Nathalie, Secret Agent

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Nathalie, Secret Agent
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Directed by Henri Decoin
Written by Pierre Apestéguy
Henri Jeanson
Jacques Robert
Based onNathalie, agent secret by Franck Marchal
Produced by Roger de Broin
Starring Martine Carol
Félix Marten
Darío Moreno
Cinematography Robert Lefebvre
Edited by Claude Durand
Music by Georges Van Parys
Société Française de Cinématographie
La Société des Films Sirius
Distributed byLa Société des Films Sirius
Release date
4 November 1959
Running time
96 minutes
Language French

Nathalie, Secret Agent (French: Nathalie, agent secret) is a 1959 French-Italian comedy thriller film directed by Henri Decoin and starring Martine Carol, Félix Marten and Darío Moreno. [1] It is a sequel to the 1957 film Nathalie starring Carol in the title role with Dany Saval also reprising her role as Pivoine. It was shot at the Billancourt Studios in Paris. The film's sets were designed by the art director Robert Clavel.



After her friend falls in love with an engineer, Parisian model Nathalie attends a demonstration at the top secret factory at which he works. She is then arrested by the security services who believe she is working as a spy for a foreign power. Escaping she enlists the help of a friendly police officer and sets out to trap the real spies.


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