Nagoya Institute of Technology

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Nagoya Institute of Technology
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Type Public (National)
President Takatoshi Kinoshita [1]
Academic staff
556 (with staff)
Undergraduates 4,004(full time only) [2]
Postgraduates 1,672 [3]
Location, ,
Nickname 名工大 (Meikōdai), NITech
Website English website

The Nagoya Institute of Technology (名古屋工業大学, Nagoya Kōgyō Daigaku) abbreviated to Nitech (名工大, Meikōdai), is a public highest-level educational institution of science and technology located in Nagoya, Japan. Nagoya Institute of Technology was founded in 1905 as Nagoya Higher Technical School, renamed Nagoya College of Technology in 1944, then merged under the new educational system with the Aichi Prefectural College of Technology to be refounded as Nagoya Institute of Technology in 1949. Finally in 2004 it was refounded as National University Corporation Nagoya Institute of Technology.


Schools, Departments and Laboratories

Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering

Educational Research Centers

Notable alumni

Academic rankings

The university ranking of the ratio of "president and chief executive officer of listed company"
all universities in Japan 14th [4]  out of all the 744 [5] universities which existed as of 2006
Source2006 Survey [4] by Weekly Diamond 〈ja〉 on the ranking of the universities which produced the high ratio of the graduates who hold the position of "president and chief executive officer of listed company" to all the graduates of each university


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Coordinates: 35°09′23.15″N136°55′29.21″E / 35.1564306°N 136.9247806°E / 35.1564306; 136.9247806

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