Naisten Liiga

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Naisten Liiga
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CountryFlag of Finland.svg  Finland
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams10
Level on pyramid1
Relegation to Naisten Ykkönen
Domestic cup(s) Finnish Women's Cup
International cup(s) UEFA Champions League
Current champions FC Honka
Most championships PK-35 Vantaa (6 titles)
Soccerball current event.svg 2019 Naisten Liiga

Naisten Liiga (Swedish : Damligan, Women's League) is the premier division of women's football in Finland. It was established in 2006 as the successor of 1971 founded Naisten SM-sarja (The Championship Series). The first Naisten Liiga season was played in 2007.

Swedish language North Germanic language spoken in Sweden

Swedish is a North Germanic language spoken natively by 10 million people, predominantly in Sweden, and in parts of Finland, where it has equal legal standing with Finnish. It is largely mutually intelligible with Norwegian and to some extent with Danish, although the degree of mutual intelligibility is largely dependent on the dialect and accent of the speaker. Norwegian and Danish in written format are usually easier understood by Swedish speakers than when spoken due to the differences in tone, accent and intonation. Swedish is a descendant of Old Norse, the common language of the Germanic peoples living in Scandinavia during the Viking Era. It has the most speakers of the North Germanic languages. While being strongly related to its southern neighbour language German in vocabulary; the word order, grammatic systems and pronounciations are vastly different.


Teams 2019

ClubLocationHome groundManager
FC Honka Espoo Tapiolan Urheilupuisto Flag of Finland.svg Luciano Posillipo
Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi Helsinki Töölön Pallokenttä Flag of Finland.svg Joonas Rantanen
Ilves Tampere Tammela Stadion Flag of Finland.svg Ville Väisänen
Tikkurilan Palloseura Vantaa Tikkurilan urheilupuisto Flag of Finland.svg Petteri Kaijasilta
Jyväskylän Pallokerho Jyväskylä Hippos Sports Park Flag of Finland.svg Jukka Västinen
Pallokissat Kuopio Savon Sanomat Areena Flag of Finland.svg Aki Moilanen
Flag of Finland.svg Jarmo Rönkkö
Flag of Finland.svg Tatu Tiihonen
PK-35 Vantaa Vantaa ISS Stadion Flag of Finland.svg Jari Väisänen
Turun Palloseura Turku Turun Yläkenttä Flag of Finland.svg Joonas Laurikainen
Flag of Finland.svg Juha Reini
Flag of Finland.svg Timo Saari
Oulu Nice Soccer Oulu Oulu-lehti Areena Flag of Finland.svg Kari Koivikko
Åland United Lemland Bengtsböle Idrottspark Flag of Finland.svg Samuel Fagerholm

List of champions

Vantaa have won the Naisten Liiga four times, Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi have won the most Finnish women's titles. [1]

Naisten Liiga champions 2007–

The 2007 Naisten Liiga, part of the 2007 Finnish football season, was the first season of the 2006 established Naisten Liiga. FC Honka were the defending Finnish champions, having won the 2006 Naisten SM-sarja season.

FC Honka (women)

FC Honka Naiset is a Finnish women's football team representing FC Honka Espoo in the Naisten Liiga.

The 2008 Naisten Liiga, part of the 2008 Finnish football season, was the second season of the 2006 established Naisten Liiga. FC Honka were the defending champions, having won the 2007 season. SC Raisio withdrew from the league and was replaced by TPS Turku.

Naisten SM-sarja champions 1971–2006

Previous champions of Finland.

Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi is a Finnish women's football team representing HJK Helsinki in the Naisten Liiga.

Turun Palloseura Naiset, commonly known as TPS, is a Finnish women's football team based in Turku. They represent Turun Palloseura in Naisten Liiga, the top division of women's football in Finland.

FC Kontu

FC Kontu is a football club from Helsinki, Finland. It serves Kontula in East Helsinki and the immediately surrounding area. The club was formed in 1967 under the name Kontulan Urheilijat, the name being changed in 1994. The men's football first team currently plays in the Kolmonen and their home ground is at the Kontulan liikuntapuisto. The club also run a Ladies team that play at the same level in Women's Football.

