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Nathan Guy

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2nd Minister for Primary Industries
In office
28 January 2013 26 October 2017
Prime Minister John Key
Bill English
Preceded by David Carter
Succeeded byPortfolio Disestablished
Member of the New Zealand Parliament
for Ōtaki
Assumed office
Preceded by Darren Hughes
Personal details
Born1970 (age 4849)
NationalityFlag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand
Political party National

Allen Nathan Guy (born 1970) [1] is a New Zealand politician, and currently serves as a member of Parliament representing the National Party.

New Zealand Parliament legislative body of New Zealand

The New Zealand Parliament is the legislature of New Zealand, consisting of the Queen of New Zealand (Queen-in-Parliament) and the New Zealand House of Representatives. The Queen is usually represented by a governor-general. Before 1951, there was an upper chamber, the New Zealand Legislative Council. The Parliament was established in 1854 and is one of the oldest continuously functioning legislatures in the world.

New Zealand National Party Major New Zealand political party

The New Zealand National Party, shortened to National or the Nats, is a centre-right political party in New Zealand. It is one of two major parties that dominate contemporary New Zealand politics, alongside its traditional rival, the New Zealand Labour Party.



Guy is a farmer from near Levin. He has been involved in various agricultural sector trusts and councils, and studied farming at Massey University. He served eight years on the Horowhenua District Council from 1998 to 2005. [2] [3]

Levin, New Zealand Secondary urban area in Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

Levin is the largest town and seat of the Horowhenua District, in the Manawatu-Wanganui region of New Zealand's North Island. It is located east of Lake Horowhenua, around 95 km north of Wellington and 50 km southwest of Palmerston North.

Massey University university in New Zealand

Massey University is a university based in Palmerston North, New Zealand, with significant campuses in Albany and Wellington. Massey University has approximately 30,883 students, 13,796 of whom are extramural or distance-learning students, making it New Zealand's second largest university when not counting international students. Research is undertaken on all three campuses, and more than 3,000 international students from over 100 countries study at the university.

Guy's father, grandfather, and great-great-grandfather all had political careers. Guy's great-great-grandfather, Duncan Guy, was a member of the Napier Borough Council; his grandfather (also named Duncan Guy) was chairman of the Horowhenua County Council; his father, Malcolm Guy, also served as chairman of the Horowhenua County Council and was the first mayor of the Horowhenua District from 1989 to 1995. [4] [5] His maternal great-grandfather, Fred Nathan, was Mayor of Palmerston North from 1923–1927. [4] [6]

Horowhenua District Territorial authority in Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

Horowhenua District is a local government district on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It forms part of the Manawatu-Wanganui Region. Its name roughly means shaking or rippling earth.

Mayor of Palmerston North Wikimedia list article

The Mayor of Palmerston North is the head of the municipal government of Palmerston North, New Zealand, and presides over the Palmerston North City Council. The current mayor is Grant Smith, who became mayor in a February 2015 by-election. This resulted from the resignation of Jono Naylor in October 2014 after his election to the House of Representatives. Since the 2013 election, Palmerston North is one of the few councils that uses the single transferable vote electoral system for the election of mayor.

Guy's great-grandfather was chairman of the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company when the last spike was driven on the company's line at Otaihanga, an event re-created on 19 February 2011 when Guy drove the last spike at the new Waikanae Railway Station opening ceremony. [7]

Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company railway company in New Zealand

The Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company was a private railway company that built, owned and operated the Wellington-Manawatu railway line between Thorndon in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, and Longburn, near Palmerston North in the Manawatu, between 1881 and 1908, when it was acquired by the New Zealand Government Railways. Its successful operation in private ownership was unusual for early railways in New Zealand.

Otaihanga human settlement in New Zealand

Otaihanga is on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand's North Island. It is just north of Paraparaumu on the south bank of the Waikanae River and is roughly 55 km north of New Zealand's capital city, Wellington. Its name is Māori for "the place made by the tide".

Member of Parliament

New Zealand Parliament
2005 2008 48th List39 National
2008 2011 49th Ōtaki 18 National
2011 2014 50th Ōtaki20 National
2014 2017 51st Ōtaki16 National
2017 present 52nd Ōtaki12 National

In the 2005 election, Guy was a candidate for the National Party, standing in the Ōtaki electorate and being ranked 39th on the party list. He narrowly lost the election to Labour's Darren Hughes, by a margin of 1.00% or 382 votes. [8] He entered Parliament as a list MP.

