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NMC Music
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Founded 1964
Genre Various
Country of origin Israel
Official website http://www.nmc-music.co.il/nmc/index_e.asp

NMC Music (Hebrew : אן אם סי) is an Israeli record label. It was established in 1964 as a subsidiary company of CBS, and became independent in 1988.

Hebrew language Semitic language native to Israel

Hebrew is a Northwest Semitic language native to Israel; the modern version of which is spoken by over 9 million people worldwide. Historically, it is regarded as the language of the Israelites and their ancestors, although the language was not referred to by the name Hebrew in the Tanakh. The earliest examples of written Paleo-Hebrew date from the 10th century BCE. Hebrew belongs to the West Semitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family. Hebrew is the only living Canaanite language left, and the only truly successful example of a revived dead language.

Israel country in the Middle East

Israel, officially the State of Israel, is a country in Western Asia, located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea. It has land borders with Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan on the east, the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the east and west, respectively, and Egypt to the southwest. The country contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area. Israel's economic and technological center is Tel Aviv, while its seat of government and proclaimed capital is Jerusalem, although the state's sovereignty over Jerusalem has only partial recognition.

A record label, or record company, is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. Sometimes, a record label is also a publishing company that manages such brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos, while also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists, and maintaining contracts with recording artists and their managers. The term "record label" derives from the circular label in the center of a vinyl record which prominently displays the manufacturer's name, along with other information. Within the mainstream music industry, recording artists have traditionally been reliant upon record labels to broaden their consumer base, market their albums, and be both promoted and heard on music streaming services, radio, and television. Record labels also provide publicists, who assist performers in gaining positive media coverage, and arrange for their merchandise to be available via stores and other media outlets.

Among influential artist represented by NMC are: Mashina, Yehuda Poliker, Shlomi Shabat, Chava Alberstein, Ehud Banai, Meir Banai and T-Slam.


Mashina is an Israeli rock band which was active from 1983 to 1995, and then again from 2003 to the present. The band is considered by many to be Israel's most important and influential rock band. Their musical style took inspiration from ska and hard rock, among others.

Yehuda Poliker Israeli singer, songwriter, musician, and painter

Yehuda Poliker is an Israeli singer, songwriter, musician, and painter.

Shlomi Shabat Israeli singer

Shlomi Shabat is an Israeli vocalist who sings in the Mizrahi style.

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Walla! Israeli internet company

Walla! Communications Ltd. is an Israeli internet company headquartered in Tel Aviv and is fully owned by Bezeq. Walla!'s web portal provides news, search and e-mail, among other things. It is also one of the first Israeli internet portals, and is considered as one of the most popular web sites in the country. As of October 2016, Alexa rankings put it in the top 9 sites by traffic originating in Israel.

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David Broza Israeli singer-songwriter

David Broza is an Israeli singer-songwriter. His music mixes modern pop with Spanish music.

Knesiyat Hasekhel Israeli Rock band

Knesiyat Hasekhel is an Israeli rock band from Sderot.

NMC may refer to:

Robert Saxton is a British composer.

Tontos Expanding Head Band British-American electronic music duo

Tonto's Expanding Head Band was a British-American electronic music duo consisting of Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff. Despite releasing only two albums in the early 1970s, the duo were influential because of their session and production work for other musicians, extensive commercial advertising work and the unique warmth and personality of their work.


UKChartsPlus is an independent weekly newsletter about the UK music charts. It was first published in September 2001 as ChartsPlus in order to authoritatively record the official music chart information in the United Kingdom, as compiled by the Official Charts Company. Its publication began after Hit Music ceased publication in May 2001. The newsletter was established to be totally independent of Music Week, licensing the chart data directly from Official Charts Company and other chart providers.

Mats Scheidegger is a classical guitarist. He specializes in contemporary music, e.g. he is the dedicatee of Sam Hayden's Sam Hayden AXE(S). He has given numerous premieres of contemporary works.

Larry Goves is a British composer.

Susanna Mälkki Finnish conductor and cellist

Susanna Ulla Marjukka Mälkki is a Finnish conductor and cellist. She is the daughter of Pirkko Liisa Vainio and the marine scientist Pentti Mälkki.

NMC Health is a healthcare chain and distribution business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has branch offices in Dubai, Ajman, Al Ain and Northern Emirates. NMC Health is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

Hed Arzi Music Publisher

Hed Arzi Music, is an Israeli record label founded by Zvi Levin in 1946. Hed Arzi is involved with producing music, importing albums from abroad, and distributing Israeli and international music. Hed Arzi is one of the largest and most veteran companies in Israel, and many major artists work with it.

Ehud Banai Israeli singer

Ehud Banai is an Israeli singer and songwriter.

<i>Preston 28 February 1980</i> 1999 live album by Joy Division

Preston 28 February 1980 is a live album by English post-punk band Joy Division featuring a performance on 28 February 1980 at The Warehouse, Preston. The album was released on 24 May 1999 in the UK by record label NMC Music and in the US on 13 July 1999.

<i>Les Bains Douches 18 December 1979</i> 2001 live album by Joy Division

Les Bains Douches 18 December 1979 is a live album by English post-punk band Joy Division, partly-recorded on 18 December 1979 at Les Bains Douches, Paris, and released in 2001 by record label NMC. Additional tracks are drawn from two other concerts.

Roger Redgate is a British composer, conductor and improvisor.

Eviatar Banai Israeli singer

Eviatar Banai is an Israeli musician, singer and songwriter.

NMC Recordings

NMC Recordings is a British recording label and a charity which specialises in recording works by living composers from the British Isles.

Meir Banai Israeli singer

Meir Banai was an Israeli musician, singer, and songwriter.

Chaim Shemesh Israeli music producer

Chaim Shemesh is a Brazilian-born Israeli music producer and manager. Shemesh was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Shemesh is a producer and manager in the Israeli music industry for almost three decades. He started his way in the music industry as a lighting and sound engineer. After three years of studying sound at New School of New York City, he started working as the personal assistant of Yair Nitzani, Hed Artzi CEO. While working in Hed Artzi, Shemesh managed to sign and produced some of the most influential artists in the Israeli music industry; Aviv Geffen, Hayehudim, Asaf Amdurski, Tipex, Evyatar Banay, Eifo Hayeled, etc. In 1997, Shemesh started his own record company called Sunshine Records which was active up until 2001 and produced albums for Assaf Amdursky, Yahli Sobol and more. In 2002 Shemesh joined the leading record company NMC as a content VP, where he managed the company's marketing and public relations and developed new business modules to the music industry. Some of Shemesh's biggest discoveries during his time in NMC were; HaYehudim, Aviv Geffen, Evyatar Banai, Taarovet Escot, Efrat Gosh and Yoni Bloch. By 2005 he founded Chaim Shemesh, a consulting and management of music content company, where continued to manage artists and produce music festivals and special productions; Tel-Aviv unplugged, Beatles festival, Holon Live etc. In 2012, he co-founded with Guy Dayan goola – creation and promotion smart online content company. During that year he also took part in Israeli talent show, Kochav Nolad, as a member of the judge committee.