Neptune (owarai)

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Native nameNepuchūn (ネプチューン)
Years active1994
Employer Watanabe Entertainment
Genres conte

Neptune (ネプチューン, Nepuchūn) is a three-man Japanese conte group consisting of two boke, Taizo Harada (原田 泰造, Harada Taizō), and Ken Horiuchi (堀内 健, Horiuchi Ken) - usually referred to as Horiken (ホリケン), and one tsukkomi, Jun Nagura (名倉 潤, Nagura Jun). Their trio name comes from the Kinnikuman character, Neptuneman. [1]


The group debuted with Ohta Production back in 1994 but is currently with the talent agency Watanabe Entertainment. [2]


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Monomane Grand Prix is a monomane variety owarai special program broadcast on Nippon Television on May 3, 2009. It is a renewal of Monomane Battle, which ended its broadcast on January 4 earlier that year. Neptune serves as the presenters of the event with Hélène Hayama and Mika Oguma providing additional assistance, replacing the previous Naoko Ken and Hiromi.

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Jun Nagura is a Japanese comedian, actor and businessman who is the leader of the comedy trio Neptune and in charge of tsukkomi. He is nicknamed Jun-chan (潤ちゃん) and Leader.

Taizo Harada is a Japanese comedian and actor who performs boke in the comedy trio Neptune. He is nicknamed Taizō (タイゾー).

Ken Horiuchi is a Japanese comedian who performs boke in the comedy trio Neptune. He is nicknamed Horiken (ホリケン). He also creates stories for the trio.

Kento Kaku is a Japanese actor born in Tokyo. He has appeared in a number of feature films, television series and stage productions. He is represented with Amuse, Inc. His wife is actress Nana Eikura.

Ohta Production Inc. (株式会社太田プロダクション) and sometimes shortened to Ohta Pro is a Japanese talent agency headquartered in Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was founded in 1963 and focuses on talent management for actors, athletes, comedians and tarento. The agency have produced numerous television personalities in the entertainment industry.


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