2005 New Zealand general election general election

The 2005 New Zealand general election on Saturday 17 September 2005 determined the membership of the 48th New Zealand Parliament. One hundred and twenty-one MPs were elected to the New Zealand House of Representatives: 69 from single-member electorates, including one overhang seat, and 52 from party lists.

Ōtaki (New Zealand electorate) New Zealand electorate

Ōtaki is a New Zealand Parliamentary electorate, spanning part of the coast of the lower North Island. The bulk of its population comes from the Horowhenua District, but it also takes in part of the northern Kapiti Coast, including the towns of Otaki and Waikanae, and part of Paraparaumu. The current MP for Ōtaki is Nathan Guy of the National Party. He has held this position since 2008 election.

Darren Hughes New Zealand politician

Darren Colyn Hughes is a New Zealand former Member of Parliament between 2002 and 2011, first elected at the age of 24. He represented the Labour Party and was a Minister outside Cabinet in the Fifth Labour Government of New Zealand.

In the 2008 election he was again the candidate for Ōtaki, this time defeating Hughes by 1,354 votes. [9] He increased his majority to 5,231 votes at the 2011 general election, [10] and again at the 2014 general election to 7,782. [11] He was re-elected MP for Ōtaki for the forth time in 2017.

2008 New Zealand general election election

The 2008 New Zealand general election was held on 8 November 2008 to determine the composition of the 49th New Zealand parliament. The conservative National Party, headed by its parliamentary leader John Key, won the largest share of votes and seats, ending nine years of government by the social-democratic Labour Party, led by Helen Clark. Key announced a week later that he would lead a National minority government with confidence-and-supply support from the ACT, United Future and Māori parties. The Governor-General swore Key in as New Zealand's 38th Prime Minister on 19 November 2008. This marked an end to nine years of Labour Party government, and the beginning of the Fifth National Government of New Zealand which would govern for 9 years, until its loss to the Labour Party in the 2017 general election.

2011 New Zealand general election election in New Zealand

The 2011 New Zealand general election on Saturday 26 November 2011 determined the membership of the 50th New Zealand Parliament.

2014 New Zealand general election

The 2014 New Zealand general election took place on Saturday 20 September 2014 to determine the membership of the 51st New Zealand Parliament.


On 15 June 2009, Guy was selected as the new Minister of Internal Affairs, the National Library of New Zealand and other posts previously held by Richard Worth, who had resigned after allegations of sexual harassment. [12]

On 14 December 2011, following the 2011 New Zealand general election, Guy was sworn in as the Minister of Immigration, Racing, Veterans' Affairs and Associate Minister for Primary Industries. Later that term, in January 2013, he was promoted to the role of Minister for Primary Industries. He held this position throughout the remainder of the Fifth National Government.

As of March 2018, he is the National Party's spokesperson for Agriculture, Biosecurity and Food Safety.

Political views

In 2005, Guy voted for the Marriage (Gender Clarification) Amendment Bill 2005, which would have amended the Marriage Act to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. [13]

Guy voted against the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill, a bill allowing same-sex couples to marry in New Zealand. [14]

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45th New Zealand Parliament

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Iain Francis Lees-Galloway, initially Iain Galloway, is a politician from New Zealand. Since the 2008 general election, he has represented the Palmerston North electorate in Parliament for the Labour Party, succeeding Steve Maharey. Currently, he is the Minister for Workplace Relations, Immigration, and ACC.

Horowhenua was a New Zealand parliamentary electorate, from 1978 to 1996.

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Michael Allan Woodhouse is a National member of the New Zealand Parliament.

Ormond Wilson politician

George Hamish Ormond Wilson was a New Zealand Member of Parliament representing the Labour Party, farmer, author and Chairman of the Historic Places Trust. He donated 30 acres of bush and his homestead to the Crown, which is now administered by the Manawatu District Council.

Local government in New Zealand

New Zealand is a unitary state rather than a federation—regions are created by the authority of the central government, rather than the central government being created by the authority of the regions. Local government in New Zealand has only the powers conferred upon it by Parliament. These powers have traditionally been distinctly fewer than in some other countries. For example, police and education are run by central government, while the provision of low-cost housing is optional for local councils.


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