen of the Southern Palace of King Sithu II of the Pagan Dynasty of Myanmar (Burma). King Sithu I and Queen Khin U were her maternal grandparents. Naratheinkha and Sithu II were her second cousins. She and Naratheinkha were married by their grandfather king. She had a daughter Saw Pyei Chantha with Naratheinkha but their child died in early 1170s during the reign of Naratheinkha.

Saw Lat was a queen consort of kings Naratheinkha and Sithu II of the Pagan Dynasty of Myanmar (Burma).

Taung Pyinthe was the second chief queen consort of King Sithu II of the Pagan Dynasty of Myanmar (Burma).

Myauk Pyinthe was the second Queen of the Northern Palace of King Sithu II of the Pagan Dynasty of Myanmar (Burma).

Anawrahta of Launggyet King of Arakan

Anawrahta Minsaw was king of Launggyet Arakan from 1406 to 1408. He was appointed to the position by his overlord King Minkhaung I of the Ava Kingdom. He later married Minkhaung's eldest daughter Saw Pyei Chantha. He was overthrown in 1408 by the Hanthawaddy Kingdom army, and subsequently executed on the order of King Razadarit of Hanthawaddy. He is one of two historical personalities that make up the Shwe Nawrahta nat spirit in the Burmese pantheon of nats.


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Myauk Pyinthe (Kunhsaw)
Born:c. 990
Royal titles
Preceded by
Taung Pyinthe
Chief Queen Consort of Pagan
Succeeded by