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Nakhon Pathom

City of Nakhon Pathom
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Nakhon Pathom
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Nakhon Pathom
Location in Thailand
Coordinates: 13°49′14″N100°03′45″E / 13.82056°N 100.06250°E / 13.82056; 100.06250
Country Flag of Thailand.svg  Thailand
Province Nakhon Pathom
District Mueang Nakhon Pathom
  TypeCity Municipality
  MayorEkaphan Kuptawat
  Total19.85 km2 (7.66 sq mi)
Time zone UTC+7 (ICT)
Area code (+66) 34

Nakhon Pathom (Thai : นครปฐม, pronounced  [náʔkʰɔ̄ːn pā.tʰǒm] ) is a city ( thesaban nakhon ) in central Thailand, the former capital of Nakhon Pathom Province. One of the most important landmarks is the giant Phra Pathom Chedi. [1] The city is also home to Thailand's only Bhikkhuni temple Wat Song Thammakanlayani (วัดทรงธรรมกัลยาณี), which is also open to women from abroad. [2]


Nakhon Pathom houses a campus of Silpakorn University within the Sanam Chan Palace.

The city lies 57 km west of Bangkok.

According to Charles Higham, "Two silver medallions from beneath a sanctuary at Nakhon Pathom, the largest of the moated sites, proclaim that it was 'the meritorious work of the King of Sri Dvaravati', the Sanskrit term Dvaravati meaning 'that which has gates'. The script is in south Indian characters of the seventh century." Nakhon Pathom was the largest Dvaravati center. [3] :301–302,304

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Nakhon Pathom Province Province of Thailand

Nakhon Pathom is one of the central provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are Suphan Buri, Ayutthaya, Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Samut Sakhon, Ratchaburi and Kanchanaburi. The capital city of Nakhon Pathom Province is Nakhon Pathom.

Silpakorn University university

Silpakorn University (SU.) is a national university in Thailand. The university was founded in Bangkok in 1943 by Tuscan–born art professor Corrado Feroci, who took the Thai name Silpa Bhirasri when he became a Thai citizen. It began as a fine arts university and now includes many other faculties as well. In 2016, it has 25,210 students.

Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park

Phra Nakhon Khiri is a historical park in Phetchaburi, Thailand on a hill overlooking the city. The name Phra Nakhon Khiri means 'holy city hill', but locals know it better as Khao Wang, meaning 'hill with palace'.

Bang Pakong River river in Thailand

The Bang Pakong is a river in east Thailand. The river originates at the confluence of the Phra Prong River and the Hanuman River near Kabin Buri, Prachinburi Province. It empties after 231 kilometres into the Gulf of Thailand at the northeastern tip of the Bay of Bangkok. The watershed of the Bang Pakong is about 17,000 square kilometres (6,600 sq mi). The river powers a power station near its mouth, near Highway 7.

Phra Nakhon District Khet in Bangkok, Thailand

Phra Nakhon is one of the 50 districts (khet) of Bangkok, Thailand. It is the central district of Bangkok, including Rattanakosin Island. Neighboring districts are, from the north, clockwise: Dusit, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Samphanthawong, and across the Chao Phraya River, Thon Buri, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok Noi, and Bang Phlat.

Phra Pathommachedi

Phra Pathommachedi or Phra Pathom Chedi is a stupa in Thailand. The stupa is located in the Wat Phra Pathommachedi Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan (Thai: วัดพระปฐมเจดีย์ราชวรมหาวิหาร), a temple in the town center of Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand. Phra Pathommachedi is the tallest stupa in Thailand. The top of its spire reaches 120.45 meters, with the base circumference of 235.50 meters.

Mueang Nakhon Pathom District District in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Mueang Nakhon Pathom is the capital district of Nakhon Pathom Province, central Thailand.

Sanam Chandra Palace

Sanam Chandra Palace is a palace complex built by Vajiravudh in Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand, 56 km west of Bangkok. The palace complex is about a kilometer away from the Phra Pathommachedi. The complex consists of five buildings and a Ganesh shrine.

Phra Prathon Chedi

Phra Prathon Chedi is one of the oldest stupas in Thailand with the height of 50 metres (164 ft). The stupa is located in the Wat Phra Prathon Chedi Wora Viharn, a temple in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, 3 km east of Phra Pathommachedi.