Top scorers 2007–2017

2007 Flag of Finland.svg Taru Laihanen FC Honka 21
2008 Flag of Finland.svg Nina Hietanen FC Kuusysi 18
2009 Flag of Nigeria.svg Rita Chikwelu FC United 22
2010 Flag of Finland.svg Anna Auvinen NiceFutis 18
2011 Flag of the United States.svg Felicia Schroeder Åland United 22
2012 Flag of the United States.svg Manya Makoski Åland United 31
2013 Flag of Nigeria.svg Cynthia Uwak Åland United 18
2014 Flag of Finland.svg Sanna Saarinen PK-35 20
2015 Flag of Finland.svg Heidi Kollanen Ilves 24
2016 Flag of Finland.svg Sanni Franssi PK-35 20
2017 Flag of Finland.svg Kaisa Collin PK-35 20

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PK-35 Vantaa association football club from Vantaa, Finland

PK-35 Vantaa was a Finnish football club, based in Vantaa. It last played in the Finnish League (Veikkausliiga). As of the 2016 season the club was based at the Myyrmäen jalkapallostadion, Myyrmäki, Vantaa.

Emma Kete association football player

Emma Jillian Kete, is a New Zealand footballer who plays as a Centre forward for Canberra United and the New Zealand women's national football team.

Pauliina Miettinen is a Finnish football (soccer) coach and former player. She most recently worked as head coach of Naisten Liiga team PK-35 Vantaa.

Football in Åland is governed by the Åland Football Association (ÅFF), which was founded in 1943. ÅFF is a member of Football Association of Finland.

Pirjo Elise Leppikangas is a Finnish football defender. She plays for PK-35 Vantaa in the Naisten Liiga.

Jouni Joensuu is a Finnish football manager currently working as the Executive Director for FC Jazz. He's been previously coaching FC Jazz in the Finnish premier division Veikkausliiga and NiceFutis in the Finnish women's premier league Naisten Liiga as well as several teams in the Finnish lower divisions.

The 2014 Finnish Cup(Suomen Cup) is the 60th season of the Finnish Cup. 152 clubs entered the competition, including all sides on the top two levels of the Finnish football pyramid, 29 sides from Kakkonen and 101 from lower levels. The winner of the cup enters the qualifying rounds of the 2015–16 UEFA Europa League.

Naisten Ykkönen is the second highest division of women's football in Finland. The league was established in 1984 as "Naisten I divisioona", the current name has been used since 1996. It is composed of two sections with 8 teams in each. The four best teams of each group will play a promotion group and the winner is promoted to Naisten Liiga for the 2015 season.

The 2014 Naisten Liiga, part of the 2014 Finnish football season, was the 8th season of Naisten Liiga since its establishment in 2007. The season started on 22 March 2014 and ended on 18 October 2014. Åland United were the defending champions, having won their 2nd Finnish championship in 2013.

Sanna Saarinen is a Finnish football forward currently playing for PK-35 Vantaa,

The 2015 Naisten Liiga, part of the 2015 Finnish football season, was the 9th season of Naisten Liiga since its establishment in 2007. The season started on 18 April 2015 and ended on 10 October 2015. Tikkurilan Palloseura was promoted.

The 2013 Naisten Liiga, part of the 2013 Finnish football season, was the 7th season of the Finnish women's premier division Naisten Liiga since its establishment in 2007. The season started on 23 March 2013 and ended on 19 October 2013. Åland United were the defending champions, having won their first Finnish championship in 2012.

The 2017 Ykkönen was the 46th season of Ykkönen, the second highest football league in Finland. The season started on 29 April 2016 and ended on 21 October 2016. The winning team qualified directly for promotion to the 2018 Veikkausliiga, the second has to play a play-off against the eleventh team from Veikkausliiga to decide who will play in that division. The bottom 2 teams qualified directly for relegation to Kakkonen.

Sanni Maija Franssi is a Finnish professional footballer who plays as a forward for Danish club Fortuna Hjørring and the Finland national team.


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