National Council of Iran

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National Council of Iran
Spokesperson Reza Pahlavi [1]
Founder Reza Pahlavi [2]
FoundedApril 2013;5 years ago (2013-04) [3]
Headquarters Paris, France [4]
Ideology Monarchism [1]
Secularism [4]
Party flag

The National Council of Iran (NCI; Persian : شورای ملی ایران, translit.  Šurā-ye melli-e Īrān), officially the National Council of Iran for Free Elections, [5] is a loosely based umbrella group of the exiled opposition to Iran's Islamic Republic government. [2] It serves as Reza Pahlavi's government in exile in order to either reclaim the former throne [1] or as the new president of Iran [6] after overthrowing the current government.

The "self-styled" [6] National Council claims to have gathered "tens of thousands of pro-democracy proponents from both inside and outside Iran." [4] spanning It also claims to represent religious and ethnic minorities. [7] According to Kenneth Katzman, the group which was established with over 30 groups has "suffered defections and its activity level appears minimal". [3]


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