National Youth Cup (Taiwan)

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The National Youth Cup (Chinese :全國青年盃) is a Taiwanese football competition run by the Chinese Taipei Football Association. Starting from 1996, it is one of three major youth football tournaments in Taiwan together with Highschool Football League and National High School Games. The competition is held in the end of the year, usually in September or October, and is divided into three groups: under-19 men, under-17 men, and under-19 women.


Since 2005, the top 4 teams of under-19 men group are granted to enter the next season of the Highschool Football League.

Men (under-19 and under-17)


ChampionRunner-upThird placeFourth placeChampionRunner-upThird placeFourth place
2008 Hualien Agriculture Lu Chu Yilan Hsin Feng Pei Men Hualien
2007 Pei Men Lu Chu Hualien Agriculture Yilan Pei Men Hui Wen Hsin Feng San Chung
2006 Yilan Pei Men Taipei Ching Shui Hualien Agriculture Lu Chu Yilan Laiyi
2005 Yilan Pei Men San Chung Hualien Hualien Hui Wen Jui Hsiang Hsin Feng
2004 Chung Cheng Hualien Agriculture Hualien Lu Chu Hualien San Chung Ching Shui Chung San
2003 Chung San Hualien Pei Men Ching Shui  
2002 Chung San Pei Men Hualien Agriculture Yilan
2001 Chung San Yilan Taipei Ching Shui
2000 Kao Yuan Ruei Siang Chung San Jingwen
1999 Jingwen Chung Cheng Ruei Siang Hualien Agriculture Chung San Kao Yuan Chung Cheng -
1998 Shu Lin Hsin Feng Jingwen Chiayi Industrial  
1997 Shu Lin Kao Yuan Hsin Feng Jingwen
1996 Dah Yung Jingwen Shu Lin Hsin Feng

Performance by team

TeamTitlesRunners-upThird placeFourth place
Chung San 3 (2001, 2002, 2003)-1 (2000)-
Yilan 2 (2005, 2006)1 (2001)-2 (2002, 2007)
Shu Lin 2 (1997, 1998)-1 (1996)-
Pei Men 1 (2007)3 (2002, 2005, 2006)1 (2003)-
Jingwen 1 (1999)1 (1996)1 (1998)2 (1997, 2000)
Chung Cheng 1 (2004)1 (1999)--
Kao Yuan 1 (2000)1 (1997)--
Dah Yung 1 (1996)---
Hualien Agriculture -1 (2004)2 (2002, 2007)1 (1999)
Hualien -1 (2003)1 (2004)1 (2005)
Lu Chu -1 (2007)-1 (2004)

Women (under-19)


YearChampionRunner-upThird placeFourth place
2007 Hualien PE Hsing Wu Jui Hsiang San Min
2006 San Chung VS Hualien PE Hsing Wu San Min
2005 Hualien PE San Chung VS San Min -
2004 Hualien PE San Chung VS --
2003 Hualien PE Chung San San Chung VS -
2002 Chung San Hualien PE --
2001 Siao Gang Jingwen --
2000 Dahan Siao Gang Jingwen -
1999 Jingwen Chung San San Min -
1998 Jingwen Chung San Hsing Wu San Min
1997 Hsing Wu Gao Fong Chung San Jingwen
1996 Chung San Hsing Wu Gao Fong -

Performance by team

Hualien PE Hualien County 4 (2003, 2004, 2005, 2007)2 (2002, 2006)
Chung San Kaohsiung County 2 (1996, 2002)3 (1998, 1999, 2003)
Jingwen Taipei City 2 (1998, 1999)1 (2001)
San Chung VS Taipei County 1 (2006)2 (2004, 2005)
Siao Gang Kaohsiung City 1 (2001)1 (2000)
Hsing Wu Taipei County 1 (1997)1 (1996)
Dahan Hualien County 1 (2000)-

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