Nakhon Pathom railway station is a railway station located in Phra Pathom Chedi Subdistrict, Nakhon Pathom City and is located 48.126 km (29.9 mi) from Thon Buri railway station. It is a class 1 railway station. The station is not far from Phra Pathom Chedi which is a famous landmark of the province. The station opened in June 1903 as part of the first phase of the Southern Line construction between Thon Buri Station to Phetchaburi Station.

Sanam Chandra Palace Railway Halt is a railway halt located in Phra Pathom Chedi Subdistrict, Nakhon Pathom City, Nakhon Pathom. It is located 49.798 km (30.9 mi) from Thon Buri Railway Station. It is located near Sanam Chandra Palace, and used to have a royal pavilion, however this was moved to Hua Hin Railway Station.

Sanam Chai Road street in Bangkok, Thailand

Sanam Chai Road is a historic street in Bangkok's Phra Nakhon District. It continues from Ratchadamnoen Nai Road at the northeastern corner of the Grand Palace, and runs south to meet Rachini and Maharat roads near the mouth of the old city moat, a short distance of 1.1 kilometres (0.68 mi). The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Museum Siam, and Phra Ratchawang Police Station are located on the west side of the road, while on the east side are the Ministry of Defence headquarters, Saranrom Palace, Saranrom Park, the Territorial Defense Command headquarters and Wat Rajabopit School. Sanam Chai Station of the underground MRT's under-construction Blue Line is located beneath the road's final stretch.

Dvaravati art

Dvaravati art is a form of artistic work originating from Mon. Dvaravati flourished from the Dvaravati Mon ancient artifacts are in present-day Thailand and Burma, Mon states to the west in southern Myanmar (Burma) and with the Mon state in northern Thailand. Dvaravati experienced political domination by neighbouring peoples on three separate occasions: in the 10th century, when the Burmese conquered the Mon state of Thaton west of the Tenasserim Yoma; from the 11th to the 13th century, when the Khmer empire (Cambodia) arose in the east; and finally, in the late 13th century, when Dvaravati was absorbed by the Thai empire.

Thonburi Market

Thonburi Market, also known as Sanam Luang Song is the market in Thailand. Located at 195/1 Moo 1 Thawi Watthana Road, Thawi Watthana Subdistrict, Thawi Watthana District, Bangkok 10170. It's the largest market in Thonburi side.

Wat Rai Khing Buddhist temple in Nakhon Pathom province, Thailand

Wat Rai Khing is another prominent and notable temple in Nakhon Pathom Province in addition to Wat Phra Pathom Chedi, which is the provincial temple. Wat Rai Khing is located along the Tha Chin River, Tambon Rai Khing, Amphoe Sam Phran on Petchkasem Road, west of Bangkok. And not far from other attractions such as Sampran Riverside, Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo etc.

Khlong Maha Sawat Canal in Bangkok, Thailand

Khlong Maha Sawat is a khlong (canal) in Thailand, it is a khlong that starts from Khlong Lat Bang Kruai near Wat Chaiyaphruek Mala, flowing through a demarcation line between Nonthaburi's Bang Kruai with Taling Chan and Thawi Watthana of suburb Bangkok, then flows through mostly area of Phutthamonthon and meet to Tha Chin River at Tambon Ngio Rai in Nakhon Pathom's Nakhon Chai Si. Total distance is 28 km. Moreover, it is also known as Khlong Chaiyaphruek (คลองชัยพฤกษ์).

Thawi Watthana Subdistrict Sub-district in Bangkok, Thailand

Thawi Watthana is one of the two khwaengs (sub-districts) of Thawi Watthana District, Bangkok's Thonburi side, apart from Sala Thammasop. In 2015 it had a population of 22,552 people, with total area of 21.521 km2 (8.3093 mi2). It is the location of the district office, and can be considered as the southern part of the district.

Khlong Chedi Bucha Canal in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Khlong Chedi Bucha is a khlong (canal) in central Thailand. This khlong has a similar origin to the Khlong Maha Sawat, that continues westward all the way to Phra Pathom Chedi, the country's largest and oldest pagoda with one of its most revered.

Wat Bang Oi Chang Buddhist temple in Nonthaburi, Thailand

Wat Bang Oi Chang is an ancient temple is located rim Khlong Bangkok Noi in the area of Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province, on the outskirts of Bangkok.


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Coordinates: 13°49′14″N100°03′45″E / 13.82056°N 100.06250°E / 13.82056; 100.06250